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100 Essential Free Apps
We can all admire the vast number of open source apps and tools that are available on modern operating systems. They come in all shapes and sizes. Small console tools that can be easily integrated into large projects, feature-rich apps that offer everything bar the the kitchen sink, well designed tools, and eye catching candy. Open source software holds numerous compelling advantages over proprietary software.

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Doom 3
(commercial) One of the finest games ever released featuring spectacular graphics and gameplay. Read more


  • Market Analysis System
    The Market Analysis System (MAS) is an open-source software application that provides tools for analysis of financial markets using technical analysis. Some of the features of MAS are: Includes basic technical analysis indicators, such as Simple Moving Average, Exponential Moving Average, Stochastic, MACD, RSI, On Balance Volume, and Momentum, more advanced indicators, such as Standard Deviation, Slope of EMA of Volume, Slope of MACD Signal Line, Bollinger Bands, and Parabolic SAR. Users can also create new technical analysis indicators, including complex indicators based on existing indicators. MAS can be configured and run as a server that provides services for several clients at a time running on remote machines. Read more hot
  • Qtstalker
    Qtstalker provides commodity and stock market charting and technical analysis. Data can be imported from online sources (e.g. Yahoo!) or from CSV (comma-separated values) files. Plugins enable creation of other indicators and data loaders. It can access the extensive TA-Lib Technical Analysis Library. Scripting for custom indicators enables combinations of different plots and other indicators and calculations. External scripts can pass data in. The back tester enables indicator performance tests. The scanner looks for charts which meet user-defined criteria. Read more hot
  • basop
    A option price calculation program using the Black and Scholes model.
  • CCruncher
    CCruncher is a project for quantifying portfolio credit risk using the copula approach. It is a framework consisting of two elements: a technical document that explains the theory, and a software program that implements it.
  • CreditCruncher
    CreditCruncher computes the Value At Risk (VAR) of large credit portfolios using the Monte Carlo method. This application is useful for risk managers.
  • CreditProduct
    CreditProduct aims to define the functional and behavioral interfaces behind curves, products, and different parameter types (market, valuation, pricing, and product parameters).
  • Fairmat
    Fairmat is a platform for modeling and pricing financial derivative contracts and capital investment projects. Fairmat enables modeling a financial contract or a project with many contingencies by decomposing it into basic parts. A commercial version is also available.
  • Finance::Quote
    Finance::Quote is a perl module which can be used to obtain information from a variety of sources, including markets in Australia, USA, Canada, Europe, and a number of managed funds.
  • Free Market
    Free Market is a package for perfoming technical analysis on stock market data consisting of data and indicator servers communicating through corba to clients for gui charting, etc. Real time streaming quotes and an EasyLanguage compatible indicator server are included.
  • gChartman
    gChartman is a GNOME program for technical stock analysis. It uses a MySQL database as storage backend. Stock quotes can be captured from videotext/teletext broadcasts.
  • GeniusTrader
    GeniusTrader aims to be a full featured toolbox to create trading systems. GeniusTrader consists of a bunch of perl modules associated to a few perl scripts. It has no graphical user interface since it's absolutely not needed to achieve its goals.
  • Gepolabo
    Gepolabo is a GNOME application for technical analysis of stock markets. Indicators are available as plugins. Quotes may be selected with criteria. Quotes are saved in a MySQL database. Quotations are updated from the Web ( or from files.
  • getquotes
    getquotes gets your favorite quotes from Yahoo finance.
  • Gquotes
    Gquotes is a monitoring tool that lets you fetch quotes from many public web servers offering quotes services.
  • GreatCharts
    GreatCharts lets you draw a wide range of stock-charts. For example Candlestick, OHLC. and functions like MAC, Stochastic, RSI, etc. Charts can be plotted in a very configurable way, to any picture size.
  • Grism
    Grism is an open source stock market observation tool. Read more
  • gstalker
    gstalker is a stock and commodities chart viewer, similar in appearance and function to those commercially available such as metastok and superchartz. The only differences are that it is released under the GNU General Public License, and it lacks many of the useless features that users come to expect from commercial products.
  • itch41
    itch41 is a simple NASDAQ TotalView-ITCH 4.1 parser / converter.
  • LCDstocks
    LCDstocks is a Perl script that acts as an LCDproc client. It fetches stock quotes and latest news from teletext services through a bttv video device and displays them well-formatted on an external LCD.
  • LinuxTrade
    A Curses implementation of the Scottrader Java application, plus additional features inspired by the MedVed QuoteTracker Windows program, plus its own set of unique features.
  • MCOV
    Open Source Monte Carlo Option Valuer is used to estimate the value of financial options using a Monte Carlo method.
  • Merchant of Venice
    Venice is a stock market trading programme that supports portfolio management, charting, technical analysis, paper trading and experimental methods like genetic programming. Venice runs in a graphical user interface with online help and has full documentation. Venice runs on UNIX, including Mac OS X and Windows.
  • MetaStock Data Conversion Command Line Utils
    The MetaStock Data Conversion Command Line Utils are utilities to convert MetaStock(r) Binary Data format (MASTER, XMASTER, EMASTER, Fxxx.DAT, Fxxxx.MWD) to MetaStock(r) ASCII (eight field) format and back.
  • Mibian
    Mibian is an options pricing library offering the ability to calculate the price, the volatility, or the delta of an option using the Garman-Kohlhagen and the Black-Scholes models.
  • mock market
    A stock brokerage simulator. In other words, it is a program that lets a bunch of users create and track fictitious portfolios over the web based on stock symbols and prices from the real stock market.
  • newq
    A realtime cash nuker. A Perl script that grabs quotes from and displays the bid, ask, last, volume, and change for each symbol.
  • Olf's Trading Journal
    Olf's Trading Journal offers the following features: data is stored in xml-format and can easily be processed by other programs, trades can be commented using text and images, import data from DepotXML and more.
  • Opentick
    Opentick is a financial market data distributor that delivers real-time and historical market data (stocks, futures, options, indices) via a suite of APIs built for modern programming languages. The APIs allow users to integrate financial market data into their custom software solutions.
  • POP Portfolio Construction Suite
    (commercial) POP Portfolio Construction Suite is a package that runs under R and S-PLUS. It performs portfolio optimization with a number of integer and continuous constraints. More importantly it can also generate random portfolios that obey the given constraints but ignore utility.
  • PortfolioTracker
    PortfolioTracker allows you to track and manage your stock portfolio of Euronext shares in real time (with a 15 second delay). You can use it to assess your stock positions (price, daychange, gain, gain%, value, weight%) with one command.
  • pyt!ck
    pyt!ck is an elegantly functioning stock ticker for your desktop. It is written in python and pygtk and queries Yahoo Finance for the latest stock quotes.
  • quote
    quote is a simple Perl script that allows retrieval of stock quotes from Yahoo! Finance.
  • quotenotifier
    A small perl program for tracking shares going above or below a given threshold value. Needs the Perl modules Socket, LWP::UserAgent, Mail::Sendmail and Getopt::Long to function properly. Notifies by email, xmessage, TTY output and also has support for HP printer displays.
  • ShareWatch
    ShareWatch is a tool that keeps you up to date with your shares and derivatives. It consists of server and client parts: ShareWatch server - constantly polls your share price provider, and provides a soap interface for ShareWatch clients. The ShareWatch client - is a lightweight ticker and HTML window which polls the ShareWatch server for prices.
  • smtm
    Show Me The Money: a simple stock ticker application for quotes from exchanges around the world
  • StockTicker
    StockTicker is a gnome panel applet to display stock quotes and graphs.
  • TclTicker
    TclTicker is a simple stock market ticker. It runs on Unix or Windows. TclTicker also includes mailquote, a program to mail stock quotes to email addresses.
  • TickVue
    With TickVue you can track the stock market in nearly real-time. It queries Yahoo Finance periodically, updates the stock values you are interested on and calculates your portfolio value and daily gain.
  • trading-shim
    The trading-shim is a database driven connector API that provides a persistent store SQL backend database, translates operations to and from the Interactive Brokers Java TWS-API. It permits downstream clients to access several worldwide securities markets and exchanges (stocks, options, futures, bonds, Forex) for 'tick' data and history, to supervise trades of securities, and more.
  • tsinvest
    tsinvest is for the programmed trading of equities. It is useful for day trading.
  • twstools
    twstools is a simple set of command line tools around the Interactive Brokers TWS API.
  • viewportfolio
    viewportfolio is a python program that allows you to track the performance of a stock portfolio you establish in a data file. It pulls quote information from and relies on the python module.
  • Xquote
    Xquote is a free WWW quote retrieval tool for the X Window System.
  • XTrader
    XTrader is a stock chart and technical analysis program. A simple portfolio module is also included for keeping track of your investments.

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