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 · 9 First Steps with Ubuntu 15.04
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 · 100 Essential Free Apps
 · What are good command line HTTP clients?
 · First Peek at XBian on the Raspberry Pi 2
 · First Look at OSMC RC on the Raspberry Pi 2
 · First Steps with OpenELEC on the Raspberry Pi 2
 · Ubuntu MATE 15.04 for Raspberry Pi 2
 · MIPS Creator CI20 v Raspberry Pi 2
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9 First Steps with Ubuntu 15.04
One of the first things to do with a new release of Ubuntu is to check for updates. Typically, I won't upgrade to the latest release immediately, so there's always quite a few updates since the release. There's a handy Software Updater tool which makes the updating process painless.

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RealPlayer allows you to play streaming audio and video over the Internet in real-time.


  • Star Conflict
    Star Conflict is a free action-packed Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) space game where players control their own spaceships. The game uses instanced battles, with struggle for dominance in space sectors. Read more hot
  • Vega Strike
    Vega Strike is a 3d OpenGL Action Space Sim for Win/Lin/Mac allowing players to trade and bounty hunt. You start in a beat up Wayfarer cargo ship with endless possibilities before you and just enough cash to scrape together a life. Read more hot
  • Ascii Sector
    Ascii Sector is a free space combat/exploration/trading game which is based on the classic computer game Wing Commander: Privateer released by Origin Systems in 1993. Read more Read more
  • BloodsPilot Client
    BloodsPilot is a new branch of the classic Internet game XPilot. It is a 2D space war game. The BloodsPilot client aims to modernize the game play and to improve usability.
  • BloodsPilot Server
    BloodsPilot Server is an optimized server for a 2D space game. It is a new version of a classic Unix game, XPilot. It features a novel, flicker free, high FPS view of the game, while preserving the original game physics and playability. The server is dedicated to running maps without extra items, instead focusing on running maps like "Blood's Music", where ship control skills, teamplay and tactics matter most, as well as possible.
  • DroidBattles
    DroidBattles is a game of programming. The task is to design your bots and then use the hardware as efficiently as possible by writing a program for it, with the mission to kill any enemy bots on the playground.
  • Epiar
    Epiar is a space adventure/combat game written in C with SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) and OpenAL (Open Audio Library). In Epiar, you begin as a shuttle pilot in a galaxy generally ruled by anarchy, with few stable governments and numerous rebel factions. You start your adventure off doing whatever you want, but generally trying to save up money for a new starship, and your adventure takes off from there. Read more
  • Galcon
    (commercial) Galcon is a high-paced multi-player galactic action-strategy game. In the game you send swarms of ships from planet to planet to take over the galaxy. It's like arcade action Risk with planets! Multi-player network games support up to 12 players with teams, and 15 different single player missions against 7 different computer players are provided. Read more
  • Galcon Fusion
    (commercial) Galcon Fusion is a high-paced multi-player galactic arcade-strategy game. It is a real time strategy game set in space and involves manoeuvering fleets of ships to capture enemy planets. Read more
  • Linoopz
    Linoopz is a remake of popular zx spectrum game 'loopz', all in 3D space.
  • Makrokosmos
    Makrokosmos is a multiplayer, multispecies space conquest game. It is currently a work in progress; you probably don't want to download it unless you want to help finish it.
  • MineCrisis
    MineCrisis is a 3D action game. The player controls a spaceship; the aim of the game is to reach all the checkpoints of the map within the remaining time, preventing the spaceship from being destroyed by the mines and the shots of the automatic turrets.
  • NAEV
    NAEV is a free, open source 2D space trading and combat simulator first released in 2008. It is inspired by Ambrosia Software's game, Escape Velocity.
  • Pioneer
    Pioneer is a space adventure game set in the milkyway galaxy at the turn of the 31st century. The game is open-ended, and you are free to explore the millions of star systems in the game. You can land on planets, slingshot past gas giants, and burn yourself to a crisp flying between binary star systems.
  • Rock Dodger
    In Rock Dodger the aim is to dodge the rocks for as long as possible until you die. Kill greeblies to make the universe safe for non-greeblie life once again.
  • SkyStreets
    SkyStreets is a clone of the old dos Skyroads game, by BlueMoon Interactive. This version was written early 2003, and uses SDL and OpenGL to achieve far nicer looking graphics, while still maintaining similar gameplay.
  • Space Commander
    Space Commander is a space combat simulation with pseudo-realistic physics and settings to follow in the footsteps of classics like Elite Frontier First Encounters, and Wing Commander Privateer, but with aspects of Trade Wars type games from the BBS days of yore.
  • Space Exploration
    Space Exploration is a simple space exploration game. It's similar to Strange Adventures in Infinite Space and also draws on games like Escape Velocity, Starflight, and Star Control.
  • SpacePong
    A game that is controlled with the mouse. Steer you spacecraft ball around the screen and pickup speed by bouncing off the walls. The goal is to collect a certain amount of space boxes in a short time.
  • StressFreeZone
    StressFreeZone is an open-source space-game, focused on coop (non-massive)-multiplayer and intuitive gameplay, that is fun to play in short bursts, e.g. on LAN parties.
  • Super Transball 2
    Super Transball 2 is the sequel of "Transball" and "Transball 2", Inspired in THRUST type of games (and concretely in ZARA THRUSTA for the Amiga 500). In each level of Transball, the goal is to find the SPHERE, capture it and carry it to the upper part of the level. The main obstacle is the gravity, that impulses you towards the ground. But many other obstacles, canons, tanks, doors, etc. will try to make difficult your journey... Read more
  • Variations on Rockdodger
    VoR (Variations on Rockdodger) is a game where you guide a space-ship through an asteroid field.
  • Vertigo
    Vertigo is an addictive arcade game powered by Ogre3D and BulletPhysics Engine. The game is free, released under an open source and is cross platform. Read more
  • Wing Commander Privateer Gemini Gold
    Wing Commander Privateer Gemini Gold is a Privateer style game with Wing Commander ships, set in the Wing Commander Universe. The year is 2669, you have complete freedom to do what YOU want. choose your own destiny as either a male/female human, Kilrathi or firekkan as you travel the universe.
  • XShipWars
    XShipWars is a space-themed universe engine designed exclusively to be played through the Internet. It features a fully customizable client and server system.

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