fooyin v0.3.7 – customisable music player

We recently posted a review of fooyin, a music player which sports a layout editing mode which lets you customise the entire user interface.

At the time, we weren’t successful in compiling fooyin under Ubuntu. And the PKGBUILD available for Arch-based distros had issues which meant we weren’t even aware of some of the program’s functionality. We offer our apologies to the developer for not doing justice to his music player in our previous review. Let’s rectify that!

Installation in Ubuntu 23.10

The developer of fooyin has kindly updated his notes with a section for Ubuntu. We followed that section, and can now build the program in Ubuntu 23.10. For completeness, let’s run through the steps.

There are a lot of dependencies needed, some of which were present on our Ubuntu test system. Install the dependencies with the command:

$ sudo apt install g++ git cmake pkg-config ninja-build libasound2-dev qcoro-qt6-dev libtag1-dev qt6-base-dev qt6-svg-dev qt6-tools-dev libavcodec-dev libavfilter-dev libavformat-dev libavutil-dev libswresample-dev

Installing dependencies

Next, clone the project’s GitHub repository:

$ git clone --recursive

Change into the newly created directory:

$ cd fooyin

Using CMake, we generate a build environment:

$ cmake -S . -G Ninja -B build

Build fooyin:

$ cmake --build build

The final step is to install fooyin:

$ sudo cmake --install build


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2 months ago

Thanks for the heads up Luke, it’s great that a foobar-like music player is being developed.

fooyin is a really interesting project, plus I don’t want to run Windows apps under a compatibility layer like you do with foobar2000.