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Five Magnificent Linux Music Streaming Clients
Digital streams almost totally command my music listening these days. Over the years I have amassed a large collection of CDs at considerable expense; most of them now sit neglected gathering dust. Almost all music streaming services fall short of the audio quality of CDs, but their popularity has more to do with sheer convenience than high-fidelity sound reproduction.

(Read more)
MythTV is a GPL licensed suite of programs that allow you to build the mythical home media convergence box on your own using Open Source software and operating systems. MythTV has a number of capabilities. The television portion allows you to do the following: You may pause, fast-forward and rewind live television. You may install multiple video capture cards to record more than one program at a time. You can have multiple servers, each with multiple capture cards in them. All servers are centrally managed and all programs are scheduled by the Master backend. Read more


  • AppleScrypto
    Using this script you can secure delete or encrypt/decrypt a file or folder using srm and openssl (aes-256-cbc) OSX unix tools.
  • BasicFCPtoAE
    BasicFCPtoAE is an applescript which makes it possible to transform a XML document with "XML Interchange Format" version 1, in a .jsx script wich could be executed by After Effects 6.5.
  • BatchRename'em
    BatchRename'em is an Automator application to batch rename files and folders in various ways.
  • CharViewer
    CharViewer is an AppleScript which provides easy access to Mac OS X's built-in Character Palette.
  • Encoding Plethora
    These Applescripts let you encode or decode items by just dropping them on the script. If the item is already compressed the script will decode it, otherwise it will encode.
  • FolderCopy
    FolderCopy stores & restores folder hierarchies to editable plist files
  • GConf Cleaner
    GConf Cleaner is a tool to clean a GConf database which is possibly cluttered with unnecessary or invalid keys.
  • iHook
    iHook is a graphical frontend for any commandline executable. It gives scripts a pleasant Aqua face, and allows script writers to provide graphical feedback without having to learn one of the higher APIs available for Mac OS X.
  • kapullo
    kapullo's scripts is a collection of AppleScripts, most of them thought for applescripters.
  • KnockOutDock
    KnockoutDock is a simple Applescript & shell script combo, designed to make the Dock as un-obtrusive as possible without losing the features of Expose, Dashboard, Application switching or ScreenSaver Hot Corners.
  • Local Switcher
    Local Switcher sets a symlink to any tex source in your home directory
  • Name Mangler
    Name Mangler is a batch file renamer that supports the following renaming tasks: Find and Replace (including support for regular expressions); Number Sequentially; Change Case; Set Extension; Add Prefix/Suffix; Remove/Insert Characters.
  • Narcolepsy
    Narcolepsy is a script to "encourage" your Mac to sleep when idle. It's useful if your computer doesn't seem to obey the sleep setting in Energy Saver.
  • Portable iCal
    Portable is a shell script that open local copy of iCal using preferences stored in its application bundle.
  • Ready-Set-Do!
    Ready-Set-Do! is a set of applescripts that comprehensively integrates all of your files and programs into David Allen's GTD ("Getting Things Done")workflow without locking you into a particular program.
  • Trash4BASH
    Trash for BASH is a simple script that creates a new command called ?del? and ?trash? the first replaces ?rm? and moves the deleted files into the trash can. The deleted files can then be managed in the MacOSX Trash can or by using the ?trash? command.

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