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Improve Your Mental Mettle with These Open Source Puzzle Games
Puzzle video games are a type of game that focuses on puzzle solving. A puzzle is a problem or set of problems a player has to solve within the confines of the game.

(Read more)
Flatpak is the new framework for desktop applications on Linux. Distributing applications on Linux is a pain: different distributions in multiple versions, each with their own versions of libraries and packaging formats. Flatpak is here to change all that. It allows the same app to be installed on different Linux distributions, including different versions. And it has been designed from the ground up with security in mind, so that apps are isolated from each other and from the host system.


  • iftopcolor
    iftopcolor is iftop with color for color enabled terminals.
  • IOG
    a network I/O byte grapher made to graph cumulative kB/MB/GB totals for hours/days and months
  • IP Bandwidth Watchdog
    a pcap based IP traffic monitor. It tallies per-subnet traffic and bandwidth usage and starts detailed logging if specified threshold for the specific subnet is exceeded
  • IP Flow Meter
    a bandwidth analysis tool, that measures how much bandwidth specified hosts use on their Internet link
  • IP Tables State
    IP Tables State implements the "state top" feature from IP Filter for IP Tables.
  • IP-ID
    IP-ID allows simple name resolution in a local network without using DNS via the samba nmblookup program. It also integrates with XBMC to detect and add an xbox to known local hosts.
    IPAUDIT listens to a network device in promiscuous mode, and records of every 'connection', each conversation between two ip addresses. A unique connection is determined by the ip addresses of the two machines, the protocol used between them and the port numbers (if they are communicating via udp or tcp).
  • iplog
    a TCP/IP traffic logger. Currently, it is capable of logging TCP, UDP and ICMP traffic, though adding support for other protocols should be relatively easy. iplog contains a built-in packet filter, allowing for logging or excluding packets that fit a given set of criteria
  • iplogled
    iplogled is a logger for IP packets via keyboard LEDs. It logs ICMP, UDP, and TCP connections.
  • ipmap
    Ipmap is an IP address grapher, inspired by an xkcd comic and glTail. It reads data from standard input and maps IP/size pairs on a map. You could run this unmaintained on some display in your NOC to visualize network traffic as an eye-catcher.
  • IPTraf
    IPTraf is an open source ncurses-based IP LAN monitor that generates various network statistics including TCP info, UDP counts, ICMP and OSPF information, LAN station packet, Ethernet load info, node stats, IP checksum errors, and others. Read more
  • IPWatch
    IPWatch is a Linux shell script that will monitor your network connection and take corrective action when several problems happen.
  • isdnMonitor
    isdnMonitor saves call information (number, name, connection, and duration) in a MySQL database, does inverse searches for German phone numbers, enables notifying clients via the Windows/SMB messaging service, and displays caller names on an LCD display via LCDproc.
  • Isdnserver
    monitors the isdnctrl device from the isdn4linux package, as of today it's capabilities are limited, it will just send all the relevant data to the clients
  • jail
    a simple, but often useful network security tool which displays ICMP packets and attempted TCP connections from remote hosts
  • jMon
    jMon creates a TCP/IP connection to the jmond daemon running on each of the hosts that are to be monitored. The client displays CPU, memory and swap usage on the host machines. The amount of resources consumed is displayed as a horizontal bar, ranging between 0% and 100%. Where the terminal is capable of colour, a load between 0% and 33% is indicated in green, 33% to 66% in yellow, and 66%+ in red. With a long list of hosts on display, it is possible to scroll through the list using the cursor keys, or simply resize the window in X.
  • jnettop
    jnettop is a network traffic visualiser. Nettop captures traffic comming across the host it is running on and displays streams sorted by bandwidth they use. Result is a nice listing of communication on network by host and port, how many bytes did this communication transport and the bandwidth it is consuming. Read more
  • Job Monarch
    Job Monarch is an addon to the ?Ganglia Monitoring System that provides (batch) job monitoring and graphical overview of clusters and assorted batch systems.
  • KBMon
    KBMon is a bandwidth-monitor for local network devices. On three different panels you can watch the speed of the transfered and the received data, and you can see the speed of the total data on the choosen interface.
  • kimon
    a simple ISDN monitor that attaches itself into the KDE taskbar. It displays the status of all connected ISDN devices that are known to ISDN4Linux
  • Knetdump
    a net-tool for analysing and visualizing basic protocols of the OSI layer 1-4 (KDE)
  • KWaveControl
    a monitoring tool for WaveLAN devices. It shows information such as the link quality and bit rate
  • KWebWatch
    a small utility designed to monitor urls, checking for changes. It docks into the KDE 2.0 panel and can also be used as a launching pad for viewing urls in your favorite browser
  • Limph
    Limph (Limph Is Monitoring Pingable Hosts) provides both UPD and TCP port checks of grouped network hosts with email notification. Limph is completely configurable through its Web interface.
  • Linksys Monitor
    a Posix compliant application, used to monitor and react to device activity of Cisco Linksys devices
  • linksysmon
    a tool for monitoring Linksys BEFSR41 and BEFSR11 firewalls under Linux and other Unix-like operating systems
  • ltraf
    ltraf is a utility to list traffic flowing through a computer's network interface.
  • lvs-rrd
    lvs-rrd is a couple of scripts to collect connection data from an LVS, store them in RRD files and later graph that data so that trends can be observed.
  • Mbrowse
    Mbrowse is an SNMP MIB browser based on GTK and net-snmp.
  • mirmon
    quietly probes a subset of the sites in a given list, writes the results in the 'state' file and generates a web page with the results. The subset contains the sites that are new, bad and/or not probed for a specified time
  • Monesa
    Monesa is a simple script for monitoring hosts trough the ICMP protocol.
  • MoNetAny
    MoNetAny is a general monitor applet for the gnome panel.
  • Monitoringplug
    Monitoringplug is a collection of monitoring plugins for Nagios. This collection uses libraries like net-snmp, curl, ldns, selinux, xmlrpc-c, and expat to check services.
  • MonitorIT!
    a general-purpose multi-environment network monitor
    MONTSUQI is a small transaction monitor for Unix-like systems. It provides online processing like a mainframe, but features a more powerful user interface. It supports programming in C, COBOL, and Ruby. It has a clustering feature for heavy loads, and manages database replication.
  • MoSSHe
    MoSSHe (MOnitoring with SSH Environment) is a simple, a simple, lightweight (both in size and system requirements) server monitoring package designed for secure and in-depth monitoring (typically around a dozen checks per system) of a handful of remote systems, typically internet servers or similar
  • MRTA
    a complete package for network traffic accounting across the multiple routers and clients
  • mrtg
    The Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG) is a tool to monitor the traffic load on network-links. MRTG generates HTML pages containing graphical images which provide a LIVE visual representation of this traffic. Check for an example. MRTG is based on Perl and C and works under UNIX and Windows NT.
  • mrtg-select
    mrtg-select allows the flexible display of MRTG graphs, chosen by keyword and time span. Keywords are automagically detected by looking at the graphs generated by MRTG, which means there is no configuration file to update: just point the script at the directory with the graphs.
  • mtr
    mtr combines the functionality of the 'traceroute' and 'ping' programs in a single network diagnostic tool. Read more
  • Murty's X Watcher
    Murty's X Watcher processes web server / proxy server access logs and generates a report on a web page providing details of hits to X Rated web sites.
  • Nagiosgraph
    Nagiosgraph is an add-on for Nagios. It collects service perfdata in RRD format, and displays the resulting graphs via CGI.
  • nagstamon
    Nagstamon is a Nagios status monitor with a UI that resides in the GNOME systray or on the Windows desktop. It informs you in realtime about the status of your Nagios monitored network.
  • NAT Monitor
    a tool to monitor internet hosts` bandwidth usage in a Linux-NAT network. A daemon collects data and clients display them (currently a GTK apps with a graph, a console version and a Win32 frontend). It detects new hosts and has a nice summary statistic
  • NatStat
    NatStat is a network monitoring tool designed to help paranoid users and network administrators that want to monitor their iptables settings live. The power of NatStat is that it can monitor iptables-rules.
    a remote system monitor for unix hosts. It is a client/server-application using UDP-packets to receive the information of the hosts running the daemon and listed in the clients configuration file
  • NDSAD Traffic Collector
    NDSAD is a software package for translating captured traffic data into the NetFlow v.5 format.
  • nefu
    monitors network services and reports outages. Working from a discription of the network topography, nefu's algorithm prevents "false alarms" in the event of a network outage due to a dependency failure
  • nepim
    Network pipemeter: a tool for measuring available bandwidth between hosts. nepim is also useful to generate network traffic for testing purposes.
  • net-check
    a pair of simple perl scripts that will monitor and report on your internet connectivity

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