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Zaurus Software Reviews: IslandTips & IslandTime
By Steve Emms

Unlike our other reviews in this series, we are reviewing two separate programs. Both are produced by Island Labs - we have previously reviewed their IslandReversi and Reef War games. Because IslandTips and IslandTime are small applications, I decided to review these programs together.

IslandTips is a very simple Java application. On startup you are presented with an attractive window, showing a calculator style pad, a tip percentage and a people counter. Yes, this is a tip calculator!

The idea is that you go out to a restaurant with a bunch of friends. At the end of the meal you ask for the bill. How do you work out how much everyone should pay? The meal has been great, and the staff deserve a decent tip. The group of 6 decides to give a 16% tip on a $159.58 bill. Hey presto! IslandTips has calculated everyone needs to shell out $30.85 each, with the total bill being $185.11.

Of course, things in real life are never this simple. Everytime I go out there's always a hog who decides to order twice that everyone else has. Hardly fair that they pay the same, is it? Why not just keep things straighforward? Just pay a tip of 10%.

Even though the application costs $4.95, it's hard to recommend this software as a must buy. I guess if you are a party animal, you might be able to justify the cost. Maybe not!

If you thought IslandTips was a simple program, wait until you try IslandTime. Again, like their other software applications, this is a Java application.

On startup you are presented with a calendar together with the current time. The background scene looks gorgeous. Unfortunately, this software doesn't add anything that the Zaurus comes with as standard. The PDA comes with a clock (it's in the bottom right hand corner) as well as a separate calendar application, which is better than the one with IslandTime. Even though the software is only $2.95, it's best to steer clear of this one.

Product Details:

Name: IslandTips
Price: $4.95
Pros: Could be useful if you're a party animal
Cons: Limited use
Rating: 4/10

Product Details:

Name: IslandTime
Price: $2.95
Pros: Looks good
Cons: Adds nothing to the existing Zaurus software
Rating: 2/10

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