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6 Excellent Open Source Google Drive Clients
Google Drive is a very popular cloud storage service. Files can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection. Keeping your files in Google Drive means that you can access them from just about anywhere — on all your devices.

(Read more)
The Player Project
The Player Project creates Free Software that enables research in robot and sensor systems. The Player robot server is a widely used robot control interface in the world. Its simulation backends, Stage and Gazebo, are also very widely used. Read more


  • 2d3D, Inc
    provides turn-key solutions for Linux, Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 3.x, OS/2 and JavaOS. We specialize in 2D and 3D graphics, capture, overlay and custom video hardware
  • Apertis Consulting Ltd.
    Apertis Consulting is a Glasgow based IT consultancy specialising in open source software and the Linux operating system. With particular expertise in security, web applications and project management it provides tailored solutions to new and existing businesses.
  • bitbone
    shop systems, cms-systems, linux, web development, database solutions, hosting
  • BitRock SL
    a privately held software company that develops multiplatform installation and management tools
  • Canonical Ltd
    Founded in late 2004, Canonical Ltd is a company headquartered in Europe with 130 employees working in over 18 countries. Canonical is the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu project.
  • Century Software
    Linux software developers including PIXIL, commercial-ready embedded software solutions for advanced Internet appliances
  • Clockware
    a provider of web-based time tracking and timesheet software and systems
  • Comodo
    Comodo provides eBusiness Systems Management solutions for Linux.
  • CrossArtist, Inc.
    a content infrastructure company, develops and markets technology and tools that make it simple for creative professionals to design and deliver dynamic digital content
  • Crosswind
    developers of Synchronize and CyberScheduler: calendaring and scheduling software applications
  • Deepwoods Software
    Deepwoods Software is a shareware and consulting business specializing in systems, database, GUI, and CGI software in Tcl/Tk and C/C++ for use in a Linux or UNIX environment.
  • Dot C Software
    developers of RenderDotC, a photorealistic rendering toolkit
  • e-Zest Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
    provides e-business, ERP, Supply chain management and customer relationship management; as well as customised app development, wireless development, and other services on the linux platform
  • Easysoft
    ODBC Data access middleware solutions
  • Eridani Star System
    A Red Hat variant Linux distribution, kept as up-to-date as possible. Other popular distributions and older versions also available.
  • Estima
    makers of RATS (Regression Analysis of Time Series) which is available for many platforms including Linux
  • Estrate
    a Dutch company which develops open source webapplications. We use Linux for all our desktops and servers. MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP etc. are used when developing webapplications. Website is in Dutch
  • Fluendo
    a company specialized in delivering products and consulting services for Unix and Linux multimedia. Our flagship product is our streaming media server, Flumotion
  • Franz Inc.
    makers of Allegro Common Lisp and other Lisp products
  • GroundWork
    GroundWork integrates, enhances and develops leading open source software to deliver enterprise-class IT operations management solutions.
  • IEA Software, Inc.
    publisher of Emerald, RadiusX and Air Marshal; Billing, CRM and RADIUS Authentication software for Service Providers
  • Informix Software, Inc.
    based in Menlo Park, California, is the leading provider of enterprise database-powered solutions. Informix's database products help enable its customers-primarily the Fortune 1000-to operate more effectively and to apply information technology to attain competitive advantage
  • Integrated Research
    a leading developer of real-time, systems management software for high-availability computing environments based on the proven PROGNOSIS architecture. The world?s largest bank, telecommunications company, stock exchange, computer hardware manufacturer and Internet service provider all rely on IR solutions - as do customers in over 40 countries
  • iTechArt Group
    iTechArt Embedded Development Team delivers outsourcing services for Linux embedded software development.
  • Jungo
    a leading provider of residential gateway software platforms and applications. Jungo's flagship product, OpenRG, is a residential gateway software platform that enables Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to bring broadband Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) such as Residential Gateways, SOHO Gateways and Integrated Access Devices (IADs) to market quickly
  • KrystalBox
    Open Source Driven Web Application Innovation, Systems Architecting and Technology Incubation
  • Locus Logic
    specializes in embedded systems with network connectivity for applications such as machine control, industrial automation, data collection and computerized manufacturing
  • Magic Software Enterprises
    Magic Software Enterprises provides development technology, application servers and customizable applications for e-Business and Customer Relationship Management.
  • Mentalix
    Developers of imaging software, ranging from products designed for end users to specialized software for systems integrators. Among our product offerings are scanning, image processing, OCR, digital camera, and file format conversion applications, to name a few.
  • Nemein
    a Finnish software company producing Open Source -based applications for professional services organizations. Nemein's solutions enable companies to improve their web, sales, marketing, project and customer service operations
  • New Breed Software
    creates free and GPL software for Unix and Linux, including web CGI's, SSI's and development tools, and Linux games
  • Numerical Algorithms Group, Inc.
    the world's leading source of mathematical, statistical, and 3D visualization software components for Linux. Whether your needs are in simulation, non-linear optimization, PDE/ODE solvers, data mining or other techniques, NAG has a 30 year track record for meeting customers most demanding needs at over 6,000 sites worldwide
  • Omnis Software, Inc.
    develops and sells high-performance visual Rapid Application Development tools for Linux. Omnis products allow the rapid creation of client/server and web deployable database applications.
  • Open-E Data Storage Software
    Open-E is a software developer of Data Storage Software DSS V7- Linux based Operating System for Nas and San servers with iSCSI, virtualization, Cloud Storage and Fiber Channel functionalities.
  • OpenedHand
    OpenedHand is a team of talented and creative people passionate about open source and embedded devices.
  • OpenWeb Analysts Ltd
    develops web applications in London, UK. All our servers run on Linux boxes unless a customer requires otherwise
  • ORBiT Software
    ORBiT Software has been developing data management tools for over 16 years, specializing in quality backup solutions for the MPE, HP-UX and Linux platforms.
  • Orbital Technologies Inc.
    Offers custom software development services for software and technology companies on Unix and Linux. Also offers application porting, cross-platform development, data connectivity solutions, file conversion and filters and wireless application development.
  • Qt Company
    Qt Company (formerly known as Digia, Qt, Qt Development Frameworks, Qt Software, Trolltech and as Quasar Technologies) is a software company based in Oslo, Norway, and best known for its Qt toolkit and application framework. The Qt Company is a subsidiary of Digia.
  • S.u.S.E. GmbH
    make S.u.S.E Linux distribtion which is fairly popular together with their enhanced X server
  • SaM-Solutions
    an offshore software development company SaM-Solutions offers software outsourcing services. Wide area of open source expertise, ISO 9001 certified methodology of software development, reasonable offshore outsourcing rates. Established in 1993. Located in Eastern Europe
  • ScienceSoft
    specializes in Java, .Net, C++ programming as well as in database and Linux/Unix development and administration
  • SciFace
    The company that sells the computeralgebra system MuPAD
  • Seapine Software
    address your Software Change Management (SCM), Bug Tracking, Defect Tracking, and Automated Testing needs. Available alone or in suites, Seapine's tools integrate with each other and with the rest of your development environment
  • ShaoLin Microsystems Limited
    concentrates on design, developing and marketing Linux based products. In 2002, ShaoLin developed Aptus, a desktop Linux network deployment and management solution for organizations which are running or planning Linux on the desktop
  • Silk Systems Inc.
    developers of fully integrated business management system that can handle all aspects of business organizations: sales (retail and wholesale), production, service, rental and financial applications
  • system garden
    a modern software and services company dedicated to satisfying business and technical needs whilst embracing the new software practices of open source
  • Tech-X Corp
    Tech-X Corp develops high-performance C++ applications, graphical user interfaces for scientific and engineering codes, Java applets, and distributed applications using Java/CORBA/C++. Some class libraries and applications are distributed free for noncommercial use.
  • The TOLIS Group, Inc.
    makers of QuickStart Data Rescue, QuickStart System Replicator, BRU Backup & Restore Utility backup software, BRU-Pro, and sponsors of the Linux Tape Certification Program
  • ThinX networked business services
    development of web based database application with Perl. Support for PostgreSql database system. Specialized for content management systems
    a non-profit organisation producing Free and Open Source software that enables and empowers South Africans
  • Tridia Corporation
    Developers of DoubleVision, full-featured remote control software that permits a remote system to connect to a remote console or another terminal and have full access to its screen and keyboard.
  • Univention GmbH
    The Univention GmbH is a provider of commercial products and services on the Open Source market. The corporation develops various Open Source software including economical, standardized and ready to run solutions that immediately fit into even challenging IT-Environments.
  • Wolfram Research
    company that ships Mathematica, the leading software system for technical computation

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