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That Was The Week That Was (TWTWTW)
This is the first edition of TWTWTW, a weekly blog promoting interesting developments in the open source world. TWTWTW seeks to whet your curiosity. The name pays homage to the satirical British TV comedy programme aired in the early 1960s. Except satire isnít the the raison díetre for this blog.

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ERP5 is a full featured high end software solution used for mission critical Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) / Customer Relation Management (CRM) / Material Requirements Planning (MRP) / Supply Chain Management (SCM) / Product Design Management (PDM) applications by industrial organisations and government agencies. Read more


  • Deep Shredder 9 Linux
    (commercial) Deep Shredder 9 Linux is the best Shredder for Linux computers with multiple processors or the new dual core processor. Deep Shredder 9 Linux works also fine on computers with one processor and one core, but cannot develop his full power there and is comparable to Shredder 9 Linux on those machines. You will also get the latest version of the Shredder user interface. Deep Shredder 9 Linux runs on all x86 computers with Linux and Java 1.4 or higher installed. Read more hot
  • 304 card game
    a card game called 304. 304 is very popular in Jaffna (Sri lanka) region
  • BGBlitz
    (commercial) the Swiss-Army Knife for Backgammon. It features a configurable Tutor warns you for possible errors in checker and cubeplay, play over TCP/IP, analysis, plays the variant Nackgammon
  • Busca
    based on a popular italian card game!! You may play against artificial intelligence or against your friends with net play
  • CArd Rulings Database Suite
    comprises some useful utilities for building a card database using PostgreSQL (developed under Linux) from Stephen D'Angelo's rulings page at CrystalKeep, and a Java based visual client that runs on any platform
  • ChessY!
    ChessY! is a Yahoo! chess game history reviewer.
  • Colossus
    a Java clone of Avalon Hill's Titan(tm) boardgame. Right now it allows hotseat play, play versus a working but not very strong AI, and (new) TCP/IP network play
  • CSPoker
    CSPoker is a lightweight poker server. The interface is XML-based and allows client implementations in any language. The goal is to experiment with AI and to have fun. In the long term, this server can be used for regular user games and AI competitions.
  • decaf
    decaf is a Java based chess client for the Free Internet Chess Server (FICS) with attractive board and piece sets. Read more
  • Four in a line
    Four in a line is a Connect four game that can be played against other humans or against a computer opponent. The multiplayer mode is meant to be played over a local network or over the Internet. You can add your own AI players.
  • gGo
    a Go board, full featured SGF editor and client for the Internet Go Server. gGo is written in Java and available for Linux, OsX and Windows
  • Ghronos
    Ghronos is a gaming clock for chess, go, scrabble, boggle, and any other game which requires a timing device. Ghronos is modeled after the very popular Chronos (TM) and runs on many different platforms including Palm OS, Windows CE, the Windows desktop, and Java-enabled browsers. It includes selectable timing styles, sequential and per player move counting, and many other features.
  • GoGui
    GoGui is a graphical interface to programs that play the game of Go and use the Go Text Protocol (GTP).
  • HoDoKu
    HoDoKu is a Sudoku generator/solver/analyzer. It has many human-style techniques (singles, subsets, LCs, fish, wings, uniqueness, coloring, chains, and ALS) and a powerful analyzer (manage multiple solutions for one Sudoku).
  • IRC-Chess
    a 2 player chess game that can be played right on IRC
  • j2chess
    j2chess is a chess program which is nice and simple to use. It comes with an opening book of approximately 15,000 games, can load and export to PGN.
  • Java TEG client
    a Java client for the TEG game, which is a pseudo-clone of the board game "risk", a multi-player networked turn-based strategy game
  • Java XiangQi
    a Java based XiangQi interface with network capabilities
  • jChecs
    jChecs is a simple Java chess program designed to introduce the basics of computer chess programming concepts.
  • JChessBoard
    a chess board written in Java that can be connected to another JChessBoard via a direct TCP/IP connection
  • JDuplicate
    a multilingual, client/server multiplayer word game suite. It supports popular word games such as Duplicate and Scrabble
  • Jin
    Jin is an interface for chess servers that is written in Java, making it completely portable. Read more
  • jose
    jose is a graphical chess tool where you can store chess games in a MySQL database, view games and edit variations and play against a 'plugged-in" chess engine. Read more
  • JPexeso
    JPexeso is for memory training for two players. Possible to play against AI (different types). The game has support for themes.
  • JPoker
    JPoker is a poker tournament manager application to make life easier during home games or small tournaments (displaying blinds, time to next level, etc).
  • JSkat
    an implementation of the German card game Skat in Java. You can play according the rules of the German Skat Association and with some add on rules that are played in the pubs (e.g. Ramsch). All data are stored in XML
  • JSokoban
    JSokoban is a port of the classic Macintosh puzzle game in which players try to shift the money bags of each level to a given position. The game comes with over 200 levels of varying difficulty, sound, unlimited undos/redos, and support for moving using both the keyboard and mouse.
  • JSolitaire
    consists of applets for 14 variations of solitaire (including FreeCell and Klondike) which can be played in any browser supporting Java
  • JTEG
    JTEG is a Java client/server for the TEG game. TEG is a pseudo-clone of the board game "Risk", a multi-player networked turn-based strategy game.
  • JTicTacToe
    a java implementation of the Tic Tac Toe board game. It is fully platform independent and playable via the internet so that friends can compete online. A nice simple graphical user interface is available, and possibly, also a text-based version
  • Magarena
    Magarena is a single-player fantasy card game played against a computer opponent. The rules for Magarena are based on the first modern collectible card game, Magic: The Gathering. Killer App
  • Magic Collection Manager
    This tool has two parts : a collection manager and an online duel virtual battleground for the card game "Magic : The Gathering", written in Java (Java 5, JFreeChart and XStream are needed). You can import cards using the official online card database.
  • Nebula Cards
    a networked, modular card game engine written in pure Java. The game rules, user interfaces, and computer players all take the form of pluggable Java classes, and most four-player, trick-taking games can be implemented
  • PenguinCards
    The aim of the player is to find out identical card pairs which are randomly placed on the board. You can either play against the computer or another player. The one who finds out more card pairs is the winner.
  • Pinochle
    (commercial) Pinochle is a computerized version of the classic card game.
  • poker-network
    poker-network includes a poker server, a client library, an abstract user interface library, and a client based on it. The server deals the cards and checks the user actions using a poker game engine (poker-engine). It listens on a TCP/IP port and understands its own specific protocol. The persistent information is stored in a MySQL database. The client library implements the poker-network protocol for the client. The abstract user interface library provides a framework based on the client library and suited to implement a user friendly client.
  • PokerApp
    PokerApp is an open-source client / server multiplayer poker game written in Java, making it completely platform independent. PokerApp should run on all operating systems on which the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is available. PokerApp can support up to 8 human or computer players over a network.
  • Raptor
    Raptor is a cross platform chess interface and pgn viewer for the free internet chess server: FICS.
  • Reversi
    includes two-player network support and a reasonable sophisticated AI. The AI uses Principal Variation, which is a variant on alpha-beta pruning. It also does iterative deepening
  • Risk
    a Java version of the classic RISK board game, with a simple map format, network play, 1 player, hotseat, 5 user interfaces and many more features, it works in all OSs that run java 1.4 or higher
  • Shredder 9 Linux
    (commercial) With Shredder 9 Linux you get the latest and best version of the Shredder family that exists since 1993 and the latest version of the Shredder user interface for Linux. Read more
  • Shredder Classic Linux
    (commercial) This chess engine has the same chess knowledge as Shredder 9 Linux and Deep Shredder 9 Linux, but its calculations are not as fast and efficient. Read more
  • Ssset
    Ssset is a single-player card game where your task is to choose 3 cards that are (according to the attributes of color, number, form, and filling) either all 3 the same or are pairwise different.
  • Tiffanys
    Tiffanys is a chess engine that includes a Swing GUI. It supports the PGN/FEN format. It also contains a XBoard/Winboard interface.
  • Tonic
    Tonic is a graphic interface for playing chess over internet. It is based on the Jin source code.
  • TT-Chess
    TT-Chess communicates with a DGT Sensor chessboard, and with goal to manage publication of current chess game live over the Internet.
  • Xoridor
    Xoridor is a strategic board game in which the player needs to get across the board as quickly as possible while making sure no fences get in her way.

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