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10 Top Tools for Novelists
The software featured in this article is designed to meet the specialised needs of a budding novelist. There's the finest open source distraction-free tools, software designed to create visual novels, and tools to help capture and visualise ideas.

(Read more)
(commercial) Mathematica seamlessly integrates a numeric and symbolic computational engine, graphics system, programming language, documentation system, and advanced connectivity to other applications. It is this range of capabilities--many world-leading in their own right--that makes Mathematica uniquely capable as a "one-stop shop" for you or your organization's technical work. It can handle complex symbolic calculations that often involve hundreds of thousands or millions of terms. Read more


  • 3q
    3q encodes and executes gawk script code embedded into HTML files.
  • addboint
    addboint is a script that generates and adds waypoints of found caches to a file. This may be useful for some geocachers.
  • Addendat
    Addendat is a free blogging script, intended to get around the scaling problems plagueing centralized blog systems.
  • AllInOneRuby
    AllInOneRuby creates an compressed executable for Windows or Linux that includes both the Ruby interpreter and the runtime libraries. This is useful for temporary installations or USB sticks.
  • AnoForPHP
    AnoForPHP is an experimental patch to PHP/ZendEngine to bring native annotations to PHP.
  • ANTI Leech Script
    Download without seeing the original URL. It can be used for files on either your own server or another server.
  • rotates and packs the logfiles of the Apache Web server on a Linux system without interrupting its service and without the need for a permanent change in the Web server configuration.
  • ApaLogFilter
    ApaLogFilter is a free perl script which filters and manipulates web server logfiles.
  • apt-cacher
    apt-cacher is a CGI which will keep a cache on disk of Debian Packages and Release files (including .deb files) which have been received from Debian distribution servers on the Internet.
  • Auto Directory Index
    AutoIndex is a PHP script that makes a table that lists the files in a directory, and lets users access the files and subdirectories. It includes searching, icons for each file type, an admin panel, uploads, access logging, file descriptions, and more.
  • autobench
    autobench is a simple Perl script for automating the process of benchmarking a web server.
  • awstats_update_all
    awstats_update_all is a script that runs the AWStats statistics update process for all configured sites in parallel.
  • AzDGDatingPlatinum
    AzDGDatingPlatinum is a script for creating dating Web sites. It has very many features, such as the use of templates, a messaging system, support for multiple languages, the ability to ban users, blogs, articles, testimonials, moderators, a news system, a matchmaker, voting, featured profiles, the ability to upload photos, 40 registration fields, birthdays, recommendations, an admin mailing list, searching, thumbnails, and much more.
  • BannerFilter
    BannerFilter blocks advertising banners on the Web.
  • bashlib
    bashlib is a shell script that makes CGI programming in the bash shell easier by containing a few functions that get called automatically and place form elements (from POSTs and GETs) and cookies in your environment.
  • Batch Sync Report
    Batch Sync Report is a Perl script that creates reports of Batch Sync application from Siebel CRM.
  • BlockHosts
    BlockHosts blocks IP addresses based on SSHD or FTPD failures, by looking at SSHD and FTPD logs, and updating hosts.deny as needed.
  • Blog:Hack:CMS
    Blog:Hack:CMS is a collection of tools for migrating from Blog:CMS to the more stable NucleusCMS. All are considered hacks and in some cases may require PHP skills.
  • bm2html
    bm2html is a Perl script that converts a Netscape bookmark file into one or more html files for publishing on the Web.
  • Checksplunk
    Checksplunk is a Perl script for Splunk administrators to understand the health and integrity of Splunk and the server(s) Splunk is running on.
  • CjOverkill
    CjOverkill is a traffic trading script that keeps its users happy with their site's growing traffic.
  • class.upload.php
    class.upload.php manages file uploads for you. It manages the uploaded file and allows you to do whatever you want with the file as many times as you want. It can convert, resize and work on uploaded images in many ways, add labels, watermarks and reflections and other image editing features.
  • cliWiki
    cliWiki is a command line Wikipedia.
  • comirror
    comirror "reads" a webcomic / image gallery and saves the images it finds to the current working directory.
  • Comment Script
    Comment Script is a script that allows comments to be left on any existing PHP or HTML page.
  • CookieCheck
    CookieCheck is a basic PHP script for checking whether a visitor has cookies enabled or not. Its design makes it simple to include into an existing script: just include the source file and call the check function.
  • cOOol
    cOOol is a standalone script that scans a list of documents for broken hyperlinks. Most types of links are supported, including internal ones. It is very useful for keeping your documents up to date.
  • CryptoMAK
    CryptoMAK contains cipher and tools written in php such as substitution, vigenere, affine, transposition and index of coincidence. Include xoft encryption, more powerful than base64.
  • CShout
    CShout is a customizable shoutbox. It features emoticons, flooding control, searching, a bad words filter, and more. It allows the admin to remove unwanted shouts on the fly. Separate configuration files make customization easy. It still runs well for those using browsers with no Javascript/AJAX support.
  • ctk-cgi-chkurl
    ctk-cgi-chkurl is a perl script which parses remote html documents, checks links and image and print nice looking reports thanks to templates.
  • lets you see the bandwidth use by user and process in real time.
  • curator
    curator is a powerful script that allows one to generate Web page image galleries with the intent of displaying photographic images on the Web, or for a CD-ROM presentation and archiving.
  • darcspublish
    darcspublish is a shell script that allows you to easily share your Darcs repository between different computers, give read access to the world, or publish a Web site that is backed by a Darcs repository on your computer. It should work with any Bourne shell, and only needs Darcs and sitecopy to work.
  • DeCSS
    DeCSS is a Perl script which removes CSS tags from HTML pages.
  • Disposable Temporary E-mail
    The Disposable Temporary E-mail script provides users with disposable e-mail addresses that expire after a certain time. Users can read and reply to e-mails that are sent to the temporary address, or generates a new address with a button click.
  • ditrit
    Ditrit is a programmable application launcher that tries to "do the right thing" for any input. If ditrit is given an email address, it knows to launch your email client and compose an email to that address. Likewise, ditrit knows to open URLs in your browser, text files in your text editor, and AIM screen names in your IM client.
  • djvu2pdf
    djvu2pdf is a small script that converts .djvu files to .pdf files using the djvulibre toolset.
  • Doapfiend
    Doapfiend is a command line client and Python library for fetching, displaying, and manipulating DOAP (Description of a Project) RDF files. Doapfiend uses rdflib with RDFAlchemy as an ORM to query and create DOAP.
  • DRBGuestbook
    DRBGuestbook is a simple PHP guestbook script that uses a flat file and does not require any additional database software.
  • DRBRatings
    DRBRatings is a simple script for putting a ratings form on a Web page. You may use the star graphics that are included with the script, or replace them with your own graphics.
  • dthumb
    dthumb is a quite simple image list script.
  • EasyEngine
    EasyEngine (ee) is a linux shell-script to manage your WordPress-Nginx websites on Ubuntu (12.04 & 14.04) / Debian (6, 7) server.
  • eBay Agent
    eBay Agent exists to provide users with a way to automate last moment bidding on eBay.
  • eBayize
    eBayize is a python script (console aswell as GUI), that mainly resizes and beautifies your pictures for putting them into an eBay offer.
  • Ebot
    Ebot is a scalable and distributed Web crawler. The URLs are saved to a NOSQL database (which supports map/reduce queries) that you can query via RESTful HTTP requests or using your preferred programming languages.
  • erdlauncher
    ERDlauncher is a simple file launcher written in Erlang and using the ERDialog framework for a Web interface. It will list files in a Web browser, and clicking will open files in the browser or handle them according to the browser setup for that MIME type.
  • Exchanges
    Exchanges is a Bash CGI script for collaborative creation of manuscripts. It allows new entries to be injected between existing entries.
  • execute_sms
    execute_sms is a bash script that should be run under crontab to check for mails containing commands to be executed.
  • Fade Router Adminstrator
    Fade Router Adminstrator is a php-script to log and control a router, using the isdnctrl-package and MySQL.
  • is a small Python script that will act as an extremely naive ident server, answering all ident requests with a consistent response -- either an ERROR or a USERID response.
  • Fischerscope-Parse
    Fischerscope-parse is a php script for parsing data out of WinHCU, software accopanying the Fischerscope H100 nanoindenter.
  • FluxMeta
    FluxMeta inserts Meta Tags in your page to get higher ratings in search engines, correct indexing, and be found more.
  • fou4s
    fou4s is a replacement for SuSE's Yast OnlineUpdate (YOU). It uses the same update description files and is therefore a complete, lightweight replacement.
  • fpt
    fpt is a DirectoryIndex-PHP-script.
  • Friend & Love
    Friendnlove is another free dating script built using PHP/MySQL. Features: profile, adult profile, send a kiss/note/email/wink, view track, who's online, who's new, and profile search/auto search.
  • GCount
    GCount is a graphical web counter and logging script.
  • gencoder
    gencoder is a simple php encoder that use base64 function algorithm to encode and decode the script.
  • geolog
    Geolog is a Perl script that you can use to download all the information from the website about your own caches, your found caches and the ones you missed to find. That works even incremental. So after having downloaded initially everything, the next time only the new caches will be downloaded.
  • getID3()
    getID3() is a PHP4 script that extracts useful information from MP3s & other multimedia file formats.
  • Glossword Checker
    Glossword Checker is PHP script which checks if your server configuration meets the requirements for running specific PHP applications.
  • Glossword Requirements Checker
    Glossword Requirements Checker is PHP script which checks if your server configuration meets the requirements for running specific PHP applications.
  • grabinfo
    grabinfo displays information about your Linux server using XML.
  • grapcha
    grapcha is a captcha generator based on Graphviz. It produces diagrams that are big and easy to read by humans but hard to break with bots.
  • Happy Camel
    Happy Camel analyzes a GPS-tracklog to find the position where digital images were taken. It can embed this position into the EXIF-data and display the images in Google Earth.
  • HLogoZ
    HLogoZ Lite is a script that automatically changes a logo or other image for specific holidays or other dates.
  • Hopify
    Hopify is a Perl script and some info files that can teach you how to read faster.
  • HotSaNIC
    HotSaNIC offers an html overview to system and network information center: consists of a set of perl-scripts built on "rrdtool" to generate graphical system-statistics.
  • htEdit
    htEdit is intended for creating and maintaining .htaccess files to password protect Website directories. It creates .htaccess and .htpasswd files and keep track database of created files to easy editing (change password, add or delete users)
  • htmLawed
    htmLawed is a PHP script that makes input text more secure, HTML standards-compliant, and suitable in general from the viewpoint of a Web-page administrator, for use in the body of HTML 4 or XHTML 1 or 1.1 documents.
  • htmlobserver
    htmlobserver downloads a html-page in regular intervals, and searches it for regular expressions.
  • htmloptim
    htmloptim reduces the size of an HTML file by removing unnecessary characters like spaces, tabs, line feeds, and blank lines.
  • Htpasswd Editor
    Htpasswd Editor provides a text user interface for htpasswd files. It can easily be integrated with popular software like the Apache Web Server, VSFTP Daemon, and other PAM-enabled programs (using pam_pwdfile).
  • httpFileManager
    httpFileManager is a file management script written in PHP allowing the remote administration of files over HTTP. httpFileManager will turn your standard browser into a "Windows Explorer" and allow managing files on your web server on the fly. It's a complete replacement of traditional FTP, allowing you to manage files on your web server just with a web browser instead of a FTP client. It also will provide extended features which are impossible with FTP such as creating and editing HTML files right on the server and zipping and unzipping files on the fly.
  • is a small script that uses (including the wonderful feature of the status report) to send sms without having to log on, go to the sms send page, etc.
  • ifind
    ifind (for Index FIND) is a cgi-script, connected with an input form and able to search by keyword a list of indexes.
  • Internote
    Internote provides persistent sticky notes for Mozilla's Firefox web browser. Notes are extremely customizable, and are saved between sessions, reappearing on the page they were created on.
  • jdtracker
    jdtracker is a CGI/JavaScript combo to track usage statistics on remote hosts.
  • jhfcaptcha
    jhfcaptcha is a PHP script that creates CAPTCHA images. It includes a simple script that shows a CAPTCHA and asks the user for the code.
  • ldif2dot
    ldif2dot is a simple Python script to convert LDIF files (produced by e.g. ldapsearch) to DOT files (read by the graph drawing program dot).
  • Linfo
    Linfo displays system statistics such as disk space usage, network usage, hardware information, mounted file systems, hard drives, RAM, hostname, uptime, etc.
  • lock-keyboard-for-baby
    lock-keyboard-for-baby is a utility for those times when a baby/toddler wants to bash away at your keyboard. It grabs the keyboard until you type a phrase but without blocking the screen like a screensaver.
  • Log2RSS
    Log2RSS is a simple perl script/daemon to convert syslog-ns logfile to an RSS Feed.
  • makeHTML
    makeHTML is a script to create complete HTML projects by using a makefile, a layout dummy file, a few content files and some graphics.
  • MAPis
    MAPis is an installation script for MySQL, Apache, and PHP. It is configurable with minimal error checking but it serves my purpose which was to be a no-brainer, no-hassle install.
  • Matew
    Make Album The Easy Way is a BASH script. Its aim is to generate static valid HTML/CSS image albums.
  • MenuGen
    MenuGen is a small perl script to generate menu pages for a website. This menu consists of static html pages (so no server side scripting necessary) and doesn't use Javascript (so no client side scripting necessary either).
  • MHArc
    MHArc is a collection of scripts for generating and managing Web-based searchable archives of mailing lists.
  • Milonic DHTML Nav Menu
    Milonic DHTML Nav Menu is a fully cross-browser DHTML navigational script that works on IE4+, Netscape 4+, Opera 5+, and Mozilla on Unix, Windows, and Mac systems.
  • mkcgi
    mkcgi is a simple command-line utility for generating form processing CGI scripts.
  • moinupdate
    A script to update a remote MoinMoin Wiki from files in the file system or another MoinMoin using MoinMoin's XML-RPC interface.
  • mp3riot
    mp3riot is a command line utility that searches recursively through directories, builds a file list (with additional file information), sorts this filelist alphabetically by the filenames, not by the name of the directory they are stored in, and generates html files.
  • MRTS
    MRTS is a PHP script that uses MRTG and RRDtool to sum up traffic monthly and yearly.
  • MyAdvogato
    MyAdvogato is a wrapper for Advogato's home, recentlog and personal pages that adds certification-related information concerning a user of the web site. It aims to improve the certification process providing context.
  • MyIpTrack
    MyIpTrack is a PHP script that allows you to store the IP addresses with which you connect to the Internet. It stores such information on a text file.
  • Nagios Aggregator
    Nagios Aggregator is a software package that enables you to aggregate multiple Nagios instances into one consistent view.
  • OmniComment
    OmniComment is a small script to that enables Web master to add comments to any page. The idea is to include a call to the script in the appropriate page, using an SSI statement.
  • passwd_exp
    Passwd_exp notifies users via email of password or account expiration. Administrators can review expired accounts in the system. Its modular architecture allows you to perform expiration checks on any data source you use (databases, LDAP, NIS, etc.) and send expiration warnings only to desired users or group.
  • pfind
    pfind (for Page FIND) is a cgi-script, connected with an input form and able to search all html pages containing a given word in a directory tree.
  • PhotoArch
    PhotoArch is a set of PHP scripts. It is a front-end to a photo database.
  • PHP Fortune script
    PHP Fortune script is a small script capable of reading Unix Fortune files. It can work either on directories containing several fortune files or on a specific file.
  • PHP Server Monitor
    PHP Server Monitor is a script that checks whether your websites and servers are up and running. It comes with a web based user interface where you can manage your services and websites, and you can manage users for each server with a mobile number and email address.
  • PHP Slideshow
    PHP Slideshow is a little script that creates a slide show with NEXT and BACK buttons that navigate through a directory of images.
  • PHP Timeclock
    PHP Timeclock is written in php and utilizes a mysql database. It is designed to replace written sign-in/sign-out sheets or a manual timeclock/punchclock. It shows the current status of everyone in the database, and reports can be run to view your time.
  • PHP Web Counter
    PHP Web Counter is a script to show the number of hits in Web pages. This script runs in a Web site directory and uses text or PNG images in graphical mode.
  • PHP-proxy
    PHP-proxy is a php script for taking webpages from one server and processes so that your main server is proctected if the webserver is overloaded from things like DOS attacks.
  • phpAutoindex
    phpAutoindex is a PHP script meant to be a replacement for the Apache module autoindex. It lists the contents of a directory and outputs them in various markup languages.
  • phpCheckZ
    phpCheckZ is a Web utility that allows you to create dynamic checklists for your Web site. It features an unlimited number of checklists (up to 250 fields per list), an optional chart for each list, a member system, and a bridge system (to use other member systems).
  • phpDIR
    phpDIR is an easy to use and install script that can list files and folders, including file upload/download. Installation only requires the configuration of 3 parameters. The whole package contains 4 files. The application also supports admin sessions, to also be able to delete files. In addition, invisible files can be configured. Folders can be downloaded as archive files. There is no need for additional PHP modules on your Web server.
  • phpdocr
    phpdocr is a simple ruby program to look up PHP documentation on from the command-line.
  • phpDVD
    phpDVD keeps track of your DVD collection with this simple, free PHP script. The information is stored in a MySQL database and an interface is provided to add, edit and delete entries.
  • phpExplore
    phpExplore is a collection of php scripts that will let you browse directories, manipulate files and folders (copy, move, chmod, link, mkdir, touch), view, upload and download files, and modify text files.
  • phpFaber URLInn
    (commercial) phpFaber URLInn is an extended version of the phpFaber TinyLink script. Several features were added, like keywords, email notification, and link statistics.
  • phpFileManager
    phpFileManager is a PHP3 script that enables you to manage files with your Web browser.
  • phpGraphy
    phpGraphy is a PHP script that allows you to manage a picture book on your website in a very convenient way.
  • phploadavg
    phploadavg is a Web-based script to display the average load of a Unix system in a graphical form with a history over time. It shows some system information as well. It is installed simply by uploading the script files to your Web site.
  • phpMakeUpdate
    phpMakeUpdate is a Web-based intranet tool for export only modified files from Subversion repository. With five mouse clicks you can create the gzip compressed package for update your projects.
  • phpMyLinks
    phpMyLinks is a PHP script which manages HTTP URLs. You can quickly add, delete, or modify your HTTP links and follow any link in the alphabetical list to reach your destination.
  • phpODPWorld
    phpODPWorld is a program package that enables you to display everything or any category (or categories) from / ODP using the RDF.
  • phpRunMan
    PHP Running Management or phpRunMan is a set of scripts for runners. Users can enter intermediate times of their training or race performance for calculating various statistics (distance, avg speed, time/km, projection on different distance, etc.).
  • PHPSitemap
    Sitemap produces a tree layout view of your Web server's directory and file structure.
  • phpSysInfo
    phpSysInfo is a PHP script that displays information about the host being accessed.
  • phpSysInv
    phpSysInv is a set of scripts that maintain a database of file signatures and checks them on a regular basis to ensure that no files have been compromised.
  • phptelemeter
    phptelemeter is a script that can read the webpages for the webbased 'quota' monitor for the Belgian ISP Telenet.
  • phpWebPROXY
    phpWebPROXY is a simple web-based proxy script written in php. It allows you to bounce your signal off of your web server thereby allowing you to do things like bypass filters at work and school. It supports cookies.
  • piFAQ
    piFAQ is a simple script that will help you to create (and manage) FAQ page on your site. It is based on PHP, MySQL and FastTemplate so it's fast and easy in configuration.
  • Pillager
    Pillager is a set of PHP Scripts that allows you to test the security of your web server permissions.
  • pkpgcounter
    pkpgcounter is a generic Page Description Language parser which main feature is to count the number of pages in printable files. It currently recognizes the following formats: PostScript (both DSC compliant and binary), PDF, PCL3/4/5, PCLXL (aka PCL6), ESC/P2, DVI, TIFF, Writer, and Impress.
  • PLies
    PLies is a Perl script used to split an input html file into multiple slides.
  • pmacct-contribs
    pmacct-contribs consists of a few scripts: a 'showTraffic' tool that generates traffic reports reading data previously inserted by pmacct into a MySQL DB, and a 'weblog' tool that displays traffic data in PHP pages
  • PowerMovieList
    PowerMovieList is a powerful php-script to manage your movie(z) collection. It lets you catalog your movies with detailed information, that it downloads from the hugest movie-database in the internet.
  • PyGantt
    PyGantt reads a project description from a xml formatted file and outputs a simplistic html Gantt diagram.
  • pylize
    pylize is a Python script that makes the creation of on-screen presentations a matter of a few minutes.
  • PyRoe
    PyRoe links a Python script with its helper libraries into a self-contained Python executable called a PyRoe capsule.
  • Rawhide
    Rawhide is a PHP script which grabs your personal stats from's web server in a raw format and displays them in your own template.
  • rCSSmin
    rCSSmin is a CSS minifier written in Python.
  • is a CGI script written in perl. It displays statistics and lease entries for ISC DHCPD by parsing the dhcpd.conf and dhcpd.leases files.
  • rfcindex
    online RFC repositories typically contain a text file produced by the RFC Editor, rfc-index.txt, which lists all the RFCs in existence. This Perl script reads the plain text file format and outputs an HTML index file
  • RTF to HTML convertor
    The RTF to HTML convertor converts RTF files (in Windows-1250 encoding) to HTML file (in ISO-8859-2 encoding).
  • rtorstat
    rtorstat is a simple Web page generator that shows status information about the rTorrent bittorrent client.
  • RubyScript2Exe
    RubyScript2Exe transforms a Ruby script into a standalone Windows or Linux executable.
  • sccs2svn
    sccs2svn is a Python script written by Robert Zeh that converts SCCS repositories to a Subversion repository.
  • ScriptsMill Comments
    ScriptsMill Comments is a script that allows your users to add comments to certain pages of your Web site. It is very easy to install and allows the formating and appearance of comments to be customized with a base knowledge of HTML.
  • searchbox
    searchbox is a perl script that will generate a search box on a web page to search any of the major search engines.
  • simput
    SIMPUT (SIMple PHP UTilities)A suite of simple php utilities for web sites. Utilities for creating and validating html forms from xml, validating checking user input, database connectivity, and managing dates.
  • SMS Archiver
    SMS Archiver is a free PHP script to convert smi/smo archived SMS messages on a Siemens mobile phone into a human readable format.
  • Snippets
    Snippets is a CGI script where fortune cookie meets wiki.
  • SoftballStats
    SoftballStats is a collection of PHP4 scripts and a MySQL database that track the stats, games, players, and every play made in multiple softball/baseball seasons. SoftballStats also compiles statistics for each player.
  • SpyImage
    SpyImage parses data from the winamp plugin, SpyAmp and produces an image.
  • SquidStat
    SquidStat is a cgi script, written in perl, designed to analyze SQUID access.log log file and show which sites have been visited by which IP.
  • Strato Log Download
    This is a small Perl script intended to download logfiles from Web accounts from Strato hosted sites. This script logs in via the SSL-encrypted web-interface and downloads the files without needing a web-browser (proxies are configurable via the https_proxy environment variable).
  • Sudoscript
    Sudoscript is a pair of Perl scripts that provide an audited root shell using sudo.
  • SyncPOD
    syncs a local directory with your iPod
  • SysWatch
    SysWatch is a perl script that allows you to view current system information, disk utilization, resource utilization all in your web browser.
  • Tar2RubyScript
    Tar2RubyScript transforms a directory, containing an application and its subdirectories, into one single Ruby script, along with some code to handle the archive.
  • Templatier
    Templatier is primarily designed for HTML, Templatier is a php script designed to allow a single person with knowledge of a particular file format to develop a template, allowing less skilled users to fill in the details. Very handy for newsletters and other weeklys.
  • The Modular Manual Browser
    The Modular Manual Browser is a set of PHP scripts designed as a man/apropos work-alike. It indexes manual pages across different operating systems and displays them in a searchable database in a Web browser. It is easy to set up and includes highlighting, linking support in man pages, browsing and searching of pages, categories, and manuals. It can also optionally set up a database containing descriptions of pages from the page titles.
  • walks through a directory and builds a HTML list of all files. The files' title tags are taken as the linked text, and if there is no title tag, the filename is used.
  • Tree2HTML
    Tree2HTML generates an HTML page containing a directory's tree.
  • Treebeard
    Treebeard is a system of CGI scripts that create an open topical forest. This is a community Web site approach that lets each user tend his or her own branch of the tree.
  • vcheck
    vcheck is a Perl script designed to automate the process of checking for and downloading most recent versions of software packages at HTTP or FTP locations.
  • Web Pages
    Web Pages is a CGI script written in Perl that can centralize all pages from several webservers containing this script, and merge them all into one page.
  • WebPack
    WebPack is an open-source command-line tool for automatically packing websites by shrinking them down without affecting the way they look or behave.Webpack is also useful for losslessly shrinking image collections and locating corrupted files.
  • Websitary
    Websitary is a script that monitors Web pages, RSS feeds, and podcasts and reports what's new.
  • webtrace
    webtrace is a Perl script that generates HTML files with a graphical output of traceroute showing the fastest and slowest ping.
  • Worm Report
    Worm Report is a very simple Perl script to filter out the known worm hits from the access log, and put them into their own files named for the IP/Host that has been "wormed".
  • XHTML Hyphenator
    XHTML Hyphenator is a filter for XHTML documents that will insert soft hyphens at the proper hyphenation points. It will hyphenate all words in text nodes that are children of nodes in the XHTML namespace and not part of the header (or, long story short, the text part of an XHTML document and nothing else). The hyphenation pattern used is derived from the xml:lang attribute governing the text.
  • xml-test
    xml-test checks that an XML document is included in another document. It is handy when testing an application's output against a document where element order is different (GData and Atom are examples of specifications where element order is unimportant). It has a relaxed notion of containment: element order is ignored, whitespace is trimmed, comments are ignored, specific elements can be ignored by passing XPath-like paths on the command line, and text nodes (element and attribute content) can be ignored by passing '-notext' on the command line.
  • Xmlpatch
    Xmlpatch is a simple utility to change XML files. It's command line interface is similar to the well known patch utility.
  • xmltv2html
    xmltv2html is a Ruby script that transforms the output of XMLTV into HTML. The generated HTML output will have the channels listed on the vertical axis and the shows' times on the horizontal axis. The shows' information is displayed via DHTML popups. Virtually every aspect of the generated HTML page can be customized via the configuration and CSS files.
    XRNS-PHP is a collection of PHP5 command-line scripts for working with Renoise, a program for composing music using samples and sequencing. XRNS-PHP provides tools to convert, merge, compress, and otherwise manipulate the data files that are produced by and used with Renoise.
  • zend-db-model-generator
    zend-db-model-generator is a PHP script that reads the structure of a requested table and generates proper table, model, and mapper classes with all the relevant setters and getters using the Zend FrameWork.
  • Zip extension for PHP
    The Zip extension for PHP aims to provide a convenient and powerful set of functionality to work with zip archives. It can read, write, and create zip archives. It also supports stream access to any archive entry. It is 100% compatible with the old versions of the extension (which were read-only).

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