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3 Open Source Python Shells
Python is a very useful and popular computer language. One of the benefits of using an interpreted language such as Python is exploratory programming with its interactive shell.

(Read more)
Star Conflict
Star Conflict is a free action-packed Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) space game where players control their own spaceships. The game uses instanced battles, with struggle for dominance in space sectors. Read more


  • Synfig Studio
    Synfig is a powerful, industrial-strength, vector-based 2D animation software package, designed from the ground-up for producing feature-film quality animation with fewer people and resources. Read more hot
  • Tupi
    Tupi (a fork of KToon) is a 2D Animation Toolkit designed by animators (Toonka Films) for animators, focused to the Cartoon Industry. Read more hot
  • Aewan
    Aewan is a curses-based program that allows for the creation and editing of ASCII art. The user is able to move the cursor around the screen by means of the a multi-layered ascii-art/animation editor that produces both stand-alone cat-able art files and an easy-to-parse format for integration in your terminal applications
  • appleseed
    appleseed is a modern, physically-based renderer developed by the VFX and rendering nutjobs of Jupiter Jazz and ultimately targeted at production rendering. It is released as open source under the MIT license. Read more
  • CAVE
    CAVE is an acronym for Character Animation Viewer for Everyone. It uses a curses interface to play ascii character animations. Features include: frame stepping, scrolling for frames larger than screen, realtime fps adjustment and frame cueing, multiple files and file reloading, animation looping, screensaver (with shuffle), fullscreen toggle, comprehensive status bar, builtin help, supports gzipped compressed files, regular expressions for frame deliminators, support for per-frame delays defined in files, autodetecting the top of a frame and more.
  • ECCView
    ECCView is a little GTK+ v1.2.x utility for Linux to display those cute ".ECC" format animations.
  • flip
    flip will load a sequence of TIFF files into memory and play them back at a target frame rate. A quick, simple utility to preview animations rendered in BMRT without the encoding time and quality loss of MPEG.
  • flow
    flow allows one to interactively construct sophisticated particle systems and render the results either in real-time via OpenGL or off-line by a RenderMan compliant renderer. flow can also 'render' a particle system to code. Using a project template, flow fills in the required code to automatically produce demos or screensavers.
  • Frameworks
    Frameworks is stop-motion animation frame capture software primarily for Linux. Frameworks captures images from a camera and strings them together into an animation. These still images may then be combined into a single video file using other software. Only video4linux webcams are currently supported; work is being done to add other types of digital cameras including IEEE 1394 camcorders, and USB still cameras.
  • gAnim8
    gAnim8 is an animation suite for building and manipulating animated Gifs and *small* videos in a Gtk/Gnome environment.
  • Gepetto
    Gepetto provides a framework to animate characters. It lets you record choreographies and build complex moves using elementary actions.
  • Moho
    (commercial) Moho is Lost Marble's two-dimensional cartoon animation system. Moho lets you create character animation for output to video, or for streaming over the web.
  • mvComicsMaker
    mvComicsMaker (mvCM) is a free graphics editor for creating bitmap and vector animations under the linux. It's created using QT under the Linux for Intel. mvCM allows you to use bitmap together with vector graphics.
  • Papagayo
    Papagayo is a lip-syncing program designed to help you line up phonemes (mouth shapes) with the actual recorded sound of actors speaking. Papagayo makes it easy to lip sync animated characters by making the process very simple - just type in the words being spoken (or copy/paste them from the animation's script), then drag the words on top of the sound's waveform until they line up with the proper sounds.
  • Pencil
    Pencil lets you create traditional hand-drawn animation (cartoon) using both bitmap and vector graphics. Read more
  • Realsoft 3D
    (commercial) A full-featured, high-end 3D modeling, rendering and animation software package. It includes combined Subdivision Surface, NURBS and Solid modelling, advanced event driven animation, photorealistic rendering, spectral caustics, global illumination, and much more.
  • Spalah Flash
    Spalah Flash is a GTK2/GNOME2 based application for generating Macromedia SWF and W3C SVG animations.
  • Spine
    (commercial) Spine is dedicated to 2D animation, providing an efficient workflow both for creating amazing animations and for integrating them into your games.
  • Stickypy
    Stickypy is a stick figure animation program. It is similar to Pivot but has much wider variety of animation features, such as keyframes.
  • tkxanim
    tkxanim is a tcl/tk front end to the xanim program by Mark Podlipec. The purpose of the project is to create a graphical interface to xanim that allows the user to configure most, if not all, of xanim's many options.
  • WhirlGif
    whirlgif reads a series of GIF87a or GIF89a files, and produces one single GIF89a file composed of those images.
  • xa
    An animation package with an XView Graphical User Interface.
  • xmrm
    xmrm is an image morphing program written for XWindows. A special feature of this program, which is not found in other morphing packages, is the ability to control the morphing speed of details in relation to the morphing speed of big features.

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