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Last Updated on July 6, 2021

Linux Action News Blurb

Weekly Linux news and analysis by Chris and Joe. The show every week we hope you’ll go to when you want to hear an informed discussion about what’s happening.

About the Show

Linux Action News is a weekly podcast published every Monday. They have a mission to concentrate on high quality coverage and discussion. It’s produced by Jupiter Broadcasting.

Linux Action News arose following the demise of the Linux Action Show, an outstanding podcast that ran for about 11 years.

The show notes are way too brief, with hyperlinks to topics featured in the show.

The shows are supported by advertising.

The show is recorded with proprietary software: REAPER – a full-featured digital audio workstation and MIDI sequencer software.

About the Hosts

Chris Fisher is the host and owner of Jupiter Broadcasting. Chris used to host the podfaded Linux Action Show, a weekly video tech podcast which covered the best in the open source and Linux world. Chris has his own YouTube channel with nearly 3,000 subscribers, but it’s been some time since he’s uploaded new content.

Joe Ressington is a British podcaster and FOSS advocate. He’s a keen user of Linux with several years’ experience of desktop and mobile tinkering. He’s a former musician and is co-host for another active popular Linux podcast – Late Night Linux. Joe was also co-host for a number of well-respected podcasts that sadly podfaded.
LengthAbout 30 minutes
First Show5 May 2017
What do we think of this podcast?
Content8 out of 10 rating
Conversational6 out of 10 rating
Engaging7 out of 10 rating
Verdict:We're big fans of Chris and Joe. They bring a lot of passion to a news show. The shows are fast-paced, informative, easy to listen to, and retain our attention -- we've never skipped during listening. The connective tissue between news telling and advice.

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