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 · Improve Your Mental Mettle with These Open Source Puzzle Games
 · MOOS Project Viewer 3.2 Support for Microsoft Project 2016 Files
 · Shuffle the Decks with These Ace Open Source Card Games
 · Have a Blast with Fun to Play Open Source Arcade Style Games
 · Asus Tinker Board TinkerOS_Debian V2.0.1 (Beta version)
 · Asus Tinker Board TinkerOS Android Anything Special?
 · Fun to Play Open Source Turn-Based Strategy Games
 · Fun to Play Open Source Real-Time Strategy Games Fight for Glory
 · Grasp PL/SQL/pgSQL Programming with Free Books
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Improve Your Mental Mettle with These Open Source Puzzle Games
Puzzle video games are a type of game that focuses on puzzle solving. A puzzle is a problem or set of problems a player has to solve within the confines of the game.

(Read more)
Warmux (previously known as Wormux) is a game where funny animals fight on a 2D map with funny weapons. Using dynamite, grenades, baseball bat and others bazookas, exterminate your opponent in a 2D toon style scenery and a funny environment. Read more


  • ECLI
    an Eiffel wrapper around the X/Open ISO/CLI (Call Level Interface). This interfaces defines an API to RDBMS drivers, and uses SQL92
  • ECMerge Pro
    (commercial) ECMerge compares and merges files and folders, side-by-side or 3-way. It provides syntax coloring for C/C++, Java, HTML, ASP, PHP, and many other programming languages. It can save your work at an intermediate state and restart it later. It can generate Unix patches between files. A shell extension is provided under Windows.
  • EDelta
    EDelta is a fast XDelta-style binary differ, but optimized for executables which have a very systematic way of changing between versions. It has not been thoroughly evaluated so far, but on one example (two versions of Vim) it produces a 30kB delta where XDelta needs 250kB.
  • eglade
    eglade is an Eiffel code generator that parses XML files produced by Glade.
  • Eiffel Wrapper Generator
    a tool that generates Eiffel wrapper classes for C libraries. It can be used to create libraries that bridge the gap between Eiffel and C. It aims to work for arbitrary ANSI C and with all common Eiffel compilers
  • elf
    a comfortable command-line ELF object file header analyzer. Unlike many other similar projects, this project is aimed at the analysis of the ELF header, so as a large feature-set as possible is planned
  • ELF statifier
    Executable files may be linked statically or dynamically. Dynamically linked executables use less disk space and memory, but require appropriative dynamic libraries present in order to run. ELF statifier makes one executable file with no run-time dependencies from a dynamically linked executable and all its libraries. This file can be copied and run on another machine with no need for all of the libraries.
  • ELF Tool Chain
    ELF Tool Chain is a set of program development tools for working with files in the ELF executable file format.
  • elfvector
    a package for generating and using a transfer vector for subroutine linkage between an ELF executable and an ELF shared library under Linux on x86, in order to save space and application startup time
  • Ember
    replaces the Lite / W3-mSQL scripting package previously distributed with mSQL
  • EmilPRO
    EmilPRO is a graphical disassembler for a large number of instruction sets. It is a reimplementation and replacement for the Dissy disassembler.
  • encdec
    encodes and decode a wide range of C objects. This module may be used to encode and decode C objects such as integers, floats, doubles, times, and internationalized strings to and from a wide variety of binary formats as they might appear in portable file formats or network messages
  • ePerl
    allows you to expand perl statements inside of text files. It was originally written in C by Ralf S. Engelschall
  • EPP Interpreter
    a tool which supports the authoring and execution of EPP scripts using any BSF supported scripting language
  • Error Class Converter
    takes a text file that defines the error types, constant names and messages, levels and responses associated with it and generates classes in the supported languages that can be used to consistently handle the errors
  • eTcl
    eTcl is a "batteries-included", thread-enabled Tcl/Tk runtime, available as a single standalone executable. It includes several popular extensions (Thread, Sqlite, Zlib, ...), together with a Tcl wrapper for the Pixane image processing library.
  • EtTcl
    EtTcl is an extended Tcl interpreter based on Tcl-7.6 (chosen because it is smaller in memory footprint than newer versions).
  • Expect-lite
    Expect-lite is a wrapper for expect, created to make expect programming even easier. The wrapper permits the creation of expect script command files by using special character(s) at the beginning of each line to indicate the expect-lite action. Basic expect-lite scripts can be created by simply cutting and pasting text from a terminal window into a script, and adding '>' '
  • eXtensible Programming System
    XPS is a programming system based on the LLVM compiler infrastructure that aims to support extensible programming. Its main purpose is to aid in the definition of domain specific languages which will allow programs to be constructed at higher levels of abstraction than is the current practice.
  • fcmm
    Fast Concurrent Memoization Map (fcmm) is an almost-lock-free concurrent hashmap to be used for memoization in concurrent environments.
  • filterunit
    filterunit is a unit test facility for command line programs working as a filter. You can define input files and files with expected output. filterunit runs the program under test with the input files and compares the actual results with the expected results.
  • FlexMock
    FlexMock provides a mock/stub/spy library for Python. It is inspired by Ruby's FlexMock, however full feature parity with the Ruby version is not a goal.
  • Fluxcapacitor
    Fluxcapacitor is a tool for making your program run without blocking on timeouts, on functions like poll and select, by spoofing POSIX time functions.
  • fpgatools
    fpgatools is a toolchain to program field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). The only supported chip at this time is the xc6slx9, a 7 USD 45nm-generation fpga with 5720 6-input LUTs, block ram and multiply-accumulate devices.
  • Frama-C
    Frama-C is a suite of tools dedicated to the analysis of the source code of software written in C. Frama-C gathers several static analysis techniques in a single collaborative framework.
  • froofyJIT
    froofyJIT is a C++ 'syntactic sugar' front-end for Paolo Bonzini's GNU lightning library for dynamic native code generation. It uses C++'s powerful language facilities to allow GNU lightning instructions to be expressed in a more concise way that approximates a 'real' assembly language.
  • Frosted
    Frosted is a passive Python syntax checker.
  • FunnelWeb
    a literate-programming tool with a number of advanced features, including parametrized scraps, and fine control over the generated data
  • Fuzzled
    Fuzzled is a powerful fuzzing framework for Perl programs. Fuzzled includes helper functions, namespaces, and factories which allow a wide variety of fuzzing tools to be developed. Fuzzled comes with several example protocols and drivers for them.
  • G-Inspector
    G-Inspector is a GLib(GTK+) object/class inspector.
  • G-Wrap
    tool (and Guile library) for generating function wrappers for inter-language calls. It currently only supports generating Guile wrappers for C functions
  • gaa
    helps programmers to analyze the arguments given to their program from the command line or from a configuration file. You will only have to write a text file in GAA language, and GAA will provide you .c and .h files to manage arguments
  • gc-utils
    gc-utils is a small set of scripts that let you import and update CVS repositories into git very easy and let you export patches back into a CVS working copy. To makes the exchange easy, gc-utils stores the CVS working copy into a subdirectory and receives all information from there whenever necessary.
  • GCC Introspector
    consists of a patch to the gcc compiler to output the internal compiler tree nodes in RDF/XML and programs to process that RDF/XML
  • gDSPsim
    Gnu Digital Signal Processor Simulator: a DSP Simulator for Linux
  • geanyvc
    geanyvc is a plugin that provides a uniform way of accessing different version control systems from inside the Geany IDE. Only small subset of vc is implemented (diff, log, status, revert, and commit).
  • gengetopt
    generates a C main function that uses getopt_long function to parse the options, validate them and do certain tasks in response
  • ggcov
    ggcov is a GTK+ GUI for exploring test coverage data produced by C programs compiled with gcc -fprofile-arcs -ftest-coverage. So it's basically a GUI replacement for the gcov program that comes with gcc.
  • Gh-issues
    Gh-issues is a command line tool to display issues from a GitHub repository in a colorized console window.
  • git-annex
    git-annex allows managing files with git, without checking the file contents into git. While that may seem paradoxical, it is useful when dealing with files larger than git can currently easily handle, whether due to limitations in memory, checksumming time, or disk space.
  • glade--
    a C++ frontend for glade, the GUI designer for Gtk
  • gldd
    gldd visualizes dynamic library dependencies of Linux *.so and executable files.
  • glrParser
    glrParser is for the creation of syntactical analysers which work with the GLR(0) algorithm. The library can handle wide ambiguous grammars containing the epsilon-rules.
  • Gnasher
    Gnasher creates SHA1 hash files for local repository Maven2 dependencies. It also produces the missing pom metadata files for the same dependencies if they are missing, as well as producing SHA1 hash files for those poms.
  • Gnocchi
    Gnocchi is a complexity analyzer for C++ code. It calculates cyclomatic and the NPATH complexity measures. It reads the coverage information produced by GCC and determines the complexity of all functions. If code is compiled with -fprofile-arcs or -ftest-coverage (depending on compiler version), GCC creates a .gcno file for every object file.
  • Go-HotSwap
    (commercial) Go-HotSwap is a PICMG 2.1 R2.0 compliant, cross platform, Hot Swap software infrastructure. Using the Go-HotSwap architecture reduces time-to-market, enabling developers to focus on core technologies instead of going through all the effort involved in developing in-house hot swap software.
  • GPAC
    GPAC is a multimedia framework based on the MPEG-4 Systems standard (ISO/IEC 14496-1) developed from scratch in ANSI C. GPAC also features MPEG-4 Systems encoders/multiplexers, publishing tools for content distribution for MP4 and 3GPP(2) files and many tools for scene descriptions (MPEG4<->VRML<->X3D converters, SWF->MPEG-4, etc...).
  • gperf
    a perfect hash function generator. For a given list of strings, it produces a hash function and hash table, in form of C or C++ code, for looking up a value depending on the input string. The hash function is perfect, which means that the hash table has no collisions, and the hash table lookup needs a single string comparison only
  • GPIB-Tcl
    an extension to the Tcl programming language to allow communication with measurement equipment through the industry-standard IEEE-488 (GPIB) bus
  • GPLify
    a Perl script that adds notice of the GPL to a collection of source files

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