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 · 9 Excellent Open Source Configuration Management Applications
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 · Taisei – A Classy, Frenetic Shoot’em Up Game in the Style of The Touhou Project
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9 Excellent Open Source Configuration Management Applications
This software automates the configuration of machines to a particular state. Like any other tools, they are designed to solve specific problems in certain ways. The goal is to get a system from whatever state it is in, into the desired state. Configuration management software are the tools of choice for many system administrators and devops professionals.

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Go For It!
Go For It! is a simple and stylish productivity app, featuring a to-do list, merged with a timer that keeps your focus on the current task.


  • Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer (POV)
    The Persistence of Vision Raytracer is a high-quality, totally free tool for creating stunning three-dimensional graphics. It is available in official versions for Windows, Mac OS/Mac OS X and i86 Linux. The source code is available for those wanting to do their own ports. The Persistence of Vision Ray-Tracer creates three-dimensional, photo-realistic images using a rendering technique called ray-tracing. It reads in a text file containing information describing the objects and lighting in a scene and generates an image of that scene from the view point of a camera also described in the text file. Ray-tracing is not a fast process by any means, but it produces very high quality images with realistic reflections, shading, perspective and other effects. Read more hot
  • Radiance
    RADIANCE is a highly accurate ray-tracing software system for UNIX computers that is licensed at no cost to users for non-commercial use; commercial use licenses including distribution rights are available for a fee. Radiance was developed with primary support from the U.S. Department Of Energy and additional support from the Swiss Federal Government. It is copyrighted by the Regents of the University of California. Radiance is a suite of programs for the analysis and visualization of lighting in design. Input files specify the scene geometry, materials, luminaires,time, date and sky conditions (for daylight calculations). Calculated values include spectral radiance (ie. luminance + color), irradiance (illuminance + color) and glare indices. Simulation results may be displayed as color images, numerical values and contour plots. Read more hot
  • Sunflow
    Sunflow Global Illumination Rendering System (Sunflow) is an open source rendering system for photo-realistic image synthesis. It is built around a flexible ray tracing core and an extensible object-oriented design. Read more hot
  • YafRay
    YafRay is a powerful raytracer, under the LGPL license. It enables you to create fantastic images and animations of a photo realistic quality. Features include: Full Global, skydome, HDRI illumination, Caustics, Real DOF, and Glossy/Blurry reflections. It has a modular framework, integration in 3d suites via plug-in, and more. Read more hot
  • AniTMT
    AniTMT is a flexible application to create photorealistic films and their distributed calculating in networks.
  • Behemot
    A graphics program which allows to model and render 3D objects and scenes.
  • bwfirt
    bwfirt is a framework for benchmarking ray tracing kernels in the context of a realistic light simulation application. The most important capabilities tested here are: fast ray shooting and visibility functions for incoherent mono-rays (no bundles), numerical robustness, and small memory footprint. The framework implements a simple pathtracer to generate rays with a real-life distribution. Developers can easily plug in their cores to the framework, which then compiles the output images, running times, and memory utilizations of the different kernels into a PDF, providing a clear comparison.
  • CoolRay
    CoolRay is a system for generating photorealistic images out of a mathematical description of a scene. CoolRay was designed using sophisticated object oriented methods. Its language is not only description language, further more it provides constructs for programming like loops and functions. Therefore it is possible to create complex scenes very easily.
  • Embree
    Embree is a collection of high-performance ray tracing kernels, developed at Intel Labs. The kernels are optimized for photo-realistic rendering on the latest Intel processors with support for the SSE and AVX instruction sets.
  • enRay
    A realtime raytracer written in C. It has most of the standard features of realtime raytracers (phong shading, sphere and plane primitive types, multiple lights, shadows, reflections, etc. - no textures yet though),
  • HF-Lab
    HF-Lab is designed to generate heightfields for use as landscapes or other surfaces in a computer-generated 3D image.
    KIO-POV is a KDE IO-Slave for the Persistence of Vision Raytracer (POV-Ray). It provides an easy-to-use interface to POV-Ray for rendering scenes, viewing render results, render logs and information about POV-Ray files.
  • kMatEdit
    KMatedit is a KDE-application which produces python-sourcecode for the Lightflow-raytracer.
  • Kobldes
    Kobldes makes it possible for the designer to model building information and uses POV-Ray for visualization. It is also programmed using the POV-Ray screen description language (SDL).
  • MPI-Povray
    MPI-Povray consists of a patch to the Povray 3.1g raytracer that distributes work amongst a number of processing elements. Communication between the elements if acheived with MPI message passing.
  • neXtgen Povray Editor
    neXtgen Povray Editor (XPE) is a graphical editor for Povray based on wxWidgets library. It looks like a modern code editor (like Kdevelop, Netbeans, or Eclipse) but is focused on Povray. It is organized to optimize work space and includes numerous features (nearly all those from Povray's Windows version and many other extra features).
  • Peflp
    Peflp is a front-end for Persistence Of Vision Ray Tracer, written using TCL and TK.
  • Picogen
    Picogen is a program to create, design, and render artificial 3D terrain scenes.
  • povfront
    A front-end for POVray ray tracing engine. It manages all the available options as well as the script only ones.
  • povmosix
    Povmosix is Qt/KDE program designed to provide parallel povray rendering in a openmosix environment. It "split" the scene rendering (called task) in a set of "sub jobs" and these sub jobs can be migrate in openmosix environment. When all job are finished the output image is generated from the partial jobs output. A Qt/KDE GUI allow a simple and powerfully interface to setup and change the rendering attributes and to manage the process migration.
  • Protracer
    Protracer is a simple raytracer originally written in 1999 as a university course project.
    The PVM patch for POV-Ray gives POV the ability to distribute a rendering across multiple heterogeneous systems. Using the PVM code, there is one master and many slave tasks
  • PyPov
    A relatively simple framework for making povray files from your favourite programming language, python. It's good for creating structured/mathematical scenes and animations.
  • Radzilla
    Radzilla is a port of the well known physically based ray tracer Radiance to the C++ programming language, including a GUI based on the QT toolkit from Trolltech. Radzilla aims at modifying and optimizing classic Radiance for complex visualization applications in architecture, art or design.
  • Rayshade
    Rayshade is a system for generating ray-traced images. Rayshade's main function is to read a multi-line ASCII file describing a scene to be rendered and produce a file containing the ray traced image.
  • RendView
    RendView is a utility to have films rendered using POVRay (and maybe other raytracers) and post-processed in a local distributed environment. It features Job control: ability to launch more than one render/filter job at a time, LDR, Local Distributed Rendering: RendView implements an LDR client and LDR server, Continuing operation: RendView can only (re-)render/filter frames which got modified, just like make(1) decides whether to (re-)compile a file (-l-cont).
  • rt
    An n-dimensional raytracer. It supports any positive number of spatial dimensions, color and grayscale, cylinders with an arbitrary number of round dimensions.
  • Scala Ray
    Scala Ray is a basic ray tracer written in the Scala language. Features includes photon mapping and a frontend written in Groovy.
  • SplineTree
    SplineTree is a Pov-Ray 3.1 include file used to create smooth, blobbed trees.
  • Synpic
    The Synpic program is a ray tracer. It features a rich 3D procedural description language, and also understands a number of other input languages.
  • Tachyon
    A multiprocessor ray tracing system which can be used as a standalone program, or as a library within other programs.
  • The Pure Perl RayCaster
    The Pure Perl RayCaster is a small simple Ray casting application written completely in Perl without using OpenGL or any other 3D API library. For the GUI, Pure Perl RayCaster uses wxPerl (WxWindows port to Perl). Pure Perl RayCaster is not a professional production tool for 3D image generation. It is well suited for educational purposes, in order to study, understand, tweak and try well known fundamental 3D Computer Graphics techniques.
  • Tonatiuh
    The Tonatiuh project aims to create an accurate and easy to use Monte Carlo ray tracer for the optical simulation of solar concentrating systems.
  • Total Raytrace Project
    This project allows to create high quality 3D images using method of ray tracing. One or more raytrace servers can render one or more images at the same time. This is a main goal of this project. You can become an member of raytrace network too by downloading and installing server part of project on your machine.
  • WatRend
    A simple, portable 3-D rendering library. WatRend is a highly portable scanline engine that has at various times run on SGIs, 68K and PowerPC Macs, x86 DOS, and x86 Linux.
  • XMantaRay
    XMantaRay is a 3D engine, raytracer, and multi-core processing, Lua, and custom language scripted framework.
  • XPovray Frontend
    This program allows you to edit a povray scene and gives the user a nice clean interface with which one could render a scene. With this front-end you can set all the settings easily and quickly.

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