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9 Excellent Open Source Configuration Management Applications
This software automates the configuration of machines to a particular state. Like any other tools, they are designed to solve specific problems in certain ways. The goal is to get a system from whatever state it is in, into the desired state. Configuration management software are the tools of choice for many system administrators and devops professionals.

(Read more)
jEdit is a powerful, easy to use, extensible text editor. Read more


  • gbiff
    gbiff checks for mail within a file, a qmail or mh style dir, or an imap4 , pop3 or apop server. It can display headers (number, sender, subject, and date) when new mail has arrived. It interprets any ISO-8859 encoding and supports both GTK and GNOME. hot
  • KBiff
    KBiff is a "biff" or new mail notification utility. It is highly configurable but very easy to use and setup. It tries to combine the best of the features of most of the "other" biff programs out there. hot
  • aargh
    Another AutoResponder Gone Haywire: a Perl program to help you set up automatic responses to email. aargh will set up procmail to watch for incoming mail from a particular person, and as soon as any arrives, send them off the response you tell it to.
  • asMail
    asMail is a "mail-checker" like xbiff, but with the Afterstep look & feel. It indicates the status of your mailbox and features POP3 Support, IMAP Support, Maildir Support (standard Unix mailfile), Multiple mailboxes & Afterstep wharf.
  • bbmail
    bbmail is a mail-checker with a Blackbox look and feel. Features include: Support for POP, IMAP etc. through external program, ability to start command when new mail arrives.
  • catfriend
    catfriend creates desktop notifications when new mail arrives.
  • cdbiff
    cdbiff is a tool for notifying you of mail arrival using a CD-ROM drive. cdbiff execute `eject' command to eject a CD-ROM tray when mail arrives.
  • cgmail
    cgmail (check Gmail) is an email checker and notifier applet for the GNOME desktop. It will periodically check your Gmail account and will notify you of new incoming messages. It will use GNOME Keyring to store your credentials for security enhancements instead of storing it in plain text files. It uses a fresh DBUS notification to tell you that a new message is into your Gmail inbox.
  • CheckGmail
    CheckGmail is a *nix system tray application that checks a Gmail account for new mail. It is fast, secure and uses minimal bandwidth via the use of atom feeds. When new mail is present the tray icon changes and a tooltip displays the number and details of new messages. Configuration is GUI-based and the application is designed to be simple, elegant and unobtrusive. Read more
  • Checkmail
    Checkmail is a simple mail biff written in Perl. It transparently monitors a single POP3 account. Checkmail has an easy GUI configuration, and now supports APOP authorization.
  • CMC
    Chaos Mail Checker is a small application licensed under the GPL designed to scan all your mailboxes and display all your folders and mailboxes.
  • cwbiff
    cwbiff is a Perl program (similar to the classic Unix program 'biff') that queries a mailbox and notifies the user about new incoming mail by sending the From and Subject lines in morse code (CW). It supports IMAP(s) and mbox.
  • EAR
    Email Auto Responder: provides an easy one time installation that gives end users the ability to have auto responses sent to individuals who email them if they are away on business or vacation. Unlike other auto responders, EAR needs to be installed once per system, not on a per user basis
  • ebiff
    ebiff is a mail notification agent, like biff or Xbiff, for the GNU/Linux operating system (and other posix operating systems). It is free software distributed under the GNU/GPL license.
  • EBuffy
    EBuffy is yet another mail notification tool that can automatically find mailboxes in a directory. Suitable if you subscribe to many mailinglists, and sort them out into one file each.
  • evonotify
    evonotify is a little gtk-perl script to add panel-mail-notification to evolution by using a filter.
  • Flink Mailchecker
    Flink Mailchecker is a small panel applet for the GNOME panel. It features support for multiple accounts, so that you will not need to have several applets for checking different accounts.
  • gbox_applet
    gbox_applet is a GNOME mbox file watcher. You can add as many mailboxes as you wish. For each mailbox you can define a separate interval for checking.
  • GBuffy
    GBuffy is a GTK+ multiple mailbox "biff" program. It is conceptually based on XBuffy by Bill Pemberton, but is a complete rewrite from scratch. GBuffy is currently capable of watching MBOX, MMDF, Maildir and MH Folders.
  • GKrellM Mailwatch
    GKrellM Mailwatch is a GKrellM plugin which monitors mailboxes. It can monitor multiple mailboxes with extra counters and supports the mbox, maildir, and MH formats.
  • Gmail Notifier
    Gmail Notifier is a MSN Messenger like popup written in Python that pops up an alert when new mail is received to a Gmail account. Read more
  • GMailWatch
    GMailWatch is a GNOME Panel mail watcher which displays Inbox summaries. It integrates within the GNOME Panel, displays sender and subject of received mail and is configurable.
  • GmNotify
    GmNotify is a tray applet that notifies you of new messages from Gmail and provides an easy mechanism to get to them. It was designed for Linux/*NIX to run in Gnome, KDE, and XFCE.
  • gnubiff
    gnubiff is a mail notification program that checks for mail, displays headers when new mail has arrived and allow to read first lines of new mails. It relies on the GNOME and GTK libraries but can be compiled and used with or without GNOME support. Supported protocols are pop3, apop, imap4, mh, qmail and mailfile. Furthermore, gnubiff is fully configurable with a lot of options like polltime, poptime, sounds, mail reader, mailbox title, etc.
  • gpostman
    gpostman is a simple mailchecker for your X desktop. It displays a pixmap of your choice if you *have no mail* in your spool file, and another pixmap of your choice if you *have* mail in your spool file.
  • Gubby
    Gubby is a small buffy-like mutt-like program that relies on procmail. Whenever your procmail logfile changes, Gubby will scan which folders procmail has delivered mail to and display a sorted list on screen.
  • Gwatch
    Gwatch is a mail spool monitor similar to the watcher feature of tkrat. Gwatch monitors a mail spool, and when new mail arrives, it displays a window, containing the from, and subject fields of the new email. It is written in c, with the gtk+ toolkit.
  • hbiff
    hbiff is a mail notification tool for X11. New mail is announced by flashing the hbiff and optionally displaying information about the messages (who each message is from, the subject line, and date).
  • imapbiff
    imapbiff checks IMAP accounts for new mail. It uses images similar to those of the classic xbiff program. It works similar to xbiff, except it is only used to check for new mail in IMAP accounts.
  • Ixbiff
    Ixbiff blinks the keyboard leds when new mail arrives. The keyboard leds used, depend on the daemon's configuration.
  • KCheckGmail
    KCheckGmail is a KDE systray application to check your Gmail.
  • kcheckmail
    kcheckmail is a very simple mail biff for an IMAP account. Every time a new message comes in, it displays a popup window (using kdialog) that shows the "From" and the "Subject" headers of the message.
  • KLassie
    KLassie is a Kicker Panel Applet to allow you to display how many email messages you have waiting. It comes with two data provider plugins, one that will poll an IMAP server, one will use KIO to open a mailbox, and the other will execute an arbitrary shell command that produces a number, and display the number on the panel.
  • KNewMail
    KNewMail is designed to check multiple email servers, including POP3, IMAP, and Local files for waiting mail and then notify the user of the waiting mail.
  • kshowmail
    kshowmail is a POP3 mail checker for the KDE with these features: show number, size and other useful information about mails on pop3 servers in a list view, on request show the raw mail headers or complete mails, delete unwanted mail from server.
  • Ledmail
    Ledmail is a small mail checking utility that utilises the keyboard leds (caps, num and scroll lock) to indicate when new mail has arrived. The leds are made to flash in an answerphone-like manner to indicate the number of new messages that are present in some mail servers. This can now check POP3 accounts or IMAP accounts.
  • LGMTray
    LGMTray is a lightweight application that docks in your system tray and notifies you when new mail has arrived on your GMail account. It is designed to have very few dependencies.
  • Mail Notification
    Mail Notification is a mail notification for the GNOME Notification Area. It features multiple folder support, mbox, MH Maildir and Sylpheed support. Read more
  • MailNotifier
    MailNotifier is a Firefox 1.0 extension which notifies for new emails, and also provides easy way to start your favorite email client in case you have new email. To keep the extension fast working delete emails from the server.
  • mavbiff
    mavbiff informs you about incoming mail and brings the xterm to the front. Requires GTK and X11.
  • Melon
    Melon is a simple utility that notifies user for received e-mails, through a nice couple of configurable icons. In short it is an xbiff replacement.
  • Mozilla New Mail Icon
    Mozilla New Mail Icon is an extension which displays an icon in the system tray when new mail arrives in your Mozilla or Mozilla Thunderbird . It supports the standard ( system tray, as used by GNOME, KDE and IceWM.
  • Nbiff
    Nbiff is yet another biff-variant. Unlike other biff programs, however, nbiff does not watch mailboxes itself but requires to be notified by a short network contact passing sender address and subject.
  • Netbiff
    Netbiff is an advanced "biff," or mail notification utility, geared towards checking mailboxes across multiple machines. Each biff interface can have an arbitrary number of backends, each supporting a different interface to examining the mail.
  • newmail
    newmail is a biff-like tool for the text terminal. It first occurred inside of the Elm mail reader and proved to be quite useful. This has been rewritten from scratch.
  • osd_mail
    osd_mail watches a set of mbox style mail boxes for new mail and displays on screen the names of those containing new mail. It requires xosd.
  • psi-imapmail
    psi-imapmail is a small but nevertheless highly configurable gdesklet which fits perfectly into your psi-themed sidebar. It reports the status of your distant imap-mailbox (shows the amount of new messages/total messages) and is able to utilize both ssl-secured (port 993) and non-secured (port 143) connections.
  • QGMailNotifier
    QGMailNotifier is a portable GMail notifier designed to provide all of the functionality that the official Windows notifier has and more.
  • Sonicmail
    Sonicmail is a POP3 email notifier GNOME applet. It will notify you when you receive new emails by displaying a selectable icon in the applet. Also, optionally, a sound may be played. Sonicmail is fully configurable.
  • speaking mailbox
    speaking mailbox is a modified xmailbox program which is able to speak From and Subject fields from the incoming mail.
  • speechbiff
    speechbiff is a simple perl script that has functionality resembling the BSD biff program. Instead of displaying information about new mail in the terminal, speechbiff uses the /dev/speech device to read the information aloud with a text-to-speech package.
  • tkbiff
    tkbiff is yet another program to alert you to incoming mail. tkbiff allows arbitrary commands to be executed upon mail reception.
  • wmBiff
    WMBiff is a dock applet for WindowMaker which can monitor up to 5 mailboxes. It can read POP3, APOP, IMAP/IMAPS, mbox and maildir mailboxes as well as licq history files. It can also perform actions on the mailboxes upon mouse clicks or new mail arrival.
  • wmgmail
    This is a DockApp, intended for use with WindowMaker or fluxbox -window managers. It has a graphical configuration interface using GTK+.
  • wmMultiPop3
    wmMultiPop3 is a WindowMaker dockapp which checks one or more pop3-accounts for new mail. It's based on wmPop3.
  • WMpop
    WMpop is a WindowMaker DockApp for monitoring a POP3 mailbox. It can be configured via a graphic interface written in GTK+. It displays: number of mails in the mailbox (or unread mails if checked in the preference screen), a scrolling text with the email address of the senders (only for local mailbox for the moment), and a status led, indicating mail checking progression and errors.
  • WMPop3
    WMPop3 is a Window Maker dockable that inform sa user on how many messages are currently in their pop3 mail box.
  • xbiff 2
    xbiff 2 is a graphical mail notificator. Highly configurable, it gives choice between several appearances and several languages. It works with local mail or with a pop3 or imap4 server. It allows to configure the actions to run when receiving a new mail, and also for reading or writing mails.
  • XLassie
    XLassie is a replacement for the standard X mail notification tool, XBiff. It features counting the number of new messages you have, can query a POP3 server or an IMAP server, uses less memory than XBiff, can run a command when clicked on.
  • xmailheaders
    xmailheaders is a mail notification utility based on the mailbox utility that's available on Solaris workstations. The idea is that it sits on your desktop somewhere, periodically polling the mail server/spool for new messages. New message headers are displayed as they come in. Supported mailbox formats are POP3, IMAPv4, and Unix mail. SSL-based password authentication is also supported for POP and IMAP.
  • YAMN
    YAMN is a simple mail notifier for a Maildir-format which is used e.g. with the ” MTA qmail. It can play a soundfile and/or start a program to inform you of new mails in your inbox.

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