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 · digiKam Software Collection 4.6.0 released...
 · 12 of the Best Free Git Books
 · Google Cloud Dataflow Java SDK (Alpha)
 · How to Block Referrer Spam Bots
 · Free software GNU/Linux laptop in development
 · First hands-on with the Creator CI20 microcomputer
 · Canonical’s Stripped-Down “Snappy” Ubuntu Comes To Google’s Compute Engine
 · KDE Ships KDE Applications 14.12.0
 · Why is the Number of Linux Distros Declining?
 · The new minuscule Linutop XS is announced!


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digiKam Software Collection 4.6.0 released...
The digiKam Team is proud to announce the release of digiKam Software Collection 4.6.0. This release includes many bugs fixes in Image Editor and Batch Queue Mananger.

(Read more)
Synfig Studio
Synfig is a powerful, industrial-strength, vector-based 2D animation software package, designed from the ground-up for producing feature-film quality animation with fewer people and resources. Read more


  • Amigo
    (commercial) Amigo is a Facebook notification client and launch pad. It lives discreetly in your menu bar, giving you quick and easy access to all your friends on Facebook. Once installed on your computer, Amigo will also notify you when you have new messages or notifications.
  • CamTwist
    CamTwist is a software package that lets you add special effects to your video chats. It's also possible to stream your desktop and still images. With CamTwist, you can also use multiple video chat programs at the same time.
  • ChatFX
    (commercial) ChatFX brings visual effects to iChat that are practical but also incredibly fun.
  • Chax
    Chax is a collection of minor modifications and additions that make using Apple's iChat more enjoyable.
  • DMTool
    DMTool is a DSL Modem Tool for the Siemens ADSL2 Modem.
  • FrostWire
    FrostWire is a community driven project based on source code released by LimeWire LLC to create and maintain a Gnutella client according to the open standards of an international community.
  • GLoarbLine
    GLoarbLine is a feature-rich, stable, safe and free client and server suite based upon the GNU General Public Licensed "Openline" source code.
  • iChat
    Featuring a three-dimensional view, iChat AV 3 for Tiger practically puts your colleagues in the room with you, making it easier to follow the conversation. View their faces reflected into space, just as if they were sitting around a conference-room table.
  • iChatSniff
    iChatSniff is a cocoa program that opens pcap-formatted packet dumps and reads in the iChat audio sessions, then plays them back.
  • iiUsage
    iiUsage is an usage meter for iiNet, an ISP in Australia. It displays your volume usage information in the menu bar.
  • ImageCaster
    (commercial) ImageCaster allows you to take virtually any image - from video camera or other sources - and broadcast it on the internet or store it locally.
  • Internet Connection Keeper
    Internet Connection Keeper allows you to keep your internet connection alive so that your internet provider does not disconnect you.
  • Internet Disconnector
    Internet Disconnector allows you to automatically close your internet connection after idle time and put your computer to sleep.
  • Internet Reconnector
    Internet Reconnector allows you to automatically reconnect your internet connection when it disconnects.
  • Mac Face
    Mac Face is a Facebook notification application. Once installed onto your computer, Mac Face will notify you when you have new messages, pokes, friend requests and event invitations from facebook.
  • MacDial
    (commercial) MacDial dials telephone numbers from Mac OS X programs, databases and your Address Book using elmeg, Tiptel and Asterisk telephones.
  • MacDialer
    (commercial) MacDialer adds the convenience of being able to dial numbers directly from your Address Book or from your menu bar.
  • MChat
    MChat is a simple chat application.
  • ooVoo
    ooVoo offers an easy way to have a face-to-face video chat with friends, family or colleagues.
  • Playcaster
    A playcast is a podcast that you create out of a playlist. Using Playcaster and built in features of OS X, you can share your playlists with friends. Playcaster combines all of the songs from an iTunes playlist into one large mp3, then uses OS X web sharing to build a podcast out of your playcasted playlists. Your friends can subscribe to your feed in any RSS reader or iTunes and listen to your playlists.
  • Smiley
    Smiley is a small application that makes it easy to add new emoticons to iChat and iChat AV applications. With Smiley, you can add prebuilt emoticon packs or create your own images and add them easily and quickly.
  • The Manor
    The Manor is a 2D visual chat experience with Python development tools.
  • WebBeaver
    (commercial) a handy small solution, which downloads several files using a single link/URL at once

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