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Ubuntu MATE 15.04 for Raspberry Pi 2
With the release of the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and its ARM Cortex-A7 CPU, users are offered a number of ways of running Ubuntu.

(Read more)
Mono provides the necessary software to develop and run .NET client and server applications. Mono includes compilers, an ECMA-compatible runtime engine (the Common Language Runtime, or CLR), and many libraries. Read more


  • connect proxy tunnel
    cpt aims to be running in front of any HTTPS server. It forwards all requests that don't call for a "CONNECT .." to the normal HTTPS server. There is no error handling for mistaken requests; they go straight to the default server. A request that doesn't pass the conditions is passed forward too, and the Web server will handle it (with the default error page). Users should be unaware that cpt is running as a proxy.
  • connect-tunnel
    connect-tunnel is a simple Perl script that lets you tunnel anything through a CONNECT-aware HTTP proxy. It supports multiple tunnels and multiple connections to those tunnels, and all of the authentication methods that libwww-perl supports (Basic, Digest, and NTLM).
  • desproxy
    desproxy is a TCP tunnel for HTTP proxies.
  • EtherDivert
    EtherDivert is an ethernet frame diverter for transparent www proxying bridge and more.
  • Etherpuppet
    Etherpuppet is a small program for Linux that will create a virtual interface (TUN/TAP) on one machine from the ethernet interface of another machine through a TCP connection.
  • Frame Diverter
    Frame Diverter is mainly used for setting up a bridge with Squid running on it and transparently caching Web traffic between the LAN and the router. It's beeing extended to allow forwarding frames to other machines. It also allows layer 3+ switching.
  • Gadu-Gadu relaying agent
    Gadu-Gadu relaying agent is a simple GG relaying agent. This means, that if you are a network administrator and applying masquerade on your server, it's likely, that your customers would like to establish direct connections over the masquerade using GG.
  • GNU Proxyknife
    GNU Proxyknife (formerly known as phc or proxy hunter customed) is a program to validate free proxies for LAN users to reach the Internet by bypassing ISP proxies with strict limits. It can be customized to change headers (such as User_Agent) in test requests sent to free proxies. You can also customize it with your own checksite, checksite port, or checksite key, switch between the CONNECT and GET method, etc., to test and filter free proxies. It can be used to validate free socks5 proxies with a connect command, socks4 proxies with a connect command or free HTTP proxies with a GET or CONNECT method. It can validate free proxies with a TCP tunnel.
  • HAproxy
    A high-performance and highly-robust TCP/HTTP load balancer which provides cookie-based persistence, automatic failover, header insertion, deletion, modification on the fly, advanced logging contents to help trouble-shooting buggy applications and/or networks, and a few other features.
  • HTun
    HTun is a tool to allow you to create a fully bidirectional IP VPN over an HTTP proxy or just over port 80, allowing you to bypass restrictive firewalls and use any service you desire.
  • ip_relay
    ip_relay can shape the TCP traffic forwarded through it to a specified bandwidth and allow this specified bandwidth to be changed on-the-fly. Multiple data streams to different hosts/ports may be shaped to the same total bandwidth, much like a traffic shaping router would, however this application runs in user space, and works by acting as a TCP proxy.
  • magent
    magent is a simple but useful proxy program for memcached servers. It supports most of the memcached protocol, keeping connections alive, and backing up server farms.
  • Mizio
    Mizio is a proxy hunter tool for Linux that will also test the anonimity and speed. It uses the QT and KDE library. The program will also retrieve the geographical locations of the proxies server.
  • OpenFWTK
    OpenFWTK is an application proxy toolkit which inherits the ideology of TIS fwtk and maintains API backwards compatibility. The design goal is to make it simple yet powerful; no performance hacks are allowed in the code and library dependencies are reduced to a minimum. It is a true application layer filter. It features unified pluggable content inspection for the most frequently used protocols, NAC (Network Admission Control), and the ability to define fine-grained Internet access policy based on browser identification.
  • pactester
    Pactester is a tool to test Proxy Auto Configuration (PAC) files. PAC files are used by browsers to determine the 'right' proxy for a URL.
  • pptpproxy
    pptpproxy forwards a PPTP VPN connection through a Linux firewall.
  • Proxy-applet
    Proxy-applet is an applet that allows you to change your GNOME Proxy configuration with a single click.
  • Proxymini
    Proxymini is a proxy server that fully supports HTTP, HTTP CONNECT (for HTTPS and so on), SOCKS4 (TCP and TCP bind), and SOCKS5 (TCP, TCP bind, and UDP). It's designed to be small, and for being used in trusted environments where there is no need for complex or advanced options. Double-click on it and it will work immediately. It supports some options like the binding of a specific interface for incoming or outgoing connections, a custom port to bind (the default is 8123), and stdout and file verbose logging.
  • Proxytunnel
    Proxytunnel connects stdin and stdout to a server somewhere on the network, through a standard HTTPS proxy.
  • prtunnel
    prtunnel forwards (or "tunnels") a TCP connection from a local client program to a remote server through an HTTP or SOCKS5 proxy. Useful for programs that don't have native proxy support.
  • reverse pimpage
    reverse pimpage allows you to access a box that is behind a proxy from outside the proxy without having administrative access to the proxy server itself.
  • ser2net
    Serial port to network proxy provides a proxy that allows telnet/tcp connections to be made to serial ports on a machine.
  • sercd
    sercd is a RFC 2217 compliant serial port redirector. It is based on sredird. Other similiar projects are ser2net and msredird.
  • socat
    socat is a relay for bidirectional data transfer between two independent data channels.
  • squid_redirect
    squid_redirect is a redirector for squid that intercepts advertising (banners, popup windows, flash animations, etc), page counters and some web bugs.
  • SquidClamAv
    SquidClamAv is a dedicated ClamAV antivirus redirector for Squid. It can run antivirus checks based on filename regex, content-type regex, and more. It is easy to install and works even with heavy Squid access.
  • sredird
    sredird is a serial port redirector that is compliant with the RFC 2217 "Telnet Com Port Control Option" protocol.
  • sslredir
    sslredir is a simple utility used for redirecting incoming non-SSL connections to outgoing SSL connections. This is useful for enabling applications such as mail, news, or IRC clients, which do not support SSL, to connect to SSL servers. It also supports connecting to the remote host through a SOCKS4A proxy, so sslredir is ideal for use with Tor.
  • is a firewall tunnelling script for accessing external network resources through a normal web proxy.
  • stunnel
    stunnel is designed to work as SSL encryption wrapper between remote client and local (inetd-startable) or remote server. Read more
  • tangle
    tangle is a system for what we call "web page entanglement". tangle creates links between pages automatically based on how users move from one page to another. By viewing the web through a tangle proxy, you can see the connections and associations left by those who surfed the web before you.
  • TCP/Anywhere
    TCP/Anywhere is capable of running multiple daemons on different ports to tunnel common TCP applications, such as email and telnet, through a proxy server. This allows access to otherwise inaccessible Internet applications.
  • TCPDuP
    TCPDuP is a networking utility that can duplicate (proxy) a remote host:port. It is similar to netcat in that it is a command-line networking utility that is designed to make network communications transparent.
  • tcpxd
    tcpxd is a general purpose TCP/IP relay program designed to be simple to get going, requiring only three parameters; the port to listen on, the host to forward to, and the port on that host to connect to.
  • TrafficWatch
    TrafficWatch is a system for accounting for traffic costs in a residential college/school type environment. It consists of a set of scripts and web pages for accounting for internet usage by volume, and is capable of accounting for both Squid proxy traffic and direct IP traffic.
  • transconnect
    transconnect allows users behind a HTTP proxy like squid to use applications like telnet,ssh, irc, fetchmail etc as if they were directly connected to the internet.
  • ufdbGuard
    (commercial) ufdbGuard is a URL filter and free Open Source Software. The URL filter blocks access to sets of Web sites on the Internet, dynamically detects and blocks proxy tunnels, can enforce use of SafeSearch for all major search engines and optionally blocks https sites that are marked as insecure. ufdbGuard blocks Tor, UltraSurf and all major chat applications. ufdbGuard supports YouTube edufilter.
  • Whois Proxy
    Whois Proxy is a Perl whois tool for looking up the owners, technical contacts, abuse desk, IP address, NIC handle, or ASN of any domain on the internet.

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