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Last Updated on December 10, 2018

Disk images are computer files of a disk volume or an entire data storage device, such as a hard drive, optical disk (e.g. DVD, CD, Blu-ray), tape drive, USB flash drive, or floppy disk. A disk image represents the content exactly as it is on the original storage device, including both data and structure information.

Disk image file formats can be open standards, such as the ISO image format for optical disk images, or proprietary to particular software applications. The name “ISO” is taken from the ISO 9660 file system used with CD-ROM media. Converting from a proprietary image format to an open format often crops up as an issue when users migrate to Linux.

Disk images have many different uses such as burning optical media, system backup, data recovery, disk cloning, computer forensics, and operating systems (as Live CD/DVDs).

There are a number of different ways of mounting an ISO image under Linux. The venerable mount command offers an easy solution. But if you need tools that offer more functionality for working with disk images, try some of the following excellent open source tools.

Most of the tools have not seen a recent release, so if you are looking to get involved with a good open source tool, you could pitch in.

Handy Disk Image Tools
FuriusISOMountToolSimple mounting tool
fuseisoFUSE module to mount ISO filesystem images
iatIso9660 Analyzer Tool
AcetoneISOFeature-rich graphical application to mount and manage CD/DVD images.
ISO MasterEasy to use, graphical CD image editor for Linux and BSD
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4 years ago

Too many words on the page I get confused. Just trying to figure out what live cd linux will work best to get all the files backed up to an external drive so I don’t need to start all over and buy all new programs and recteate all my data and excutbles includung backups of other systems. Windows sucks bigtime when just trying to copy things that are for some other os on the drive that is not even running. I don’t care what kind of files they are I want everything.
Dos and cp/m are so much better for making backups of, but nothing runs them. Just backing of files should not be such a big deal and I don’t understand why sharing violations could possibly happen for software not even running on windows. Makes no sense… Why a z80 program or an excutable for another system that will not even work would download and even be backed up to a windows system can’t be copied to another drive I never thought possible. That is with DMR. The worst possible thing for any computer. Such things should be a chip not on a drive to mess with people. That way programs installed don’t need to all be replaced from the beginning. What good is a system that a person can’t even duplicate their own materials? Worthless… Nothing is really worth pirating, as it is enough of a nightmare comfiguring things to work in the first place. Waste time and money because of idiotsy.