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10 Top Tools for Novelists
The software featured in this article is designed to meet the specialised needs of a budding novelist. There's the finest open source distraction-free tools, software designed to create visual novels, and tools to help capture and visualise ideas.

(Read more)
Kega Fusion
Kega Fusion is an impressive multi-console emulator created by Steve Snake. The emulator supports most of the Sega consoles, including the GameGear, Genesis (Mega Drive), Master System, Sega 32X, Sega CD, Sega Pico, SG-1000, SG-3000 and SF-7000. Read more


  • Prelude Log Monitoring Lackey
    Prelude Log Monitoring Lackey is the host-based sensor program part of the Prelude Hybrid IDS suite. It can act as a centralized log collector for local or remote systems, or as a simple log analyzer (such as swatch).
  • Pyama
    Pyama is a system and network monitoring application for desktop Linux users.
  • pypty
    pypty is a tty logger aimed at heavy script users who like to (or would like to start to) log everything they do on important systems.
  • Regwatch
    a regular expression based logfile watcher in perl. It watches a log file, and executes pre-defined actions based on whether the line matches a regular expression defined in the configuration
  • Root-Portal
    allows you to log multiple log files into multiple desktop portals or mix them together in any combination with graphical backgrounds, transient backgrounds, shaded backgrounds, filtering and colourising,
  • shrotate
    shrotate is a portable utility for rotation of log files similar to the Red Hat "logrotate" tool. It uses GNU shtool for making the rotation.
  • since
    since is a unix utility similar to tail. Unlike tail, since only shows the lines appended since the last time. It is useful to monitor growing log files.
  • Snort Monitor
    a Qt based GUI snort monitor for Linux/Unix written in C/C++. Currently, it is capable of monitoring multiple snort sensors in a centralized monitor screen
  • Snowlog
    Snowlog lets you browse your web server's access log files. It does not generate static HTML status reports but instead shows you all accesses in a list that you can filter, sort and search easily. It's a console application and supposed to run on the server via ssh.
  • squidview
    an interactive console program which monitors squid logs and displays them in a nice fashion. It has searching and reporting functions, giving information like per user bandwidth and cache hits
  • swatch
    swatch started out as the "simple watchdog" for activly monitoring log files produced by UNIX's syslog facility. It has since been evolving into a utility that can monitor just about any type of log. Read more
  • System Log Viewer
    System Log Viewer is a graphical, menu-driven viewer to view and monitor system logs. System Log Viewer comes with a few functions that can help you manage your logs, including a log monitor and log statistics display. Read more
  • Tail Server
    Tail server allows you to export the output of a "tail -f" command of a log file to a TCP port, allowing it to be viewed remotely with telnet. It provides a regular expression filter to include or exclude output view.
  • Tailbeep
    opens a file (-f), seeks to the end, and watches for a string (-s). If the string is found, a beep is sent to the specified tty (-t) device. You can also daemonize (-d) it
  • tenshi
    tenshi is a log monitoring program, designed to watch a log file for lines matching user defined regular expression and report on the matches. The regular expressions are assigned to queues which have an alert interval and a list of mail recipients .
  • Timbersee
    Timbersee monitors logfiles for important messages, can watch more than one logfile at a time, and does not fork off extra processes.
  • ttywatch
    ttywatch monitors, logs, and multiplexes terminal I/O. It has full log rotation built in, and can use telnet as well as local TTY ports.
  • unalog
    unalog is a universal logging architecture for people that logs events at any interface between man and machine.
  • wap54g-log
    wap54g-log is a simple log viewer for Linksys WAP54G (and possibly other) Wireless Access Points. The log viewer listens on a port (default the syslog port; UDP 514) for log packets from the router and dumps them to syslog, screen or file.
  • webreport
    webreport is a web log statistics reporting program especially designed for virtual web hosting sites.
  • weedlog
    weedlog is a packet logger ment for two purposes. The first being to help diagnose networking problems by reviewing all packet information except the actual data they are carrying. The second being to kill time and boredum as both are evil.
  • WOTS
    WOTS is a tool for monitoring logging output from multiple sources, and then generating actions and reports based on what is found in these logs.
  • Xlogmaster
    Xlogmaster is software that lets you monitor everything that is going on on your system effortlessly. This software can monitor an almost infinite number of logfiles and all devices. Read more
  • xsysguard
    xsysguard is a resource-friendly system monitor based on Imlib2. The main features include a powerful configuration file format, full alpha channel support, configurable widgets, and many data sources implemented as modules.

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