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Improve Your Mental Mettle with These Open Source Puzzle Games
Puzzle video games are a type of game that focuses on puzzle solving. A puzzle is a problem or set of problems a player has to solve within the confines of the game.

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Flatpak is the new framework for desktop applications on Linux. Distributing applications on Linux is a pain: different distributions in multiple versions, each with their own versions of libraries and packaging formats. Flatpak is here to change all that. It allows the same app to be installed on different Linux distributions, including different versions. And it has been designed from the ground up with security in mind, so that apps are isolated from each other and from the host system.


  • libcon
    libcon is a simple interface for sending files and messages over TCP sockets.
  • libcurl.mono
    an object-oriented binding for the open-source libcurl internet client API. It supports rapid-development of powerful internet clients in C# that can run within the mono runtime
  • libdelcom++
    libdelcom++ is a C++ library for accessing the Delcom Engineering USB IO chips. The library is licensed under the GNU GPL.
  • libdissipate
    libdissipate is a library for developing applications based on the SIP signalling protocol defined in rfc2543. It can make and accept calls using UDP SIP.
  • libdlna
    libdlna aims at being a reference implementation of DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) standards. Its primary goal is to provide DLNA support to uShare, an embedded DLNA and UPnP A/V media server, but it will be used to build both DLNA servers and players in the long term.
  • libdnet
    provides a simplified, portable interface to several low-level networking routines
  • libdnsres
    Libdnsres provides a non-blocking thread-safe API for resolving DNS names. It requires that your main application is built on top of libevent. Libdnsres' API essentially mirrors the traditional gethostbyname and getaddrinfo interfaces. All return values have been replaced by callbacks instead.
  • libds
    libds is a cross-platform library to support simple networking, threads, as well as data structures.
  • Libecc
    a C++ elliptic curve cryptography library that supports fixed-size keys for maximum speed
  • libencio
    providing stdio-like interface for reading and writing of encrypted files in MCrypt format. Additionally, through creation of an "index", libencio provices full support for fseek()-like random read access of encrypted data
  • libEtPan!
    LibEtPan! implements different types of access to a mailbox over TCP/IP and SSL, including IMAP, POP3, NNTP, and SMTP. It can read mbox, MH format, and Maildir mailboxes, and does MIME parsing.
  • libevnet
    libevnet provides a suite of interfaces useful in network applications. The API includes a buffered I/O interface, connect(2) and accept(2) analogues, a fully featured DNS lookup package, thread pools, and transparent OpenSSL integration. Using libevent as the poll-select-epoll-kqueue-/dev/poll event loop, all interfaces express the traditional Unix non-blocking I/O paradigm for the construction of high-performance applications.
  • libfixbuf
    The fixbuf library implements a reference implementation of the IPFIX protocol (RFCs 5101, 5102, and 5103) for creating both collector and exporter processes. IPFIX is a protocol for describing network flows, the next generation of the Cisco Netflow protocol.
  • Libgcrypt
    Libgcrypt is a high-level cryptographic library based on the highly matured cryptographic code used in GnuPG. It provides an easy to use interface to all cryptographic functions needed by applications.
  • libgfeed
    libgfeed is a library to manage (create, load, edit) feed files in either the RSS v2.0 or ATOM v1.0 format.
  • Libidn
    an implementation of the Stringprep (with the Nameprep and Kerberos 5 profiles), Punycode and IDNA specifications defined by the IETF Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) working group, used for internationalized domain names
  • Libidn2
    Libidn2 is a free software implementation of the following IDNA2008 specifications: RFC 5890, RFC 5891, RFC 5892, and RFC 5893.
  • Libiqxmlrpc
    Libiqxmlrpc is an object-oriented library, which represents simple XML-RPC solution both for client and server sides.
  • libircclient
    libircclient is a small but powerful library, which implements client-server IRC protocol. It is designed to be small, fast, portable and compatible to RFC standards, and most IRC clients.
  • libksnmp
    libksnmp is a KDE library that wraps around net-snmp to allow KDE applications to get SNMP statistics without the need to walk through net-snmp conflicts with autoconf/automake projects, using a KDEish C++ interface.
  • libktomgirl
    libktomgirl is a library that reads a subset of the Tomboy file format.
  • libmicrohttpd
    libmicrohttpd is a small C library for embedding HTTP server functionality into other applications. It is reentrant, fast, supports HTTP 1.1, and permits listening on multiple ports. The API is simple and still powerful enough to allow programmers to use the entire HTTP feature set.
  • libmnl
    libmnl is a minimalistic user-space library for Netlink developers.
  • libnatpmp
    NAT-PMP (NAT Port Mapping protocol) provides a way to do NAT traversal. It is implemented in Apple products (Airport extreme). libnatpmp is an attempt to make a portable and fully compliant implementation of the protocol for the client side. It is based on non-blocking sockets, and all calls of the API are asynchronous. It is therefore very easy to integrate the NAT-PMP code into any event driven code.
  • libnaw
    The network authentication wrapper library (libnaw) is a modular authentication library that is meant to be used as a preloadable drop-in to add a layer of authentication to source-restricted software, as an API for including authentication into custom or open source software, or as a library for direct linking into precompiled object files.
  • LibNcFTP
    an application programming interface that provides File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client services to your UNIX applications
  • Libnet
    Libnet is a collection of routines to help with the construction and handling of network packets. It provides a portable framework for low-level network packet writing and handling. Libnet features portable packet creation interfaces at the IP layer and link layer.
  • libnetfilter_cthelper
    libnetfilter_cthelper is the userspace library that provides the programming interface to the user-space helper infrastructure available since Linux kernel 3.6.
  • libnetfilter_cttimeout
    libnetfilter_cttimeout is the userspace library that provides the programming interface to the fine-grain connection tracking timeout infrastructure.
  • libnewmail
    a generic mail checking library for Unix/Linux and other operating systems. It supports a simple API, an extensible plugin architecture and asynchronous queries among other features
  • libnodelay
    libnodelay is an LD_PRELOAD library for disabling Nagle's algorithm. Disabling Nagle's algorithm can result in a performance improvement for latency-sensitive applications that use TCP.
  • libntru
    libntru is a C library which implements the NTRUEncrypt public-key encryption algorithm.
  • libonion
    libonion is a lightweight library that helps you to add HTTP (and HTTPS) functionality to your programs.
  • libopennet
    provides the function open_net() which accepts the same parameters as the open() system call, but the pathname argument can be an FTP or HTTP URL
  • liboping
    liboping is a C library for measuring network latency using ICMP echo requests. It can send to and receive packets from multiple hosts in parallel, which is nice for monitoring applications. Both IPv4 and IPv6 are supported transparently for the programmer and user. A program called oping is included to show the simplicity and potential of the library and provide the functionality at the command line.
  • libopkele
    libopkele is a c++ implementation of an OpenID decentralized identity system. It provides OpenID protocol handling, leaving authentication and user interaction to the implementor.
  • Libp11
    Libp11 is a library that implements a small layer on top of the PKCS#11 API to make using PKCS#11 implementations easier.
  • libpal
    a straightforward, easy-to-use packet assembly library, which provides routines for buildung and sending forged TCP, ICMP, UDP and IP packets
  • libpcap++
    Libpcap++ is a C++ wrapper for libpcap (the packet capture library) that provides a high level interface to packet capture systems.
  • libphish
    Libphish is a cross-platform library to interact with the Open Phishing Database. It provides a consistent API that browsers and other HTTP clients can use to in order to have anti-phishing capabilities such as verifying the risk level and safety of URLs.
  • libproxy
    libproxy is a library that provides automatic proxy configuration management. It manages proxy settings across GNOME, KDE, and other environments while implementing proxy autodiscovery and seamless network topology adjustment.
  • LibPST
    provides functions in library form for accessing Outlook's Personal Folders
  • libptytty
    libptytty is an offspring of rxvt-unicode that handles pty/tty/utmp/wtmp/lastlog handling in mostly OS-independent ways.
  • libqmsg
    libqmsg is a library implementing parts of the messaging functionality as found in the commonly used realtime microkernel operating systems, using Linux shared memory and POSIX messaging queues.
  • libquickmail
    libquickmail is a library intended to give C/C++ developers a quick and easy way to send e-mail from their applications.
  • librelp
    librelp is an easy to use library for the RELP protocol. RELP in turn provides reliable event logging over the network (and consequently RELP stands for Reliable Event Logging Protocol).
  • librouteros
    librouteros (or libRouterOS) is a C library to communicate with network devices by MikroTik running their Linux-based operating system RouterOS.
  • librsync
    implements the rolling-checksum algorithm of remote file synchronization that was popularized by the rsync utility and is used in rproxy. This algorithm transfers the differences between 2 files without needing both files on the same system
  • libsmtp
    libsmtp is a C library to send mail via SMTP.
  • libSmtpThread
    libSmtpThread is a multi-threaded C++ library for sending mail via SMTP. The library provides a connection pool that initializes a set of threaded SMTP connections.

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