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10 Top Tools for Novelists
The software featured in this article is designed to meet the specialised needs of a budding novelist. There's the finest open source distraction-free tools, software designed to create visual novels, and tools to help capture and visualise ideas.

(Read more)
jack is a low-latency audio server, written primarily for the GNU/Linux operating system. It can connect a number of different applications to an audio device, as well as allowing them to share audio between themselves. Read more


  • F-Spot
    F-Spot is a full-featured personal photo management application for the GNOME desktop. Read more hot
  • Picasa for Linux
    Picasa is Google's photo organizer. It makes it easy to find, edit, and share digital photos. It automatically locates and remembers all pictures and sorts them into visual albums organized by date with recognizable folder names. You can drag and drop to arrange albums and make labels to create new groups. This Linux version mostly has the same features as the Windows version, and is based on a modified version of Wine. Read more hot
  • Album Shaper
    Album Shaper is a graphical application used to create, maintain, and share photo albums using open formats like HTML, XSLT, and JPG. Two-layer albums can be created in a drag-n-drop interface which allows quick and easy arrangement and catagorization of photos.
  • Antony
    Antony is a tool for organizing and sharing photos. It makes it possible for a group of peers to keep a common photo, image, or picture collection current and synchronized using a SQLite database.
  • AppliWorks
    Appliworks is an application that was designed to let you classify and view your pictures in an innovatie way, without even touching the real file on your hard drive. It implements a virtual folders-based pictures database with multi-view windows similar to those in iPhoto. Many operations can be perfomed using drag-and-drop.
  • bashgallery
    Bashgallery is an image gallery generation tool. It aims at being as simple as possible, only handling the generation of thumbnails and HTML code. The naming, organization, and conversion of images is left to the user.
  • cthumb
    cthumb allows you to create themable web picture albums, i.e. collections of digital pictures, with small thumbnails of your pictures and with captions. In addition, it optionally allows you to have several views of the collection of pictures.
  • Danbooru Client
    Danbooru Client is an application to access Danbooru-based image boards. Danbooru is a kind of image board which structures its data semantically, by having tags attached to images (along with other things, such as favorites, rating, etc).
  • Danlann
    Danlann is a command line photo Web gallery generator. It takes text gallery description files and photos as an input and produces a nice looking Web gallery of photos.
  • Desktop Flickr Organizer
    Desktop Flickr Organizer (DFO) allows online/offline mode management of your photos. With DFO you can manage your existing photos and sets, create new sets, edit tags, descriptions, and permissions, contribute to group pools, and so on. Basically performing most of the tasks that Flickr's online management tool Organizer does. Read more
  • dvd-slideshow-editor
    dvd-slideshow-editor is a wxPython-based GUI editor for the dvd-slideshow script. dvd-slideshow is a very flexible program, and produces high-quality slideshow video.
  • easyGG
    easyGG is an automatic gallery generator that features automatic image rotation based on EXIF info, automatic scaling for web usage, automatic generation of linked pages and an index page with thumbnails.
  • flimsel
    flimsel is a minimalistic digitial image browser based on the fltk toolkit. It displays thumbnails of images given on the command line. It is intended to be used in digital image processing shell scripts see script in the examples directory. .
  • flphoto
    flPhoto is a basic image management and display program based on the FLTK toolkit and is provided under the terms of the GNU General Public License. It can read, write, and display digital camera EXIF information and supports the following image file formats: BMP, CRW, JPEG, PhotoCD, and PNG. flPhoto organizes image files into albums which can be printed, viewed as a slideshow, and exported to web pages.
  • fotoalbum
    fotoalbum can be used to quickly organize, describe, tag, rotate, edit pictures and related files. It contains advanced features to search and find pictures, too.
  • Fotoon
    Fotoon is an application that helps you manage and organize your photos, in an easy and fast way. It allows the creation of albums and sub-albums containing photos that can be labeled with tags in a drag-and-drop manner. Tags can be user-defined, if none can be found in the template collection. Photos can easily be selected according to several criteria (tags, legends, descriptions...). Albums are saved in XML format.
  • fpgg
    fpgg is yet another static (X)HTML picture gallery generator. It uses template files for output, and allows pictures to be tagged with title, description, categories, and more. Files are resized and postprocessed using external appliations. For example, EXIF tags can be stripped or modified.
  • Frogr
    Flickr Remote Organizer (Frogr) is a small open source application for the GNOME desktop that allows users to manage their accounts in the Flickr image hosting website. It supports all the basic Flickr features, including uploading pictures, adding descriptions, setting tags and managing sets and groups pools. Read more
  • GAlbum
    GAlbum is a small photo album application for GNOME. It aims to be a system for media data management.
  • GFXIndex
    GFXIndex is a small program that generates indices of your pictures by creating thumbnails (mini versions of the pictures) and a set of HTML-files. It's somewhat configurable.
  • GIFT
    GNU Image-Finding Tool: A Content Based Image Retrieval System (CBIRS). It enables you to do Query By Example on images, giving you the opportunity to improve query results by relevance feedback.
  • Gnickr
    Gnickr allows you to manage photos on your Flickr site as if they were local files on your Gnome desktop. It does this by creating a Flickr virtual filesystem.
  • GNOME Photo Collector
    GNOME Photo Collector can be used to classify images, storing informations and comments in a PostgreSQL database.
  • gronogal
    gronogal is a tool that makes it easy to upload many photos to your galleries. It also can monitor transfers and edit galleries.
  • GTK Photo Gallery
    GTK Photo Gallery is an album to manage small and medium-sized photograph collections. It allows quick management by processing multiple files together. Rotate, delete, move, and manage descriptions can be done for all files in one directory at once. And since Version 0.20, it is possible to upload images to an online laboratory.
  • HTMLAlbum
    HTMLAlbum produces HTML Photo albums from image files. It stores information about the album in an XML file so that you can change the order of the photos, add new images, change the captions, titles, and so on. I use it for my own collection of digital photos. Requires Tcl/Tk 8.4, tclxml and the TclMagick extension.
  • Imagination
    Imagination is a lightweight and user-friendly DVD slide show maker. It includes transitions effects. It requires only the ffmpeg encoder to produce a movie to be burned with another application.
  • imc
    The Image Compiler: a Perl script that accepts a file with graphical commands and outputs a PNG file.
  • imgSeek
    imgSeek is a photo collection manager capable of searching through an image database, in which the query is expressed either as a rough sketch painted by the user or as another image you supply (or an image in your collection) The searching algorithm makes use of multiresolution wavelet decompositions of the query and database images.
  • IsReal
    IsReal is a picture analysis tool that categorizes images into one of three classes: real, a real picture of a real-life thing; realistic, a realistic but computer-generated or modified picture; and unreal, not a picture of a real-life thing.
  • jBrout
    jBrout is a photo manager, written in python/pygtk under the GPL licence. It's cross-platform, and has been tested on GNU/linux and windows XP/2k. It has an internal jpeg thumbnail, and uses EXIF info.
  • jpgind
    Jpgind is a command-line tool for generating static Web galleries from JPEG, Exif, and DSC raw image files. Galleries can be customised with various options and metadata.
  • Jpgtn
    Jpgtn is a JPEG thumbnail generator. Makes small images from your big ones. It should work on just about any *nix with libjpeg.
  • kalbum
    kalbum is a KDE 3 application that allows you to create albums from a collection of images. Features include: easy to use thumbnail interface, export the albums as a complete web site, or .war web archive, easy to edit html templates for creating a customized web site, and editing multiple images at once.
  • Kallery
    Kallery is intended to be a highly configurable image gallery generator for KDE. It can load a set of images (from different directories), convert them to another format, resize them and insert copyright text on them, and create thumbnails for them.
  • Koppermine
    Koppermine is a KDE client for Coppermine Photo Gallery. Koppermine allows you to upload multiple images from the desktop to your Coppermine installation. It also allows you to add information for each photo (like title, description, and keywords). It displays a list of categories and albums from your Coppermine installation and allows you to choose an album where you want to upload the photos.
  • KPhotoBook
    An easy to use, intuitive and fast application to manage and organize your photos. The main idea is to be able to annotate your photos with tags (these tags are arranged in a tree) and to refind the photos using the given tags.
  • KPhoTools
    KPhoTools is a QT and ImLib2 based Web Album (image gallery) generation tool for KDE. It can: resize images,rotate images, blend logos on images, create web albums with slideshows, take screenshots from you desktop(s). No PHP needed on your server.
  • lazygal
    Lazygal is another static Web gallery generator. It is command line based, uses a reusable engine and is lazy, meaning that it regenerates only parts that have to be regenerated. There is support for many interesting features like subgalleries, EXIF information, theming, and custom folder meta data. Included themes are pure XHTML and CSS.
  • is a Bourne shell script which creates static HTML image galleries suitable for web or CDROM presentations. It is designed for portability and depends on the fewest possible helper programs.
  • McPics
    McPics is a small, simple image gallery. It is a nearly complete rewrite of agal. It produces very clean, very organized, and fully valid XHTML 1.0 and CSS2.
  • mFlip
    mFlip reads a sequence of images and plays them back from memory.
  • Nautilus Flickr Uploader
    Nautilus Flickr Uploader is a simple, open source graphical user interface to upload pictures to the Flickr service from the Nautilus file browser. Read more
  • Photoalbum
    Photoalbum is a bash script using ImageMagick to generate a set of static HTML pages which outlines a photo album.
  • PhotoGroup
    PhotoGroup is a GNOME program for organising (and displaying) collections of images. Features include: Drag images in from your favourite file manager (or use PhotoGroup to open a view of a directory), reorder images, set their orientations, give them captions, drag images out to image viewers/editors, and use the in-built full-screen viewing mode to display your images.
  • Photopub
    Photopub is image publication software designed primarily for easily maintaining a website of pictures taken with digital cameras (although it can be used for arbitrary images, it has some features which make it most suitable for them).
  • photoshrink
    photoshrink is a Python script originally intended to create thumbnail gallery Web pages for directories full of large images.
  • phpThumb()
    phpThumb() uses the GD library to create thumbnails from images (GIF, PNG or JPEG) on the fly. The output size is configurable (can be larger or smaller than the source), and the source may be the entire image or only a portion of the original image. True color and resampling is used if GD v2.0+ is available, otherwise low-color and simple resizing is used.
  • Picfolio
    Picfolio is a static photo gallery generator using XML and XSLT. It has built-in support for thumbnail and midnail generation, and optional support for EXIF data in images.
  • Pictag
    Pictag is a simple web photo gallery with automatic thumbnail generation and tagging capability. It's self-contained in a single file, uses the filesystem for gallery layout, and requires no stand-alone database (it uses SQLite) or no database at all. It handles EXIF data, provides support for HTTP user authentication and authorization, and is customizable.
  • Postr
    Postr (also known as Flickr Uploader) is a Flickr uploading tool for the GNOME desktop, which aims to be simple to use but exposing enough of the power of Flickr to be useful. Read more
  • qgallery
    qgallery is a small commandline program that will process jpeg images and specialy named files in some directory structure to form a static HTML image gallery suitable for publishing to the web, or burning to CD.
  • qphotosort
    qphotosort is an application to help to organize photos. The main purpose is to merge several directories to a single destination, copying or linking the photos into an order that is based on the date of the EXIF information.
  • Quick Album
    Quick Album is a quick static HTML photo album or gallery with descriptions from a group of photographs.
  • QuickyPix
    QuickyPix is an instant thumbnail web photo gallery software in Python.
  • Shotwell
    Shotwell is an open source photo organizer designed for the GNOME desktop environment.
  • Silver
    Silver is a small gtk application which will download a remote image from a website and display it in a window - refreshing every few seconds.
  • slcview
    slcview is for interactive clustering and visualization, Cluster and TreeView by Mike Eisen are great. XCluster by Gavin Sherlock solves the problem of clustering large numbers of files. Now slcview allows you to script generation of cluster and tree images.
  • Slideshow Creator
    Slideshow Creator is a GUI for creating, modifying, and previewing JPEG image slideshows that can later be finalized with dvd-slideshow. Effects like cropping, kenburns, and scrolling permit the creation of beautiful, high quality DVD slideshows.
  • Spit
    Spit is a graphical picture indexing tool. It can be used to manage pictures, and generate HTML pages for putting your pictures online. It is designed for user-friendliness, portability and extensibility. It allows quick & easy ordering, editing and adding captions for pictures.
  • Super Slide Me
    SSM (Super Slide Me) is an application to create image galleries. By a user-friendly interface, you can resize and rotate images and make slideshow presentations, eventually with sound in background.
  • swiggle
    swiggle is a small command line tool that generates HTML pages, including thumbnail indexes, for given images (a so called "web gallery"). It's intended to be easy to use, and since it is written in C, it's quite speedy. It uses libjpeg for decompression and compression of images, libexif for getting EXIF information contained in the images, and it caches scaled images so that subsequent runs don't need to scale images again and are faster. Of course, the original images aren't changed.
  • thumbelizer
    thumbelizer is a perl script that will autogenerate thumbnails given a directory of images. it can generate multiple sizes based on reduction factors that you pass to it and does not require that that all the images be of the same size.
  • vvvP
    vvvP (Virtual Volumes View Photo Edition) catalogs photographs on removable devices and hard disks at the same time. Images can also be arranged in a single virtual filesystem.
  • Webilder
    Webilder aims to be a complete solution for Webshots users who use Linux (and possibly Mac OS X in the future). Webilder enables you to download photos from Webshots website into your photo collection. The package includes a GNOME panel applet that can notify you whenever new daily photos are ready to be downloaded. It can also change your wallpaper regularly. The applet can even download new photos automatically.
  • XPilotFoto
    XPilotFoto is a GUI front-end for the pilot-foto utility from the pilot-link package.

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