24 More of the Best Linux Commercial Games (Part 2 of 3)

Last Updated on February 26, 2018

Why spend your hard earned money on proprietary software when open source software provides a similar (or better) amount of functionality? That’s a very good question.

Linux is blessed with thousands of open source games covering all different types of genre. However, whilst the quality of these open source games is generally high and they are great fun to play, there is a lack of truly world-class innovative open source games. In many respects, the open source development model is not really applicable for game development.

To be eligible for inclusion in this article each game needed to be:

  • Released under a proprietary license with a fee required either to purchase the game, or a monthly charge
  • Not require Wine to run. Wine is a compatibility layer for running Windows software

Please recognise that the games featured in this three part article only represent a current snapshot of the best games. There are some very exciting commercial games to be released shortly for Linux.

Now, let’s examine the 8 games at hand. For each game we have compiled its own portal page, providing screenshots of the game in action, a full description of the game, with an in-depth analysis of the features of the game, together with links to relevant resources and reviews.

Commercial Games (Part 2 of 3)
Heroes of NewerthReal-time strategy based on Defense of the Ancients
Shadowgrounds: SurvivorSingle and multiplayer shooter with fantastic graphics
BOHOriginal, retro-flavoured exploration game
Telepath Psy Arena 2Tactics based role playing game
X³: ReunionSpace trading, empire building, combat game
Grappling HookInnovative first-person action puzzle / platform
IrukandjuFun score attack shooter, set in an abstract underwater trench
Cube CombatBased on the classic Bomberman game
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