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 · The new minuscule Linutop XS is announced!
 · Getting Started With KODI(XBMC)
 · PikeOS provides Safety and Security for Energy-Sensible Communication Platform from X-ES
 · SMPlayer with support for MPV is now available
 · USB Armory: Open Source USB Stick Computer
 · Magical Open Source Music Workstations
 · Alpine 3.1.0 released
 · Empire: Total War Launches on Linux
 · 6-Way Winter 2014 Linux Distribution Comparison
 · Review: 6 business-class Chromebooks test their mettle


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The new minuscule Linutop XS is announced!
Today Linutop releases the Linutop XS its smallest and most energy efficient computer.

(Read more)
LMMS aims to be a free alternative to popular (but commercial and closed- source) programs like FL Studio, Cubase and Logic. It gives users the ability of producing music with your computer by creating/synthesizing sounds, arranging samples, playing live with keyboard and much more. Read more


  • ::mound::
    ::mound:: is a software development management platform. ::mound:: provides simple project management with lots of power, but stays out of the way.
  • Abbot
    a tool for testing Java GUI components and programs (includes a junit extension).
  • Acceleo
    Acceleo is a code generator designed to efficiently implement the MDA approach and to improve software development productivity. It is natively integrated with Eclipse and EMF. It includes tools and editors making it easy to learn and to adapt to any kind of project or technology. It provides incremental generation, meta-model interoperability, a tree-like syntax, template driven customisation, and more.
  • actiWATE
    actiWATE (Actimind Web Application Testing Environment) is a software platform intended to make the test automation process simple and cost-effective. The major component of actiWATE is a Java-based framework that emulates Internet browser functionality and provides a convenient and intuitive action-based API for test script development.
  • AgileTrack
    AgileTrack is an open-source based application for tracking software development in agile development or extreme programming (XP) teams. It includes support for managing stories and other issues, sub-tasks, tracking time, managing multiple projects, planning iterations, and providing iteration reports. It provides a unique interface that is simple to use and allows software developers to have task information always at their fingertips.
  • Aletheia
    Aletheia is a browser-like application for sending raw HTTP requests. It is designed for debugging and finding security issues in Web applications.
  • Alvicom LoadManager
    Alvicom LoadManager is a test tool that focuses on load, stress, stability, and performance criteria. The tool runs on all platforms supported by Eclipse and Java. Supported protocols are HTTP, HTTPS, socket (TCP/IP), JMS, and RMI. Result data is collected in a central repository. This data can be exported/manipulated quickly, easily, and usefully. Thousands of virtual users (data units) can be simulated and tested. Color-coding shows which users pass or fail, and a script-link is provided.
  • Ant XInclude task
    allows Ant build files to apply XInclude processing to XML files. It is based on the XInclude processor developed by Elliotte Rusty Harold
  • ant4eclipse
    The aim of the Ant4eclipse project is to avoid redundancy of Eclipse and Ant configurations in order to build small but powerful build systems for the continuous integration process. It provides a set of tasks for the Apache Ant build tool. This tasks allow developers to use Eclipse configuration directly from their ant buildfiles. Included are tasks for reading Eclipse's .classpath file, for computing build order for a set of projects, and for launching Java applications as defined in Eclipse launch configurations.
  • Antiplate
    Antiplate is an Ant script that creates a common project structure for Java projects. It creates directories, property files, and a build script with common settings and targets.
  • Apache Ant
    a Java-based build tool. In theory, it is kind of like Make, but without Make's wrinkles
  • APIviz
    APIviz is a JavaDoc doclet which extends the Java standard doclet. It generates comprehensive UML-like class and package diagrams for quick understanding of the overall API structure.
  • argparse4j
    argparse4j is a Java port of the Python argparse commandline argument parser.
  • Atlassian Bamboo
    (commercial) Atlassian Bamboo enables development teams to adopt continuous integration (CI) in minutes, providing fast feedback about code changes so bugs don't pile up. As teams ramp up their CI effort, Bamboo can be scaled with remote agents located on-premise or in the Amazon EC2 cloud.
  • AurigaDoc
    a java-xml based documentation engine used for writing documents in xml format
  • AustenX
    AustenX (sometimes just called "Austen") is a parser generator that uses Parsing Expression Grammars (PEGs), and a Packrat Parsing derived algorithm.
  • Axualize
    a tool for creating applications by actualizing java objects using XML. Axualize is based on JSR-57, and is intended to allow developers to create Java applications dynamically using XML
  • Azzyzt JEE Tools
    Azzyzt JEE Tools is a set of Eclipse plugins for creating a so-called "azzyzted" project, and for creating code from a model.
  • Barter
    a tool for increasing the quality of applications written in Java. It allows the programmer to use design by contract and define other development aspects right in the classes and interfaces where they are relevant, as JavaDoc comments
  • Batik
    a Java based toolkit for applications that want to use images in the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format for various purposes, such as viewing, generation or manipulation
  • Beanlet
    Beanlet is an IoC container that was inspired by EJB3 and Spring. Beanlet's programming model looks similar to that of EJB3, but offers much of the flexibility of Spring.
  • BeanShell
    small, free, embeddable, Java source interpreter with object scripting language features, written in Java. BeanShell executes standard Java statements and expressions, in addition to obvious scripting commands and syntax. BeanShell supports scripted objects as simple method closures like those in Perl and JavaScript
  • beet
    beet adds flexible user behavior and performance tracking to a Spring-based Java application. HTTP requests, method executions, and SQL statements are tracked and associated to a user and session.
  • benerator
    benerator is a framework for creating realistic and valid high-volume test data, used for testing (unit/integration/load) and showcase setup. Metadata constraints are imported from systems and/or configuration files. Data can imported from and exported to files and systems, anonymized, or generated from scratch.
  • Blitz JavaSpaces
    an open source JavaSpaces implementation designed to ease development and deployment of JavaSpaces technology. It is Jini 2.0 enabled, and uses established VM principles
  • Bloof
    calculates software evolution metrics against a version control like CVS in order to retrieve information about the evolution of the source code and the development process. Bloof is implemented in Java and comes with integrated database and Swing GUI
  • Bridge2Java
    a tool that allows Java programs to communicate with ActiveX objects. It allows easy integration of ActiveX objects into a Java Environment
  • Butterfly Container
    Butterfly Container is a Java dependency injection container. It is smaller, yet more flexible and easier to use than Spring, Pico, and Guice. Instead of XML, Butterfly Container is configured using a simple, flexible, Java-like configuration language. There are no external dependencies.
  • Butterfly Testing Tools
    Butterfly Testing Tools is a stub, mock, and proxy object testing API for Java unit testing. It is similar to software such as EasyMock and JMock.
  • cache2k
    cache2k is a mature high performance Java caching tool.
  • cache4j
    cache4j is a cache for Java objects with a simple API and fast implementation. It features in-memory caching, a design for a multi-threaded environment, both synchronized and blocking implementations, a choice of eviction algorithms (LFU, LRU, FIFO), and the choice of either hard or soft references for object storage.
  • Cafesterol
    Cafesterol is an extension of the Objective Caml compiler suite: it compiles OCaml sources into Java .class files.
  • CaseRePort
    CaseRePort is a tool to find filename case inconsistencies in the source tree. It may be useful for porting applications in any programming language from a case-insensitive (like Windows) to a case-sensitive (like Linux) run-time environments.
  • ccdoc
    a free javadoc inspired tool that automatically generates HTML web documentation from C++ programs by parsing the source file headers. It was designed to aid collaboration between package users and package developers by documenting the interface
  • Celtix Milestone
    Celtix delivers a Java enterprise service bus (ESB) runtime and set of extensibility APIs, simplifying the construction, integration and flexible reuse of technical and business components using a standards-based, service-oriented architecture.
  • CERTivity
    (commercial) CERTivity is a powerful multi-platform visual tool for creating, managing, and handling different key store types (such as JKS, JCEKS, PKCS12, the Bouncy Castle types BKS and UBER, and Windows Native), public, private and secret keys in different formats (PKCS, OpenSSL, RSA/DSA, etc.), certificates (version 1 and 3), and certificates chains.
  • Checkstyle
    a development tool to help programmers write Java code that adheres to a coding standard. Its purpose is to automate the process of checking Java code
  • Classmexer
    Classmexer is a simple Java instrumentation agent that provides some convenience calls for measuring the memory usage of Java objects from within an application.
  • Classycle
    Classycle's Analyser analyses the static class and package dependencies in Java applications or libraries. It is especially helpful for finding cyclic dependencies between classes or packages. Classycle is similar to JDepend which does also a dependency analysis but only on the package level.
  • CloverETL
    (commercial) CloverETL is Java-based tool/framework for data integration and creation of data transformations. It is component based and follows the concept of transformation graphs which consist of individual nodes/components performing simple (or complex) operations on data.
  • Cobertura
    Cobertura is a free Java tool that calculates the percentage of code accessed by tests. It can be used to identify which parts of your Java program are lacking test coverage. It is based on jcoverage.
  • codavaj
    codavaj is Javadoc in reverse: a seemingly useless reverse engineering tool to transform HTML Javadoc into Java source file skeletons (or a reflection API) like internal representation.
  • CodeCover
    CodeCover is an extensible code coverage tool. It has support for Java and COBOL, supports statement coverage, branch coverage, loop coverage, and MC/DC, and performs source instrumentation for the most accurate coverage measurement. It has a CLI interface for easy use from the command line, an Ant interface for easy integration into an existing build process, and is fully integrated into Eclipse. It has customizable HTML and CSV reports, per test case coverage measurement, full integration with JUnit for automatic recognition of test cases, live notification for manual test case recognition, a boolean analyzer that helps to find test cases to increase strict condition coverage, and a correlation matrix to find redundant test cases and optimize your test suite.
  • CodgenClipse
    CodeGenClipse adds Eclipse IDE support for code generation tools. It currently includes CodeGenJostraca, which integrates the Jostraca code generator into Eclipse 3.1.2 or later.
  • CollectionSpy
    (commercial) CollectionSpy is a Java profiler that focuses on tracking and analyzing your program's usage of Collection Framework containers.
  • Condenser
    a tool for finding and removing duplicated Java code. Unlike tools that only locate duplicated code, the aim of Condenser is to also automatically remove duplicated code where it is safe to do so
  • ContiPerf
    ContiPerf is a lightweight testing utility to easily leverage JUnit 4 test cases as performance tests, e.g. for continuous performance testing.
  • Coronis Test
    Coronis Test is an HTML test framework based on jQuery. It is specially prepared for AJAX environments. For example, when it checks whether a given text is present, it waits some time, in case it's still processing and has not yet arrived.
  • CsvTool
    (shareware) CsvTool analyzes, verifies, and transforms CSV data. It handles text and binary files and allows any 8-bit character to be used for field and record delimiters and quotes. Both backslash and doubled-quote escape rules are supported. Any size fields, any size records, and any number of fields per record are allowed. It optionally exports input data in a CSV format into a different output format.
  • CurlyML
    CurlyML is a simple, concise format for storing and transmitting structured data and documents. CurlyML allows you describe structured data in a way that is efficiently, easily readable and writeable to both human beings and machines, with no extraneous fuss or redundant markup. Essentially, CurlyML is designed to get out of your way so you can get on with describing your data. This is in direct contrast with XML, which is overkill for many tasks.

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