qoob – excellent foobar-like music player for Linux

Last Updated on September 1, 2020

In operation

Here’s an image of qoob in action.


The interface is utilitarian in appearance. There’s the usual playback slider, volume slider, and control buttons. There’s also the usual shuffle and repeat buttons.

By default, album art isn’t activated. If you like album art, click the Art Viewer button – it’s the third button in the bottom left hand corner.


There’s the obligatory playlist support too. It’s simple to add and delete tracks to playlists, but they’re not very well implemented.

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5 years ago

I use to play my music with smplayer or vlc. I’m a basic, file manager, kinda’ guy. Then I “discovered” Audacious. What sets this apart from others are the effects section. While I’m playing an mp3, I could modify the song using echo, speed/pitch and even voice removal – all in realtime.

This sometimes helps spice up some oldies: breathing new life to a song I may have listened to many times over the years.