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9 Excellent Open Source Configuration Management Applications
This software automates the configuration of machines to a particular state. Like any other tools, they are designed to solve specific problems in certain ways. The goal is to get a system from whatever state it is in, into the desired state. Configuration management software are the tools of choice for many system administrators and devops professionals.

(Read more)
Pinta is an extremely versatile, extensible, self-learning image classification program. It uses texture and color analysis and neural network techniques to automatically learn differences in images. Read more


  • Atheism
    Atheism is an extremely flexible and configurable multi purpose Perl script for X-Chat.
  • autodl-irssi
    autodl-irssi is a plugin for Irssi which monitors torrent IRC announce channels, downloads torrent files based on a user-defined filter, and then sends the torrent files to a local or remote torrent client. It supports several different private trackers.
  • Bouncer
    Bouncer is an IRC session manager that can share a single server connection between multiple clients. This makes it possible to run the same IRC session at home or in your office. It also has a flexible plugin structure that allows you to record message and do logging in a centralized place.
  • Chirpy!
    Chirpy! is an Open Source online quote management system. It allows you to keep a database of quotes by friends and foes. It is most useful for quotes collected on IRC channels.
  • coridoras
    coridoras provides a relatively simple way to encrypt IRC queries without changing the client and/or the server.
  • CWirc
    CWirc is an X-Chat plugin for sending and receiving raw morse code over IRC.
  • dccserver
    dccserver is a standalone program that aims to provide the functions of MIRC's /dccserver command.
  • deStats
    deStats is a powerful stats generator created in C. This program takes a log file and turns it into detailed information about the channel and it's users.
  • dicinfo
    dicinfo is a set of .tcl scripts to use on eggdrop 1.6.x. It provides an infobot to IRC (help) channels. icel has superseeded dicinfo.
  • Egg-fu
    Egg-fu is a simulated-AI IRC script for eggdrop much like infobot, but with many more options and features and high-configurability, multi-language support and two main modes: the default SAI mode, and the define-bot mode.
    EPIC SSL-IRC is a project that wants to create a fully trusted IRC network, with clients and servers using SSL to communicate (including certificates). This implementation is a port of HQ's BitchX implementation.
  • Epona
    Epona is a set of services for IRC networks that allows users to manage their nicks and channels in a secure and efficient way, and administrators to manage their network with powerful tools.
  • Far East Trader
    Feast (Far East Trader) is an IRC to SILC (Secure Internet Live Conferencing) translator. Combined with stunnel (or inetd), it can serve as a solution to allow IRC clients to connect to SILC servers.
  • fifoirc
    fifoirc creates a named pipe on the local filesystem, such that any data written to the pipe will be written to an IRC channel.
  • FlyStats
    FlyStats is a multi-threaded statistics server for IRC network. It works with DreamForge, Twilight, Bahamut, Unreal and Undernet ircu 2.9.x/2.10.x.
  • GetDCC
    GetDCC is an attempt to provide a usable gui that combines searching XDCC servers and then downloading from them.
  • gruftistats
    gruftistats reads your IRC logs and turns them into a web page.
  • Hienoa
    Hienoa is a script for ircII-EPIC4.
  • iacd
    iacd is an IRC server rewritten from scratch in C. It aims to provide high levels of privacy for users and to provide advanced server linking to allow link loops and redundant server connections.
  • iCAR
    [iC]hat [A]uto-[R]eply. It adds an extremely simple "away message" feature to iChat
  • ICEL
    ICEL stands for Interactive Commands for E-Learning and is a stable and optimized set of .tcl scripts to be used as a learning engine on eggdrop based bots. It has been coded to be used on IRC help channels and uses a MySQL database to store the information.
  • iconvircproxy
    iconvircproxy allows IRC users to talk in different languages and character sets (such as japanese and european at the same time) without having to hassle their IRC client through changing configurations.
  • Idiot
    Idiot is a superset of different projects. Most of them deal with IRC.
  • IRC Collective
    This Open Source project is all about providing IRC regulars, channel operators and bot owners with comprehensive ways of archiving and querying their IRC logfiles.
  • IRC Z
    Z is a security service for IRC networks written in perl, originally based on BotServ?. Z is designed to prevent flood and spambots from attacking a network.
  • irc-proxy
    Ircproxy is a transparent IRC content filtering application. It may be used whenever there is a need for monitoring IRC connections. It may be used to deny specific connections or to examine suspicious IRC traffic.
  • irccat
    irccat is a simple 'cat' for irc.
  • IRCSocket
    IRCSocket is an C++ implementation of the IRC protocol (RFC 2812). It uses an event-driven design using libsigc++.
  • IRCStats
    IRCStats is a program which reads your IRC logs and turns them into a web page.
  • Irssi Quotes System
    Irssi Quotes System is a script for the Irssi IRC client that provides commands for showing random or specific quotes, searching for quotes using SQL-style wild cards, and adding and deleting quotes.
  • Lisppaste
    Lisppaste is a small CL program that listens for connection through HTTP (users pasting text) and prints a link to the paste on IRC.
  • Magick
    Magick is designed to allow users to register and keep their nicknames and channels, send messages to other users, and allow IRC Operators and Admins more control and flexability over the entire network.
  • miau
    miau is a small but quite featured IRC-bouncer - a service a bit like HTTP-proxy, but for IRC-networks.
  • mUH
    mUH is a IRC-bouncing-tool that remains on IRC all the time.
    MULTI-BNC is a FTP and IRC bouncer software with several unique features you can read about here.
  • NeoStats
    The NeoStats software is much more than just a Statistics for IRC. It is more a "Services" Package, but (as yet) does not provide the standard ChanServ, NickServ packages. Its aim is to compliment other Services, such as ircservices, or Epona.
  • NXscript
    NXscript is a collection of Python scripts for XChat, the popular IRC client. The scripts offer some features not found in XChat by default. These features are meant to make communicating with your friends on IRC easier and more comfortable. In a way, this script is analogous to what NNscript is for mIRC. Its features include and away notifier, ban protection, a BMPx announcer, a clone scanner, an IRC status reporter, a name finder, a Rhythmbox announcer, a slap script, and an XQF announcer.
  • onis not irc stats
    Onis is a script that converts IRC logfiles into an HTML statistics page. It provides information about daily channel usage, user activity, and channel trivia. It provides a configurable customization and supports Dancer, dircproxy, eggdrop, irssi, mIRC, and XChat logs. Persistent data (history files) and automatic log purging make onis applicable for a large number of logfiles. It also features a powerful translation infrastructure.
  • PimpBNC
    PimpBNC is a script for sharing one IRC connection to several clients. It runs on a machine that is connected to the Internett 24/7, maintains a connection to IRC, accepts connections from clients so that it can "tunnel" information between them.
  • pisg
    pisg is an IRC channel statistics generator written in Perl, it creates statistics out from different logfile formats - it was written because IRCStats wasn't open source.
  • psybnc
    psybnc is an easy-to-use, multi-user, permanent IRC-Bouncer with many features.
  • QBounce
    QBounce is an IRC bouncer which features SSL and IPv6 support. It includes a built-in custom "ident" service for networks that enforce user limts or ident-based authentication. It also supports multiple simultaneous users, virtual hosts, and restricted server access.
  • Sentinel IRC Services
    Sentinel is a set of IRC statistical and operator services for Hybrid, ircd-ratbox, csircd, +CS, and Bahamut ircd's. Support for some modified Hybrid servers is also provided. Sentinel provides a fully featured StatServ, a netsplit tracking and reporting service, a server and nick jupe service, the ability to generate HTML output, numerous monitoring tools, TCM/oomon services, and a channel search service.
  • Shrike IRC Services
    Shrike IRC Services offers features such as username registration and channel registration. Nicknames are not registered in Shrike because the authors come from a "nicknames aren't owned" policy network. Shrike offers many channel management features such as hostmask-based access lists, mode locking, and most features generally found in ChanServ.
  • SplitFire
    An IRC script for EPIC, one of the best IRC clients ever written. It features tab-completion of Nicknames, Channels, and Notify list. Configuration and Auto-OP lists are menu-based. SplitFire also contains configurable statusbar colors, and several color schemes.
  • srvx
    srvx is a set of IRC services for ircu P10 protocol networks; it is developed by a team of programmers affiliated with the GameSurge IRC Network. srvx is designed to be a fast, extensible, scalable and reliable provider of NickServ, ChanServ, HelpServ, OperServ, and Global services as well as advanced proxy detection.
  • StatsServ
    StatsServ is a little program which emulates an ever smaller IRC-server and transfers statistics from IRC into a database. You can use the data then for example on a website where you want to display the latest statistics.
  • SyncDet
    SyncDet scans for clones on an IRC server.
  • The Better Eggdrop Management Suite
    The Better Eggdrop Management Suite is a collection of utilities to allow easy installation/removal of eggdrop bots, while saving space, energy, bandwidth and time.
  • TilkIRClog
    TilkIRClog is software written in Python designed for logging chats on IRC channels. It has many features, that typical IRC clients with logging ability don't have.
  • tsnontsgate
    tsnontsgate serves as a transparent bridge between ircd-ratbox (TS) and ircd-2.10.
  • X Chat Napsterizer
    X Chat Napsterizer is an XChat script that queries DCC bots for their lists of served files and searches these lists based on user input.
  • XChat Tcl Plugin
    XChat Tcl Plugin adds the complete Tcl scripting language to the XChat 1.9.x and 2.x IRC client.
  • XChatOSD
    This project is aimed on displaing XChat messages through xosd library.
  • Xstat
    Xstat is an IRC statistics generator which generates a Web page of statistics from an IRC log file. It is useful for channel ops who want to publish their channel information and statistics online. It also includes a front-end Gtk interface.
  • znc
    ZNC is an IRC bouncer with many advanced features like detaching, multiple users, per channel playback buffer, SSL, transparent DCC bouncing, and c++ module support to name a few.

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