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10 Top Tools for Novelists
The software featured in this article is designed to meet the specialised needs of a budding novelist. There's the finest open source distraction-free tools, software designed to create visual novels, and tools to help capture and visualise ideas.

(Read more)
pdfgrep is a commandline utility to search text in PDF files. pdfgrep tries to be compatible with GNU Grep, where it makes sense. Many of your favorite grep options are supported (such as -r, -i, -n or -c).


  • gAny2DVD
    gAny2DVD is a graphical application that can convert any of your video files supported by your installation of "mplayer" into MPEG2 format suitable for creating DVDs. A simple DVD authoring tool is included as well. You need to have mplayer, mencoder, and dvdauthor installed in order to run gAny2DVD.
  • gcap
    gcap is a command line tool for retrieving Youtube closed captions. The retrieved closed captions are saved in Subrip (srt) file format.
  • gDVDshrink
    gDVDshrink is a simple tool to help you 'shrink' long double-layer DVD titles into single-layer 4.2 GB DVD-R medium.
  • get_iplayer
    get_iplayer allows a user to download or stream any iPlayer program from the BBC in H.264 (Quicktime/mp4) format, any radio programs in MP3 or RealAudio format (optionally converted to WAV or MP3), and all podcasts in MP3/AAC format. It even downloads the subtitles where available. Read more
  • giplayer
    giplayer is a python-gtk wrapper for get_iplayer. It makes downloading BBC radio and television programmes easier than ever.
  • Grabby
    Grabby retrieves images from a video4linux or video4linux2 compatible Webcam or TV card. It can send them to an FTP server, can write them to disk, supports JPG and PPM, can auto-tune contrast/brightness, and can convert to grayscale.
  • grake
    grake is a command line tool for scanning webpages for Youtube links.
  • GStreamer FFmpeg Plug-in
    GStreamer FFmpeg plug-in contains one plugin with a set of elements that use the FFmpeg library code. It contains most popular decoders as well as very fast colorspace conversion elements.
  • HeldenViewer
    HeldenViewer makes it possible to search, download and view Youtube videos in a very easy to use fashion. An important feature is the concept of adding authors as favorites, in order to be notified at the next start of HeldenViewer if the author has uploaded a new video.
  • i810 TV-OUT Lenn
    i810 TV-OUT Lenny is a ready-to-use chroot environment that allows usage of the TV-out device on intel i810/i8xx/i9xx hardware. It also contains a media player, a file manager, and a window manager.
  • jpegtoavi
    In the tradition of the Unix computing philosophy, here is yet another operator that does one simple task, namely the creation of an AVI MJPEG file given a list of JPEG/JFIF files.
  • K9Copy
    K9Copy is a tabbed tool that allows to copy of one or more titles from a DVD9 to a DVD5, in the same way than DVDShrink for Microsoft Windows (R).
  • KMediaFactory
    KMediaFactory is meant to be easy to use DVD authoring tool. It is NOT meant to be full blown DVD Authoring package. Read more
  • kmenc15
    kmenc15 is an advanced MEncoder frontend, generally designed to be a VirtualDub replacement for Linux. It is most useful for editing and encoding large high quality AVIs capped from TV. It allows cutting and merging at exact frames, applying any MPlayer/MEncoder filter, with preview.
  • KmPg2
    KmPg2 is a user friendly MPEG2 encoding wizard. It allows the user to create high quality DVD compatible MPEG2 streams from any input video. It is designed to be easy to use, requiring little technical knowledge. The wizard uses the powerful video processing tools and the MPEG encoder from the MJPEGTools project.
  • KungFu DVD Ripper
    KungFu is an extremely easy to use DVD backup application (aka "ripper") based on the GStreamer multimedia framework. It rips your DVDs to .ogg files on your hard drive, utilizing patent-free codecs (Theora for video and Vorbis for audio).
  • LuckyTubes
    LuckyTubes is a command-line utility to find, download, and rip audio from YouTube videos.
  • lxdvdrip
    lxdvdrip automates the process of Ripping, Authoring, Preview and Burning of a DVD.
  • ManDVD
    ManDVD is a tool for generating video DVDs.
  • Manencode
    Manencode is a MANDVD module that prepares video to be DVD compliant. This module can be use to transcode any video and edit it. It can cut part of a film, add subtitles, and adjust lightness, contrast, and saturation.
  • mapmvideo
    mapmvideo is a 1f42 MPEG video stream mapper. The written MPEG video stream maps contain information such as stream frame rate, stream duration and number of frames, file position of video stream frames, and so forth. The output conforms to the 1f42 H262 map file format and can be used by programs (such as the linuxlogo MPEG video player) to perform fast and accurate random access.
  • is a video discovery application. It allows users to discover video from their favorite online sources, subscribe for updates to the channels defined on those Web services and, of course, watch the video that is found.
  • mkvtoolnix
    MKVToolnix is a set of tools to create, alter and inspect Matroska files under Linux, other Unices and Windows. They do for Matroska what the OGMtools do for the OGM format and then some.
  • Morevna
    Morevna is an open source anime project made using open source tools like Synfig, Blender, GIMP and Krita.
  • Movgrab
    Movgrab is a command-line movie downloader.
  • mpgtx
    mpgtx is a command line MPEG audio/video/system file toolbox.
  • MPlayer Resume Playback
    MPlayer Resume Playback is a wrapper script for mplayer which saves the playback position of a file you are watching, and when you resume playing the file, will seek to where you last left off. It's most useful with remote control devices.
  • MPlayer Tools
    mplayer-tools is a collection of utilities that eases the use of MPlayer.If you have a TV Tuner you can record and timeshift easily.It also remembers movies and positions so you can resume a movie with a short command,and it has support for movie series.
  • MplayerBuddy
    MplayerBuddy is a media bookmarking application designed to keep track of the user's place when watching videos. It uses mplayer as its back-end media player. It is designed for people with very short attention spans who constantly start and stop several videos.
  • mps-youtube
    This project is based on mps, a terminal based program to search, stream and download music. This implementation uses YouTube as a source of content and can play and download video as well as audio. The pafy library handles interfacing with YouTube. Read more
  • Musiql
    Musiql is a command-line front-end to MPlayer that provides SQL-based music library management features using SQLite. The project's goal is to provide a full set of music library management features without resorting to a menu-based interface. It imports music files into its database, extracting metadata from tags using Mutagen. SQL queries can then be used to retrieve lists of songs and play them in MPlayer. Static and dynamic playlists can be saved, and Musiql keeps track of play counts and ratings for each track.
  • MvpdMake
    MvpdMake is a GUI wrapper around mplayer, mencoder, sox, and mv_encoder to convert video files to the MoviePod (.mvpd) video format to be played by mv_player under iPodLinux on your iPod Nano.
  • MythRip
    MythRip is a GUI for exporting recordings from MythTV. It offers a full-featured, re-orderable, multi-threaded encoding queue, support for x264 video and two-pass encoding, encoder presets, the ability to delete recordings from MythTV, the ability to preview recordings from MythTV, template-based output filenames, and more.
  • NomNom
    NomNom is an application for downloading videos from Youtube and similar video sites that require Adobe Flash.
  • Open Broadcast Encoder
    The Open Broadcast Encoder, or OBE, is a broadcast encoder built from Open Source components. It is in use or in planned deployments at many major broadcasters and IPTV providers worldwide and provides significantly higher visual quality at a given bit rate on commodity hardware.
  • Open-DVB
    Open-DVB is an open implementation of digital video broadcasting (DVB) distributed under the BSD license. The purpose of this application is to serve as a benchmark for our compiler system.
  • OST-Box
    OST-Box (Open Set-Top Box) is (yet another) set-top box program. Its goal is to provide easy access to all kinds of media and to be easy to extend. Its interface is written in XML and JavaScript (using Mozilla Spidermonkey). The current features include browsing and editing of photo collections, playing of video clips, and control from lirc.
  • PhotoFilmStrip
    PhotoFilmStrip lets you create a movie (slideshow) from images.
  • Piksel
    Piksel is a framework of tools and libraries which aims to provide interoperability between various free software applications dealing with video manipulation techniques.
  • PM2V
    PM2V is a library for parallel encoding a video sequence in MPEG II. PM2V is mainly based on mpeg2encode v1.2a, it aims to speed up the computing of video sequence by using multiple processors.
  • PMPlib
    Portable Media Player library (PMPlib) is an open source project to develop a management software/library for various portable media players.
  • pornotube-dl
    pornotube-dl is a small command-line program to download videos from, based on the code of youtube-dl. Hence, it has the same requirements and features, and its syntax is very similar.
  • PVRec
    PVRec takes the MPEG-2 input stream and lets you save and view it simultaneously (or do either, or neither).
  • PyJoin
    PyJoin is a program to join multiple MPEG files into one MPEG file.
  • python-dvdauthor
    The dvdauthor module allows you to create a structure of menus, titles, and titlesets (including the VMGM menu) in an object-oriented manner.
  • python-youtube
    python-youtube is a Python client for the YouTube API. You can use it to access YouTube metadata in your applications and Web applications using the REST interface of the YouTube API.
  • QuickCapture
    QuickCapture is a program to capture still images and live video feed from Video4Linux devices. It is designed to work with minimal dependencies, but offer a variety of extensions, such as timestamping images, benchmarking, a plugin system, and much more.
  • QuickRip DVD
    QuickRip DVD is a basic DVD ripper for GNU/Linux written in Python and PyQt. Whilst it lacks options to fine-tune how you want to rip your DVD, it makes ripping quick and easy, and so is ideal for those who aren't bothered about framerates, clipping, and other (in my experience) unecessary options.
  • QuickTime Components
    This project aims to develop QuickTime components for popular open source audio and video codecs.

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