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Ubuntu MATE 15.04 for Raspberry Pi 2
With the release of the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and its ARM Cortex-A7 CPU, users are offered a number of ways of running Ubuntu.

(Read more)
The FreeCol team aims to create an Open Source version of Colonization (released under the GPL). At first we'll try to make an exact clone of Colonization. The visuals will be brought up to date with more recent standards but will remain clean, simple and functional. Certain new 'features' will be implemented but the gameplay and the rules will be exactly the same as the original game. Examples of modern features are: an isometric map and multiplayer support. Read more


  • APG
    Automated Password Generator is a tool set for random password generation.
  • Bob the Butcher
    Bob the Butcher is a distributed password cracker. It is built around a client/server system. Cracking speed scales linearly with the number of connected clients. It is designed for efficient cracking resource usage. It will handle many password files at once, aggregating passwords as much as possible.
  • checkpassword-pam
    an implementation of checkpassword-compatible authentication program
  • CmosPwd
    CmosPwd decrypts the password stored in CMOS used to access the BIOS setup.
  • combina
    combina is a password generator that uses three different algorithms based on combinatorial analysis. It implements simple dispositions or permutations, dispositions with repetition (the famous brute force), and simple combinations.
  • Console Password Manager
    cpm is a small console tool to manage passwords and store them public key encrypted in a file - even for more than one person. The encryption is handled via GnuPG so you can access the programs data via gpg as well, in case you want to have a look inside. The data is stored as XML so it?s even possible to reuse the data for some other purpose.
  • CPU
    Change Password Utility: an LDAP user management tool based on FreeBSD's pw
  • crampass
    a CRAM MD5 password update tool
  • CryptNET Password Candidate Generator
    CryptNET Passgen (passgen) is a password generator. It generates a list of password candidates for the user to choose from by mapping operating system sources of pseudo-randomness into printable character arrays using a mod operation. A number of available command line options gives it a great deal of flexibility. It is capable of generating passwords composed of printable characters, alphanumeric characters, alphabetic characters, or only numeric characters.
  • Figaro's Password Manager
    Figaro's Password Manager 2 is a GTK2 port of Figaro's Password Manager, originally developed by John Conneely. It allows you to securely store your passwords, which are encrypted with the blowfish algorithm. It also allows you to copy passwords or usernames to the clipboard or primary selection. If a password is for a Web site, FPM can keep track of the URLs of your login screens and can automatically launch your browser. You can also teach FPM to launch other applications. FPM can sort your passwords into categories. Finally, it has a password generator that can help you choose good passwords. Read more
  • fpwdman
    manages a file of passwords, accessed by one master passphrase. It can import and export password files. It runs under both Windows and Unix
  • Gpasman
    Gpasman, your personal password manager! a GTK password managing program. You now need to remember only the master password!
  • GPass
    GPass is the password manager for GNOME2 desktop, released under the GNU GPL licence. The password collection is stored in an encrypted(Blowfish) file, protected by a master-password.
  • gpgpwd
    gpgpwd is a terminal-based password manager. It stores a list of passwords in a GnuPG encrypted file, and allows you to easily retrieve, change and add to that file as needed.
  • Ked Password Manager
    Password Manager helps to manage large numbers of passwords and related information and simplifies the tasks of searching and entering password data. KedPM is written as an extensible framework, which allows users to plug in custom password database back-ends and custom user interface front-ends. Currently, only the Figaro PM back-end supported. To control KedPM user can choose between CLI and GTK2 based GUI front-ends.
  • KeePassX
    KeePassX is a cross platform port of the windows application "Keepass Password Safe". It is an OpenSource password safe which helps you to manage your passwords in an easy and secure way. It uses a highly encrypted database locked with one master key. Read more
  • KeySafe
    KeySafe is a password keeper that requires GTK+ version 2.6.x.
  • Kpasman
    a small password manager for KDE, influenced greatly by `gpasman`,
  • KPassCard
    KPassCard is a KDE application for storing passwords on a chipcard encrypted with a master password.
  • KPasswords
    KPasswords is an application to store passwords and other sensitive data. It's still in the very early stages of alpha development.
  • kpcli
    kpcli - KeePass Command Line Interface (CLI) / interactive shell. Use this program to access and manage your KeePass 1.x or 2.x databases from a Unix-like command line.
  • KpGen
    KpGen is a password generator. It has some interesting features, like a random generator based on mouse movement with some strong options. It can also work as a hash calculator, calculating hashes of passwords and phrases.
  • LastPass
    LastPass Password Manager is a password management program. It is available as a plugin for Firefox and Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari. There is also a LastPass Password Manager bookmarklet for other browsers. Read more
  • Lepton's Crack
    Lepton's Crack is a generic password cracker, easily customizable with a simple plug-in system. It can perform a dictionary-based (wordlist) attack, as well as a brute-force (incremental) password scan.
  • Locked Area
    Locked Area is a highly sophisticated password protection and membership management system. It has been designed to be as secure as possible while it still runs hands-free with no input from the Webmaster needed. Locked Area uses Apache's .htaccess and .htpasswd along with DES randomized salt or MD5 encryption of passwords for increased security. It also includes a member database that lets the administrator maintain a mailing list along with the member's area.
  • Mitro Password Manager
    Mitro saves all your passwords, synchronizes them across all your devices, and lets you share them with others. It has extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, mobile apps for iOS and Android, and a server to perform the synchronization.
  • mnkPasswordKeeper
    mnkPasswordKeeper is a simple password manager. The goal of this project is to permit the saving of passwords/notes on a USB key and be able to use the software on many platforms. It uses the Qt framework for GUI and XML reading. It uses Camellia from NTT as cipher.
  • MyPasswordSafe
    a straight-forward, easy-to-use password manager that maintains compatibility with Password Safe files
  • nkmkpasswd
    nkmkpasswd (Nigel's mkpasswd) is a version of mkpasswd that supports various levels of strength, various lengths, and passphrases of varying words and word lengths.
  • npasswd
    a replacement for the passwd command for UNIX. It subjects user passwords to stringent guessability checks to decrease the chance of users choosing vulnerable passwords
  • Oracle Password Repository
    a Unix based secure tool for storage & retrieval of Oracle database passwords. By replacing hardcoded passwords in scripts with a call to OPR, it helps keeping your Oracle enviroment secure and easier to maintain
  • pam_krb5
    designed to allow smooth integration of Kerberos 5 passwordchecking with applications built using PAM. It also supports session-specific ticket files (which are neater), Kerberos IV ticket file grabbing, and AFS token-grabbing
  • pam_passwdqc
    a simple password strength checking module for PAM-aware password changing programs, such as passwd
  • pam_sotp
    a module for PAM that provides support for One Time Passwords (OTP) authentication. The "s" in "sotp" stands for "simple"; pam_sotp aims to be a simple, easy to configure, module
  • pam_userpass
    pam_passwdqc is a simple password strength checking module for PAM-aware password changing programs, such as passwd. In addition to checking regular passwords, it offers support for passphrases and can provide randomly generated passwords.
  • Pass
    Pass is a password manager. Each password lives inside of a gpg encrypted file whose filename is the title of the website or resource that requires the password
  • Passguard
    to make a set of applications based on a common framework to manage numerous passwords encrypted in a file. It can deal with many encrypted file types thanks to a plugins system
  • PassReminder
    a master password is used to encrypt/decrypt each database. PassReminder 0.4 is highly customizable with about 50 options
  • Passwd
    the Horde password changing application. While it has been released and is in production use at many sites, it is also under heavy development in an effort to expand and improve the module
  • passwdd
    a client/server packages which allows basic synchronization of password files among different machines
  • Password Gorilla
    Password Gorilla is a password manager that stores your login information, sorted by groups, in a blowfish-encrypted file, protected by a master password. User names, passwords, and URLs can be pasted into applications via the clipboard. It is file-format compatible with the well-known Password Safe software. Read more
  • Password Management System
    a simple password manager for the console which uses blowfish for encryption and CDK for the interface
  • passwords
    passwords is a program to store passwords and additional data in a secure database. Passwords main focus is on quick and easy usage as well as robustness and flexibility in terms of the encryption technique.
  • PasswordVault
    (commercial) PasswordVault (previously called 'PC-Mac PasswordVault') is a simple, secure, enterprise-level password manager which stores your website usernames and passwords, Internet banking information and software registration details for quick and easy access. A free lite version is also available.
  • pgpry
    pgpry is a Pthread-based password recovery program for private OpenPGP keys. It reads private key data from stdin and performs a brute-force attack in order to recover the pass phrase.
  • pkcrack
    an implementation of a known-plaintext-attack on ZIP file encryption. It can help you recover files after you've lost or forgotten the password
  • poc
    manage passwords on smartcards (I2C memory cards). The passwords are stored encrypted on the card
  • pwgrep
    pwgrep is a simple password manager that manages a database file using encryption of GnuPG. It uses encryption and version control on all of the passwords that are stored. The password database can be used on several hosts at once with automatic synchronization. Even several users can share the same password database
  • Pwman3
    Pwman3 is a console based password management application. It uses SQLite to store information, and can encrypt it with AES, ARC2, ARC4, Blowfish (default), CAST, DES, DES3, IDEA, or RC5.
  • pwsafe
    a unix commandline program that manages encrypted password databases
  • PySumpas
    PySumpas is a simple, graphical password generating utility. Using the Python hashlib module, it generates a checksum from user input. The resulting checksum, in part or entirety, can be used as a secure password.
  • QPaMaT
    a password manager which stores passwords in an encrypted XML file or on an encrypted chipcard. It also checks the password quality and generates random passwords. You can print the passwords in clear-text as a backup strategy
  • QPass
    QPass is an easy to use, open source password manager application with a built-in password generator. You can store in it's database such data as passwords and logins which will be encrypted using AES-256 algorithm.
  • qpasswd
    a collection of various tools (checkpasswd, checkqpasswd, multicheckpw, and others)
  • QPwmc
    QPwmc, previously known as pwmdEdit, is a full featured libpwmd Qt 4.x GUI client to connect to pwmd.
  • Quintuple Agent
    Quintuple Agent keeps passphrases and passwords in memory for a configurable timespan.
  • raps2
    raps2 is a simple password safe. You give it a name, a password, and optional metadata, and it will encrypt and store them for you.
  • Revelation
    Revelation is a password manager for the GNOME 2 desktop, released under the GNU GPL license. It organizes accounts in a tree structure, and stores them as AES-encrypted XML files. It aims to be HIG-compliant and user-friendly. Read more
  • Scrambled Eggs
    Scrambled Eggs is a simple password keeping application.
  • ShadowJAAS
    a JAAS-compliant authentication provider that uses shadow passwords. It allows Java applications to authenticate using Linux usernames and passwords
  • SMSAuthenticator
    SMSAuthenticator is an authentication module for situations where "username and password"-login provide insufficient security. The additional security is achieved by sending keys (single-use passwords) by SMS to the user's mobile phone.
    (commercial) designed as an accessory for Linux that allows strong authentication for system services that support PAM. The application allows Linux to use strong one time passwords (OTP) instead of weak static password. One time password is then generated by VASCO authentication calculator called token which is protected by user defined PIN
  • Strip
    Secure Tool for Recalling Important Passwords
  • TkAPG
    TkAPG is a Tcl/Tk GUI frontend for APG (Automated Password Generator).
  • TkPasMan
    TkPasMan lets you store usernames and passwords you collect during access to forums, mailing lists, and other websites. It is inspired by gpasman, but it has more `paste' possibility.
  • Twonz
    a program for "password management"
  • Universal Password Manager
    UPM is a cross platform password manager. It runs on multiple operating systems, and future versions should be able to share the same password database.
  • VNCcrack
    VNCcrack is a simple, fast offline-mode VNC password cracker. It takes a set of challenge-response pairs of the type passed during a VNC authentication attempt, and attempts to recover the passwords using a dictionary file.
  • wmpasman
    stores your passwords, and makes them available for pasting (both via the middle-click PRIMARY selection and the CLIPBOARD selection) at the click of a button. It also contains a digital clock. Access is controlled by a passphrase
    YAPET is a small text based password manager. It features the Blowfish encryption algorithm and runs on most modern Unixes. Its primary aim is to provide a safe way to store passwords in a file on disk while having a small footprint,

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