Movit 1.6.0 Released: High-performance, high-quality video filters for the GPU

Last Updated on December 10, 2018

Movit aims to be a high-quality, high-performance, open-source library for video filters.

The full changelog reads:

Movit 1.6.0, January 24th, 2018

  - Support for effects that work as compute shaders. Compute shaders are
    generally slower than fragment shaders for the same algorithm,
    but allow some forms of communication between shader invocations
    and have more flexible output, which can enable more efficient algorithms.
    See effect.h for more details. Note that the fastest rendering API on
    EffectChain is now to a texture if possible, not to an FBO. This will
    only matter if the last effect is a compute shader.

  - Movit now includes a compute shader implementation of DeinterlaceEffect,
    which is automatically used instead of the fragment shader implementation
    if your GPU and OpenGL driver supports it (in practice, this means on
    all platforms except on macOS). The compute shader version is typically
    20–80% faster than the fragment shader version, depending on your GPU
    and other factors.

    A compute shader implementation of ResampleEffect was written but
    ultimately failed to be faster, and so is not included.

  - Support for microbenchmarks of effects through the Google microbenchmarking
    framework (optional). Currently, DeinterlaceEffect and ResampleEffect has
    benchmarks; enable them by running the unit test with --benchmark (also try
    --benchmark --help).

  - Effects can now explicitly request _not_ to have mipmaps, which means they
    can do so without needing to request bounce and fiddling with the sampler
    state. Note that this is an API change for effects.

  - Movit now requires C++11, both to build and to #include the header files.
    Support for SDL1 has been dropped; unit tests and the demo program now need

  - Various smaller bugfixes and optimizations.

For more information, check out Movit’s homepage.

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