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10 Top Tools for Novelists
The software featured in this article is designed to meet the specialised needs of a budding novelist. There's the finest open source distraction-free tools, software designed to create visual novels, and tools to help capture and visualise ideas.

(Read more)
Kega Fusion
Kega Fusion is an impressive multi-console emulator created by Steve Snake. The emulator supports most of the Sega consoles, including the GameGear, Genesis (Mega Drive), Master System, Sega 32X, Sega CD, Sega Pico, SG-1000, SG-3000 and SF-7000. Read more


  • GtkPerf
    GtkPerf is an application designed to test GTK+ performance from a variety of different GTK operations. The purpose of this tool is to create common testing platform to run predefined GTK+ widgets (opening comboboxes, toggling buttons, scrolling text) and this way define the speed of device/platform. Read more
  • Hardware lister
    lshw (Hardware Lister) is a small tool to provide detailed information on the hardware configuration of the machine. It can report exact memory configuration, firmware version, mainboard configuration, CPU version and speed, cache configuration, bus speed, etc. on DMI-capable x86 or EFI (IA-64) systems and on some PowerPC machines (PowerMac G4 is known to work).
  • hmount
    hmount is a simple interface to HAL for mounting and unmount hot-plugged devices. Unlike gnome-mount, it doesn't depend on gconf, GTK+, X, or GNOME libraries.
  • Hot Copy
    Hot Copy is a Linux command line utility (hcp) that takes online snapshots of disks or volumes on your Linux server. Use Hot Copy in your backup scripts. Perform an fsck on your system while it's running.
  • htmsysinfo
    htmsysinfo writes information about your system to an HTML, or LaTeX document.
  • hwclock
    Hwclock is a program that runs under Linux and sets and queries the Hardware Clock, which is often called the Real Time Clock, RTC, or CMOS clock. This is the program that most Linux systems use to get the time from the Hardware Clock and set the System Time at boot time. This program works on ISA (Intel), Alpha, SPARC, and M68K systems with or without /dev/rtc.
  • IETView
    IETView is a GUI that eases the management of iSCSI targets. With it, you can view targets and the clients connected to them, add new targets, edit target properties, and delete old targets that are no longer needed.
  • Install Kernel
    Install Kernel (ik) is a bash script that installs the Linux kernel and automatically sets up LILO or GRUB. It also saves your kernel configuration each time you do an install. This allows you to restore the newest configuration file when you make a new kernel.
  • inxi
    inxi is a newer, better system information script for irc, administration, and system troubleshooters.
  • ioctlsave
    ioctlsave is a utility for system administrators with Linux serial consoles. ioctlsave is a program that writes terminal settings to a file in the same format as used when init creates /etc/
  • isptools
    a collection of utilities to aid in daily UNIX administration
  • k10ctl
    k10ctl is a P-State utility for AMD family 10h (aka K10) processors. It can modify the P-States, i.e. alter processor and the northbridge frequencies and voltages, set or change the P-State, and read out frequency and voltage information.
  • k8ktest
    k8ktest is a diagnostic program for the Velleman K8000 card.
  • kdbus
    kdbus is a D-BUS service browser for KDE. It is like kdcop, but for D-BUS instead of DCOP. It presents a browseable tree of all D-BUS services running on your system and all interfaces available on those services.
  • KDE CIM browser
    a KDE based frontend to management brokers using the CIM-XML protocol. The tool will be useful to view and modify CIM class hierarchies as well as instance and association structures
  • KHTB
    a GUI for htb.init script with XML data storage. It can import-export htb.init tree
  • kovpn
    kovpn is a simple OpenVPN GUI that is intended to fit end-user needs. It runs without root privileges and can control the most important functions of OpenVPN, like connecting and disconnecting and username/password input.
    aims to create a mostly-automated LAN session administration and management system. It provides game server management (instant deployment of game servers) and tournament management in a more advanced and automated way than other systems
  • lfsb
    lfsb is a Linux utility to change the base clock (FSB/Front Side Bus) frequency without having to restart the machine.
  • lhinv
    generates a standardized listing of configured hardware on your Linux 2.2.x or higher system by parsing the proc filesystem
  • Linsanity
    Linsanity is a suite of test tools designed to exercise network adapters, optical storage devices, fixed disks, and audio cards. Each of these tools are "native" plugin applications for the VWM user environment.
  • Linux Recovery
    (commercial) Stellar Phoenix Linux is data recovery software for the Ext2 and Ext3 File systems.
  • LLCbench
    Low Level Architectural Characterization Benchmark Suite (LLCbench) is a suite of three different benchmark applications grouped together in a single benchmark package. The three utilities are MPIbench, CacheBench, and BLASBench. Read more
  • Lside
    lside is a utility for displaying information about IDE devices in the system. To make use of all the features of this program, you need to have a Linux kernel which supports the /proc/ide interface.
  • Lxbios
    lxbios is a utility for reading/writing LinuxBIOS parameters and displaying information from the LinuxBIOS table. It works only on x86-based Linux systems that use LinuxBIOS.
  • massadmin
    massadmin parallelizes multiple system commands to a group of Unix-like remote servers simultaneously using concurrent processes.
  • mbuffer
    mbuffer is a replacement for buffer with additional functionality including display of i/o speed, optional use of memory mapped i/o for huge buffers and multithreaded instead of sharedmemory ipc.
  • mcollective
    The Marionette Collective (mcollective) is a framework to build server orchestration or parallel job execution systems.
  • mgaclock
    mgaclock is a small tool to change the clock settings on the Matrox G400 series of cards.
  • Modules
    provides for the dynamic modification of a user's environment via modulefiles
  • mpt-status
    mpt-status is a query tool for accessing the running configuration and status of LSI SCSI HBAs. It is a heavily modified version of the original mpt-status-1.0 tool written by Matt Braithwaite.
  • Multi Remote Tools
    MrTools is a suite of tools for managing large, distributed environments. It can be used to execute scripts on multiple remote hosts without prior installation, copy of a file or directory to multiple hosts as efficiently as possible in a relatively secure way, and collect a copy of a file or directory from multiple hosts.
  • MUltihost SSH Wrapper
    Mussh is a shell script that allows you to execute a command or script over ssh on multiple hosts with one command. When possible mussh will use ssh-agent and RSA/DSA keys to minimize the need to enter your password more than once.
  • Network Device Change Control
    NDCC is a system of monitoring and recording changes to configurations of network equipment. It can store configuration snapshots for any text-based configs. It has been used to store configurations from Unix and Linux systems; Cisco routers, switches, load balancers, and firewalls; Foundry; NetScreen, Juniper, NetScaler, and others.
  • nicejob
    renices jobs having used more then a specified CPU time to a specified nice value
  • op
    op provides a flexible means for system administrators to grant trusted users access to certain root operations without having to give them full superuser privileges. Different sets of users may access different operations, and the security-related aspects of environment of each operation can be carefully controlled.
  • OpenEcoSys-NetworkViewer
    OpenEcoSys-NetworkViewer is a cross-platform Qt4 GUI used to interact with distributed embedded nodes on the network.
  • OpenVPN Auth Passwd
    OpenVPN Auth Passwd is a plugin that authenticates OpenVPN users using the local passwd or shadow files, using a privilege separation model. The authentication method must be defined in the Makefile prior to the compilation of the plugin. On shadowed systems it uses the functions provided in the shadow suite and, on other systems, the getpwnam function to verify the username/password.
  • OpenVPN-Admin
    OpenVPN-Admin is a GUI for OpenVPN, programmed in Mono. Packages are available for Linux and Windows. Included in OpenVPN-Admin is a Certificate wizard and a certificate management for the client.
  • OpenXDAS
    OpenXDAS is a Novell-sponsored fully functional implementation of the OpenGroup's Distributed Auditing System standard.
  • Output Management Plus (OMP)
    a suite of products designed for the Enterprise Application Information Delivery market. These products provide 'delivery' of enterprise output to multiple destination types including printers, fax, e-mail, and web/intranet sites. In addition, OMP can deliver application output to synergistic output destinations such as Electronic Forms and Storage Management Systems (e.g. COLD) in an easy reliable manner that requires no customized application scripts
  • pessulus
    pessulus is a lockdown editor for GNOME, written in python. pessulus enables administrators to set mandatory settings in GConf. The users can not change these settings.
  • Phacter
    Phacter is a Python port of facter, a tool included in Puppet. It provides an inventory of your system and, depending on how it is run, will return this data to stdout or as a Python dict.
  • PolicyKit-gnome
    PolicyKit-gnome provides a D-Bus session bus service that is used to bring up authentication dialogs used for obtaining privileges.
  • Polkit Explorer
    Polkit Explorer reads in a Polkit .policy file, parses its XML contents, and presents the information it contains, on a more human-readable GUI window.
  • Procinfo NG
    Procinfo NG is a ground-up rewrite of the procinfo program. The goal is to make the code more readable (and reusable) and to restore broken functionality of the original program.
  • Project Claymore
    aims to create an easy-to-use, flexible, and ultimately elegant configuration/administration system for Linux. Basically, what this will create is a Linux
  • PrRescue
    PrRescue is a rescue CD based on Gentoo amd64 and supporting nilfs2.
  • pygtk-fsacls
    pygtk-fsacls provides a graphical interface for managing the file system Access Control Lists (or ACLs) that provide fine-grained control over access to file system objects.
  • pypt-offline
    pypt-offline is a utility for people using Debian (and distros based on debian) with a dial-up conneciton. It helps in downloading the required packages from another, high bandwidth Windows/Linux machine, with or without a cache.

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