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5 Highly Promising Terminal Emulators
The terminal emulator is a venerable but essential tool for computer users. The reason why Linux offers so much power is due to the command line. The Linux shell can do so much, and this power can be accessed on the desktop by using a terminal emulator. There are so many available for Linux that the choice is bewildering.

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SwiFTP is an open-source FTP server that allows you to connect to your phone over wifi or cellular/3g to upload and download files. Any FTP client can be used.


  • Meditux
    Meditux is a Medical Information System. Its primary task is to provide timely medical information to both medical and non-medical staff that operate in an ICU (Intensive Care Unit) environment.
  • Mica PHP DataSystem
    Mica PHP DataSystem is a database solution for PHP programmers that provides a hybrid customizable file format. It includes various in-house developed open source tools to manage and link databases locally.
  • MOT-2
    MOT-2 is a web database that can be used to create web-based databases without writing a single line of code.
  • Mudbag
    Mudbag is a web-based system that allows non-programmers to build databases with tables, views, and forms that can be shared with other users. It has very strong reporting (tabular, record, label, email) and import facilities.
  • MyClient
    MyClient is a simple and clean Web client interface for the MySQL database. It features multiple query windows, one button table descriptions, query save and load, and table data dumping.
  • MyLibrary@NCState
    MyLibrary@NCState is a user-driven, customizable interface to collections of Internet resources -- a portal. Primarily designed for libraries, the system's purpose is to reduce information overload by allowing patrons to select as little or as much information as they so desire for their personal pages.
  • MyObjects
    MyObjects is a set of tools for database schema generation, class generation and Object Persistence for Php 5 and MySql.
  • MySQL Designer
    MySQL Designer is a Web-based database editor for MySQL. It includes "groupware" functions, so a group of developers can share and contribute to the database design.
  • MySQL-Formmaker
    MySQL-Formmaker is a tool for creating easy administration forms and output of data. You define your forms, types of input, order, and so on, and the system makes a database for you, along with the admin and output files.
  • mysqlApache
    mysqlApache is a clean technical web based front end, MySQL backend, client-server distributed application, configures and manages bind, apache+mod_ssl, sendmail, radius and proftpd. Very light weight and fast C CGI.
  • MySQLDataManagement
    MySQLDataManagement is a set of php scripts to manage your data for selected DB. All your tables will be shown you for data management on them. MySQLDataManagement is intended to add / edit / delete / list records on selected table - DB.
  • NDBE
    NDBE is an abstract database layer for PHP with a database content editor.
  • nuBuilder
    nuBuilder is a database development tool similar to Microsoft Access, except that it runs completely in a Web browser.
  • Online Library Application
    Online Library Application is a browser-based library database for organizations with a small library (from hundreds to thousands of resources) and a small client base. The software allows users to browse the library collection over the internet, and allows authorized persons to manage sign-in and sign-out procedures, resource adds and updates, and data backups.
  • Open Lending Database Project
    Open Lending Database Project allow you to set up Closed User Group Library Systems (CLUGS). Its an easy way of sharing & exchanging stuff with your friends.
  • OpenDaemon
    OpenDaemon is an open-source native XML database server that aims at making XML-based solutions be used more widely to meet different data storage and retrieval needs, this involves making a server with reasonable performance and reliability.
  • OpenMDV
    OpenMDV is a distributed, XML-based knowledge management platform with an easy interface.
  • OpenRealty
    OpenRealty is a real-estate management system written in PHP.
  • OracleEditor.php
    OracleEditor.php is a standalone PHP script which allows you to browse your Oracle database tables and insert, update and delete rows in any table. It requires no installation and no configuration.
  • Oracletool
    Oracletool is an interactive, web based application that runs as a CGI script using your web server. The advantage of Oracletool over tools such as Oracle Enterprise Manager is that nothing needs to be installed on the client side machine. All you need to use Oracletool, once installed, is a web browser.
  • oRestE
    oRestE (odbc Rest Erlang) is a scalable and flexible web service gateway for any databases
  • PAS
    PAS is a framework to build database driven applications. It is a framework similar to the ones found in the Java J2EE and MS .net worlds. PAS follow application design patterns like MVC, Model View Control.
  • Perl Web Services
    Perl Web Services is a set of APIs to the Apache server and the web browser to assist in the development of web applications.
  • pgAdmin III
    pgAdmin III is a comprehensive design and management graphical user interface for the PostgreSQL database. The application also includes a syntax highlighting SQL editor, a server-side code editor, an SQL/batch/shell job scheduling agent, support for the Slony-I replication engine and much more.
  • PhiloLogic
    PhiloLogic is a full-text database engine developed for humanities computing text analysis by the ARTFL Project and the Digital Library Development Center at the University of Chicago. It is optimized for fast searching across very large collections of documents. It currently supports TEI-Lite, TEI XML, and TEI SGML documents.
  • PHP Database Interface
    PHP Database Interface is an easy to use PHP database interface meant to give applications universal support across many databases, including several flat file formats.
  • php4flicks
    php4flicks is a small yet powerful, PHP/MySQL powered movie data base which stores detailed information (like directors, actors, poster, medium, language...) about your movies.
  • PHPBibMan
    PHPBibMan is a web based literature database for scientific purposes. It aims to be fully compatible with BibTex and offer comfortable exchange of references for scientists.
  • phpBuns
    phpBuns is a generator of SQL query and Web pages written in PHP.
  • phpFriendlyAdmin
    phpFriendlyAdmin is a remote database management tool made specifically for web developers who want to ease an audience into the world of content management. After a database is set up, phpFriendlyAdmin is then configured to abstract database structure. Every field and table is given an alias and a description so as to bypass the complexity of interacting with database variables and offer a simplified form-driven approach to data entry.
  • PHPMyAccess
    PHPMyAccess is a collection of tools and programs to build web database programs with. It is based on PHPMyEdit, and at this point in time you can probably replace PHPMyEdit's core engine for this engine and expect to get some kind of output back.
  • phpMyDoc
    phpMyDoc provides an easy way to document a database of any size. It features automatic indexing, exporting and more.
  • phpMySQLDiff
    phpMySQLDiff is a little tool to detect layout differences between two databases.
  • phpOracleAdmin
    phpOracleAdmin is intended to be a web based Oracle Object Manager.
  • phpPgAdmin
    phpPgAdmin is a fully functional port for PostgreSQL. It has all the basic functionality you need to completely administer a PosgreSQL server and/or database, including the ability to administer views, sequences and stored procedures.
  • PHPromis
    PHPromis is a PHP implementation of Promis, (The Generic Product Information Database System).
  • phpSQLiteAdmin
    phpSQLiteAdmin allows you to administer an sqlite database over a web interface. Features supported include: show database information, table structure, browsing table data, show indexes and execute sql.
  • phpYellow
    phpYellow is an easily customizable web application. It stores electronic yellow page listings by city, state, country and category.
  • PL/SQL Interface Generator
    PL/SQL Interface Generator is an Oracle PL/SQL code generator for table encapsulation that handles all DML operations. It generates production level code for a table that can be incorporated into any application.
  • PM Report for PostgreSQL
    PM Report for PostgreSQL is a simple report generator that can be used with any PgSQL database. It is written in PHP and released under GPL.
  • Propel
    Propel is a full-service object persistence and query toolkit for PHP5. What this means, in practical terms, is that Propel allows you to treat your database as a set of objects, providing a simple API for storing and querying.
  • RedBeanPHP
    RedBeanPHP is a zero-config, easy-to-use object database for PHP and an ORM tool.
  • RISE Project
    RISE Project is a web-based, database application to manage and publish academic catalog information including programs, courses, and schedules. It is intuitive, extensible, and easily integrated with existing systems.
  • Rolodap
    Rolodap is an open source database for storing an organization's contacts information. It uses PHP and LDAP. Rolodap has easy to use web interfaces.
  • SAGA.M31 -Galaxy-
    SAGA.M31 -Galaxy- is a data integration server that runs inside a Servlet Container like Tomcat and provides an independent data access layer that lets you create a Web service in 15 minutes. It provides access to JDBC, LDAP, and 3270 Mainframe transactions.
  • Sav ZServer
    Sav ZServer is a Web-based ORDBMS server with Zigzag language for object, relational, and XML data manipulation. Server provides navigation in database via Web browser and database object may be a Web resource (HTML document, image, video clip, program).
  • Schema Crawler
    SchemaCrawler is a command-line tool to output your database schema and data in a readable form. The output is designed to be diff-ed with previous versions of your database schema. SchemaCrawler is also an API that improves on the standard JDBC metadata.
  • SDMS
    Simple Document Management System: an open-source system that allows you to store any document in a database via a bunch of webpages

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