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13 Great Free and Open Source Linux Foreign Language Tools

Learning a new language can provide life changing opportunities and enjoyment. There are so many reasons to learn a foreign language whatever your nationality, to improve employment potential, intellectual curiosity, make travel more enjoyable, sharpen cognitive and life skills, make lifelong friends, and many more. While it is widely acknowledged that it is easier to begin learning a second language at a tender age, starting a new language at any age is eminently worthwhile.

There are a good selection of traditional materials and tools available to assist with language studies, such as language courses, grammar books, dictionaries, phrasebooks, and electronic translators. However, there are real benefits in using modern technology to quicken the pace of learning. Online lessons and computer software are two popular ways of immersing yourself in learning a foreign language. They are the best alternative to actually staying in a country where the language is spoken by the general population.

There is an extensive amount of open source computer software to help individuals learn a foreign language. We have identified the best of breed open source Linux software to make language acquisition fun, enjoyable, and a stimulating way of learning. These applications offer the opportunity to radically improve your life.

Ratings chart for best free and open source foreign language tools

Click the links in the table below to learn all about each tool.

Foreign Language Tools
Tagaini JishoJapanese vocabulary and kanji dictionary
AnkiExtensible flashcard learning program
Learning with TextsRead and listen, save and test words in context
LibreLingoA modern language-learning platform
FLTRForeign Language Text Reader
Step into ChineseLanguage-mining tool to help English speakers understand Chinese
ParleyVocabulary trainer for KDE 5
OpenTeacherLearn words in a foreign language
ArtikulatePronunciation trainer - The KDE Education Project
Jargon InformatiqueFront-end for the French computing dictionary Jargon Informatique
VerbisteFrench and Italian conjugator
GlossaicoLanguage learning application based on LibreLingo
PerroquetTrain your oral skills in foreign languages

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Mike Turk
Mike Turk
4 years ago

Thank you for the new ideas. I will give some of them a look.