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Romp Home with these 21 Peerless ASCII Games
The purpose of this article is to identify our favourite ASCII based games. There are no fancy graphics here, just great gameplay coupled with the urge of always having just one more play.

(Read more)
3D Slicer
3D Slicer (Slicer) is a multi-platform, open source, integrated software for visualization and image computing. It is intended for computer scientists and clinical researchers. Read more


  • AAFID2
    the latest implementation of a system that adheres to the AAFID architecture is called AAFID2. AAFID (Autonomous Agents for Intrusion Detection) is a distributed monitoring architecture with an orientation towards Intrusion Detection developed at the CERIAS at Purdue University
  • asapm
    an X Windows tool to monitor the Advanced Power Management (APM) system status on laptop andnotebook PCs running Linux
  • DiggerDiff
    a simple program to help you keep an eye out for changes on web pages you are interested in. I use it to watch the job pages of local companies. It fetches each page in its list and compares the contents against an older copy of that page stored locally and displays the results
  • dspspy
    dspspy is a sound recording utility for spyíng. dspspy waits until a sound is detected and then it records it to a unique file.
  • Dudki!
    a process monitoring daemon that sits silently in background and checks whether the processes it feels responsible for are running. It gets a process identifier from the file, sees if the process is alive and if not, does its best to start one. Dudki reports the actions taken to his owner via email
  • Event monitor
    Event monitor is a Notification, Action-Based system for network, system and application monitoring.
  • Fast Logging Project for Snort
    FLoP is designed to gather alerts with payload from distributed snort sensors on a central server and to store them in a database (PostgreSQL and MySQL are supported). On the sensor, the output is written to a process called sockserv. This process is threaded; one thread receives and buffers the alert packets, and the other thread forwards them to a central server. The output is decoupled from snort, which can proceed in sniffing instead of waiting for the output plugins. At the central server, a process called servsock gathers all alerts from the remote sensors and feeds them to the database. A short description of alerts with high priority together with the database ID can be sent via email to a list of recipients.
  • fileschanged
    a command line file alteration monitoring tool that monitors sets of files and reports when they have changed. It can be used in shell scripts to take action when certain files have been altered
  • FTimes
    a system baselining and evidence collection tool. The primary purpose of FTimes is to gather and/or develop information about specified directories and files in a manner conducive to intrusion analysis
  • gogmagog
    gogmagog is a systems integrity monitor.
  • gospy-applet
    gospy-applet is a GNOME applet monitoring changes on servers and web pages. You can add a illimited number of sources to monitor. It is possible to detect changes in HTTP header fields, IP associated with domain name, page content, page status, page load time and so on.
  • Informant
    Informant is a set of utilities for keeping a user informed of events. It consists of an informant, which is the means by which the user is alerted to the occurrence of the said event, and a number of sources that "whisper" an alert to the informant when a set of utilities for keeping a user informed of events. It consists of an informant, which is the means by which the user is alerted to the occurrence of the said event, and a number of sources that "whisper" an alert to the informant when the event occurs.
  • instmon
    instmon monitors the installation of programs (or anything else), and detects the files that were added to the filesystem hierarchy or modified. Therefore, it allows administrators to keep track of everything they install inside their system's directory structure, even when they perform an installation without using the native package manager.
  • ipgrab
    ipgrab is a packet sniffing tool, based on the Berkeley packet capture library, that prints complete data-link, network and transport layer header information for all packets it sees.
  • jdwhatsnew
    a CGI/cron combo to check for updates on sites. It supports both http and ftp URIs, is totallyadministered through a web interface, and user plain text configuration files for easy updating andexchanging of settings with others
  • KHealthCare
    KHealthCare is a hardware monitoring program, running under Linux / KDE. Its purpose is to help you foresee an upcoming system failure, or at least protect the integrity of your remaining hardware if critical system components are failing, such as the power supply, chassis fans or CPU fan.
  • kmon
    a KDE service monitor. It allows you to monitor a number of services, and receive warnings when services go online or offline
  • Loggerithim
    Loggerithim is an Open Source monitoring package. It allows you to monitor your systems, proactively spot problems, perform post-mortems, throw alerts when bad things happen, predict future needs, and automate routine administration tasks.
  • lperfex
    lperfex is a Hardware Performance Monitor for Linux/IA32 Systems.
    a highly configurable network monitoring and network intrusion detection server. It uses a distributed client/server model that allows it to scale to very large networks, and features highly optimized Snort support that dramatically reduces the overhead of both the Snort Sensor and the alert data repository
  • MyNMS
    MyNMS is a simple program to detect and report interface status changes.
  • Network UPS Tools
    Network UPS Tools is part of a developing project to monitor the assortment of UPSes.
  • OpenSMART
    Open (Source|System) Monitoring and Reporting Tool: an Open Source System Monitoring Software to monitor problems on your servers and to report some important data about your servers. It is somehow similar to Tivoli or OpenView.
  • Performance Co-Pilot
    a framework and set of services for supporting system-level performance monitoring and performance management
  • PIKT
    PIKT is an innovative new paradigm for administering heterogeneous networked workstations. PIKT is a multi-functional tool for monitoring systems, reporting and fixing problems, and managing system configurations. Read more
  • PowerChute plus
    (commercial) A UPS Power Management software for network administrators in Linux environments.
  • Printerspy
    Printerspy is a perl/tk tool to monitor printers.
  • sawdog
    Sawdog is a script which informs the sysops of mission critical servers in the case of a failure, like a sort of watchdog. The script executes a given set of Expect scripts, and if one of the Expect scripts fails, it sends an email or an SMS, or executes a command. You can probe for more than just reachability because the Expect scripts can check if the responses on the ports are correct.
  • SisIYA
    Sistsem Izleme ve Yonetim Araci: SisIYA is an open source (GPL) system monitoring tool. It is a simple yet powerful tool. With SisIYA you can monitor your Linux, UNIX, MacOS X, Windows, switches, airports, printers, UPS, power switches ... systems.
  • Snort Alert Monitor
    Snort Alert Monitor monitors (in real-time) the number of alerts generated by Snort.
  • systemstatus
    systemstatus is a small perl script that gives the following info in html format: system uptime, httpd (www) status (not a detailed log analyzer), memory/swap usage,disk space usage, current users logged on and current system processes.
  • Usagemon
    a small, simple system for tracking usage of software over a network, or for monitoring software events such as crashes, number of times a feature is used
  • Uwatch
    a program designed to inform you when users log in or out of a system
  • Web Secretary
    Web Secretary is a web page monitoring software that detects changes based on content analysis and can email the changed page to you with the new contents highlighted.
  • WMLmMon
    a system health monitoring applet for WindowMaker, which uses a kernel module to read the status of lm78/75 chips on most current motherboards
  • Yamon
    Yamon is a very simple program designed to check whether a server is up and running and to send an alert to a human when something appears to be broken. It can also perform some basic troubleshooting to guess why things aren't working properly.

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