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Linux Around The World: Montenegro

Map of Montenegro Official Language: Montenegrin
Population: 0.6 million
Capital: Podgorica
Currency: Euro (€) (EUR)
Major Industries: Tourism, steelmaking, aluminum, agricultural processing, consumer goods

Montenegro is a country in Southeastern Europe. It borders Bosnia and Herzegovina to the northwest, Serbia to the northeast, Kosovo to the east, Albania to the southeast, and Croatia to the southwest.

User Groups

LocationLinux User Group
-Montenegro Open Source's main goal is to promote Open Source and inform the Montenegrin public first of all about the existence of Open Source alternatives, and then about the choice and quality of Open Source solutions.
PodgoricaR-Ladies Podgorica is a world-wide organization to promote gender diversity in the R community.
PodgoricaAWS User Group Montenegro spreads the knowledge regarding AWS services and help others with onboarding to AWS cloud.

Did You Know? Montenegro is located in 4 climatic zones. Around the coast, it has the characteristics of a Mediterranean climate. Go inland a few miles, and it’s a continental climate. In the higher mountain ranges, the climate becomes Alpine.

Linux Around The World This article is part of our Linux Around The World series showcasing usergroups that are relevant to Linux enthusiasts. Great ways to meet up with fellow enthusiasts.

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