Secret Maryo Chronicles – free 2D platform game

Secret Maryo Chronicles is an open Source two-dimensional platform game with a style designed similar to classic sidescroller games.

Maryo must traverse three worlds collecting powerups and attacking enemies to face the final boss and save the day!

Every time you destroy an enemy, or collect a Powerup, a number will float out of it. This number will be added to the points total, in the top left hand corner of the screen. Everytime you collect 3,000 points, you will be allowed to save anywhere on any level, anytime. Collect as many points as you can, and chose your save spot carefully, because once you’ve saved, you can’t get the points back.

The game utilizes the platform independent library SDL and since Version 0.98 with the OpenGLi accelerated Graphics Renderer developed in C++.

Features include:

  • Multiple overworlds – get an aerial perspective between levels, just like the World Map in Super Mario World.
  • Many Different Enemies.
  • Highly detailed graphics, sound and music with great attention to detail.
  • Many levels.
  • Multiple Stages including Small, Normal, Big, Fire, Snow, Star and Ghost Maryo.
  • Advanced In-Game Editor – insert any graphic file as a background or sprite in the game. All graphics like hedges and ground sprites are included. You can insert enemies, change the player start position, insert special objects like a powerup box, global level effects, and create half-massive sprites which the Player can jump through, but can not fall through.
  • Save games with the complete progress.
  • High quality sound and music.
  • OpenGL Hardware Acceleration.

Support: News
Developer: Florian Richter and others
License: GNU GPL

System requirements


Processor: 500 MHz
Video Card: 64 MB OpenGL Compatible 3D Accelerated Graphics Card
RAM: 256MB
800×600 Screen Resolution
16 Bit Color Display
Keyboard + Mouse


Processor: 1 GHz
Video Card: 128 MB OpenGL Compatible 3D Accelerated Graphics Card
RAM: 512MB
Sound Card
1024×768 Screen Resolution
24 Bit True Color Display

Secret Maryo Chronicles

Secret Maryo Chronicles is written in C++. Learn C++ with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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