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Last Updated on July 6, 2021

LinuxLugCast Blurb

We are an open Podcast/Lug that meets at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time every first and third Friday of the month using Mumble.

Mumble is an open source voice over IP application primarily designed for use by gamers and is similar to proprietary programs such as TeamSpeak and Discord

About the Show

The shows are also streamed live. Topics covered in the show are fairly broad.

LinuxLugCast has about 500 subscribers to the show.

There are fairly detailed show notes on their web site (follow the Podcast link on the site’s home page — see below). Unfortunately, the show and website are plagued by technical problems.

About the Hosts

Fifty OneFifty is a big fan of Richard Stallman.

Honkey Magoo is Philip Shaffer who hails from Osterville, Massachusetts, USA.

Joe bills himself in the vein of “I am such a nerd”.

and other hosts appear from time to time.
Length30 minutes
FormatsOgg, MP3
First Show23 February 2014
LicenseCreative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

What do we think of this podcast?
Content4 out of 10 rating
Conversational2 out of 10 rating
Engaging3 out of 10 rating
Verdict:This podcast is pretty difficult to recommend. There's plenty of Linux coverage in each show, but shows are interminably long. They lumber along but most podcast players let you speed up playback. What is out of your hands is the particularly ropey audio quality. We're sorry to be harsh about the show!

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