ManageEngine Applications Manager – application performance monitoring solution

Last Updated on December 20, 2022

ManageEngine Applications Manager is a comprehensive application performance monitoring solution built for today’s complex, dynamic environments. It’s an agentless tool that gives deep performance insight into business critical applications—both within the data center and on the cloud. It is easy to use and can be set up in minutes.

Features include:

  • Out-of-the box support for 150+ applications and infrastructure elements.
  • Extensive monitoring of servers such as Linux and Windows, and network services such as SNMP (v1,v2,v3) devices, DNS servers, LDAP servers, Ping, and more.
  • Real-time monitoring of database and its associated queries with granular data.
  • Exhaustive details on queries that increase latency and load on server.
  • Agent based monitoring with byte-code instrumentation and code-level diagnostics for Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js and Ruby applications.
  • Code-level diagnostics to detect bugs in application code.
  • Synthetic transaction monitoring from multiple geographical locations for multi-page end-user workflow simulation.
  • Real user monitoring to assess and optimize the front-end performance of your websites and web applications.
  • Perceptive insights on hybrid cloud, virtual and container technologies such as Kubernetes and Docker.
  • Identify and resolve the root-cause of issues faster with automated application discovery, tracing and diagnostics (ADTD).
  • Advanced analytical and capacity planning reports to aid in decisions regarding resource consumption. Anticipate usage and growth with machine learning enabled analytics.
  • Intelligent fault management helps you pinpoint root cause of faults to reduce MTTR.
  • Automatic corrective actions can be performed in the event of faults or threshold violations.
  • Notifications can be sent via email and SMS, and push notifications to mobile devices.
  • Customizable reports and dashboards.

Applications Manager is used by users in varied roles such as IT Operations, DBAs, DevOps engineers, Site Reliability Engineers, application developers, application owners, Cloud Ops, etc. in 6000+ businesses worldwide.

Developer: ZOHO Corp.
License: Proprietary

ManageEngine Applications Manager
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ManageEngine Applications Manager
Click image for full size
ManageEngine Applications Manager
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ManageEngine Applications Manager is written in Java. Learn Java with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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