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 · Google Cloud Dataflow Java SDK (Alpha)
 · How to Block Referrer Spam Bots
 · Free software GNU/Linux laptop in development
 · First hands-on with the Creator CI20 microcomputer
 · Canonical’s Stripped-Down “Snappy” Ubuntu Comes To Google’s Compute Engine
 · KDE Ships KDE Applications 14.12.0
 · Why is the Number of Linux Distros Declining?
 · The new minuscule Linutop XS is announced!
 · Getting Started With KODI(XBMC)
 · PikeOS provides Safety and Security for Energy-Sensible Communication Platform from X-ES


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Google Cloud Dataflow Java SDK (Alpha)
Google Cloud Dataflow provides a simple, powerful programming model for building both batch and streaming parallel data processing pipelines.

(Read more)
Bonita Open Solution
Bonita Open Solution is an intuitive and powerful Business Process Management (BPM) solution to create process-based applications for simple-to-complex projects. Read more


  • fuseiso
    fuseiso is an open source FUSE module to mount ISO filesystem images. Read more new
  • 2vcard
    a little perl script to convert an addressbook to the popular VCARD file format
  • 8rdavcore
    able to set VCore, Vdimm, Vagp and Vdd (only Rev. 2.x) on Epox 8RDA(3)+ mainboards
  • acdctl
    acdctl is a commandline utility to control the otherwise inaccessible brightness levels of a VESA-compliant USB connected display such as the Apple Cinema Display. acdctl works on any system with libusb support by directly manipulating the display's USB HID interface.
  • Activewall
    Activewall is an utility that allows you to control mouse pointer with an infrared pointer over your presentation. It works with virtually all video4linux(1) devices
  • Agave
    Agave is a very simple application for the GNOME desktop that allows you to generate a variety of colorschemes from a single starting color. Read more
  • Alist
    Alist collects information about a systems and stores it in a database for users to peruse. The program consists of three parts; a client portion, a daemon that receives data sent from clients and a CGI that displays and lets you search for info.
  • Amphor
    a Python wrapper module for manipulating disk quotas
  • anyfs-tools
    anyfs-tools allows you to recover and convert filesystems while using minimal extra disk space. Unlike other recovery tools, anyfs-tools doesn't copy all the files found on other disks (or partitions), but only saves information about the location of the file blocks to an external inode table. After recovery, a user may mount the damaged filesystem with anyfs and the external inode table and then interact with all recovered files with any program.
  • appcap
    appcap is a tricky application for x86 Linux which allows an user with enough power (usually the superuser) on a machine to attach and redirect standard input and output of any application to his actual tty.
  • APT Indicator
    APT Indicator is a small applet that looks like small icon on system tray of your window manager. This applet will notify you about available new packages for your system, e.g. security updates, using APT software management system.
  • aptconvert
    lets you write structured technical papers that must be translated to a variety of formats (e.g., HTML, PDF, PS, DocBook) without having to type tags like extit{} or
  • Argyll Color Management System
    Argyll is an experimental, open source, ICC compatible color management system. It supports accurate ICC profile creation for scanners, RGB or CMYK printers, film recorders and display monitors. Spectral sample data is supported, allowing a selection of illuminants observer types, and paper fluorescent whitener additive compensation.
  • array-info
    a tool to retrieve informations and logical drives status from several RAID controllers (currently Compaq IDA and CISS
  • Augeas
    Augeas is a configuration API and editing tool. It parses common configuration files like /etc/hosts or /etc/grub.conf in their native formats and transforms them into a tree. Configuration changes are made by manipulating this tree and saving it back into native configuration files.
  • AutoCutSel
    AutoCutSel is a tool to merge the two cut & paste buffers mainly used by X applications.
  • Aware Reports
    (commercial) a Multiplatform high-speed template based report generator. Produces the documents in Microsoft Excel (XLS), arbitrary text, HTML, XML, TEX (ADOBE PDF, ADOBE PS, DVI) formats. Designed for batch and Web server environments
  • barcat
    barcat is a small shell script intended to be used in portable Unix install scripts for showing progress bars.
  • bash programmable completion
    conceived to produce programmable completion routines for the most common Linux/UNIX commands, reducing the amount of typing sysadmins and programmers need to do on a daily basis
  • bashstyle-ng
    BashStyle-NG is a graphical tool for changing Bash's behavior and look and feel. It can also style Readline, Nano, and Vim.
  • BBCTicker
    an attempt to create a Linux/Unix version of the BBC Online Ticker using GTK
  • bbkeys
    a key-grabbing tool for Blackbox
    BBUNAME is a Blackbox/Fluxbox tool which displays the system information, similar to GNU uname.
  • BiCon
    a tool which allows the usage of Arabic on Linux/Un*x consoles. BiCon allows the user to read, write or view Arabic in text consoles using any existing application without any changes
  • binfind
    binfind searches files for a byte sequence specified on the command line. binfind uses the Boyer-Moore algorithm and is able to search large files without using a lot of memory.
  • BitCluster
    a small set of tools for doing distributed computing
    BIXTEP is a tool for organizing textual information in the Bash shell. It features an easy-to-use interface, allows for fast input of texts with your default editor, and displays the relations between the tagged items. Its use spans from quick note taking to managing excerpts and sources. All data is stored in an XML file.
  • Blogfish
    Blogfish is a Gnome panel applet, written in Python using PyGTK and Gnome-python. It allows you to spread your blog URL, website URL or random thoughts to other users.
  • Bloglines notifier
    a Gnome panel applet that monitors a Bloglines account and displays an alert when there new items. When there are new items the applet displays a tooltip with the count of unread items
  • BnuView
    BnuView is used to view the graphical tile data within a binary file (ie. ROM dumps, compiled programs, etc.). Right now it supports BPP1, NES, and Gameboy tile formats.
  • cd2browse
    cd2browse is a menu creation program able to make menus out of a directory tree. It indexes all documents and also provides an offline, full-text search engine with JavaScript. CD2Browse helps you to publish documentation on CD/DVD in an easy way.
  • CellWriter
    CellWriter is a grid-entry natural handwriting input panel. As you write characters into the cells, your writing is instantly recognized at the character level. When you press 'Enter' on the panel, the input you entered is sent to the currently focused application as if typed on the keyboard. Writer-dependent, CellWriter learns your handwriting for reliable recognition. Correcting preprocessor algorithms account for digitizer noise, differing stroke order, direction, and number of strokes. Unicode support enables you to write in any language.
  • Character set and encoding converter
    converts input which is encoded in some character set and encoding another character set and encoding. Supported character sets and encodings include all the ISO 8859 sets, several IBM/MS code pages, most used Japanese encodings, some unicode-relatives (like UTF8 and UTF7) with some dialects and the HTML encoding (&#codes;)
  • CharEntry
    CharEntry is a tool for inserting non-ascii characters into text, with particular emphasis on linguistic notation. It provides charts of the consonants, vowels, and diacritics of the International Phonetic Alphabet as well as chart of precomposed accented characters. Clicking on a character inserts it into a text region, the contents of which may be saved to a file or copied and pasted elsewhere.
  • Charlix
    Charlix is a desktop assistant that is based on AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) and is compatible with any AIML interpreter with a working tag. It provides Web searching tools, a dictionary, a calculator, weather, translations, and more.
  • check_nagios_latency
    check_nagios_latency is a Nagios plugin to check the check latency of the Nagios server.
  • Chestnut Package Manager
    Chestnut Package Manager is a utility to handle executables and resource files in a transparent, platform independent, and relocatable way. Its concept is similar to Apple bundles and Java archives. It is implemented in Python. Chestnut makes it possible to invoke programs or obtain resources without knowledge of their absolute or relative path, making them accessible even after relocation of the package to another directory.
  • chkperm
    chkperm is a tool that lets you automatically check and set the permissions and ownership of files and directories.
  • CHPP
    a powerful preprocessor originally designed for, but notlimited to, HTML
  • CL-BibTeX
    a replacement for the BibTeX program in Common Lisp. The aim is to enable the user to format bibliographic entries using Common Lisp programs, rather than using the stack language of BibTeX style files
  • CodeMiscs
    CodeMiscs is a fun, creative, elegant, exciting, amusing, useful and profitable project.
  • ColdSpot
    a simple screen locker for X. When the mouse is left inside the transparent ColdSpot window, a user-specified program is kicked off to lock the screen
  • ColdSync
    a tool for synchronizing PalmOS devices (PalmPilot, Palm V, Qualcomm PDQ, etc.) with Unix workstations. This is an open source project
  • ColorExplorer
    ColorExplorer is a tool for exploring the color space and finding out how colors, color names, and numerical color specifications are related. You can specify a color by selecting its name from a list of color names, by adjusting sliders that control the mixture of red, green, and blue, or by entering a numerical color specification. The numerical specification of the current color and an example of that color are shown in a pair of adjacent boxes.
  • Common Configuration Parser
    Common Configuration Parser (CCP) is a program that reads configuration files and upgrades them. It takes an oldfile (typically the configuration file currently in use) and a newfile (typically the default new configuration file) and optionally a template (a file that describes how the generated configuration file should look) and merges the files into one, creating a new configuration file that has the changes made to the old file in addition to the new options included in the new file.
  • convtuxcmd
    convtuxcmd generates a file filetypes for the file manager tuxcmd (Tux Commander)
  • Corruption Corrector
    designed for fixing corrupt files. It is for situations when you have (downloaded) many copies of the same file, but all of the copies are a bit corrupt. If the corruptions are in different parts of the file, it is possible to combine the good bytes from each file and get an uncorrupted copy of the file
  • cowdancer
    cowdancer allows copy-on-write file access. You can copy a full tree using hard links, and cowdancer will create a new copy when you need to write to a file. It's completely implemented in userland, and should run on most Linux filesystems.
  • cpudyn
    controls the speed in Intel SpeedStep, Pentium 4 Mobile and PowerPC machines with the cpufreq compiled in the kernel
  • cpufrequtils
    To make access to the Linux kernel cpufreq subsystem easier for users and cpufreq userspace tools, a cpufrequtils package was created. It contains a library used by other programs (libcpufreq), command line tools to determine current CPUfreq settings and to modify them (cpufreq-info and cpufreq-set), and debug tools. It is licensed under the GPLv2.

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