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6 Excellent Open Source Google Drive Clients
Google Drive is a very popular cloud storage service. Files can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection. Keeping your files in Google Drive means that you can access them from just about anywhere — on all your devices.

(Read more)
The Player Project
The Player Project creates Free Software that enables research in robot and sensor systems. The Player robot server is a widely used robot control interface in the world. Its simulation backends, Stage and Gazebo, are also very widely used. Read more


  • 4DIAC
    4DIAC is a framework for distributed industrial automation and control. It aims to provide an open, IEC-61499-compliant basis that lets the user establish a distributed industrial automation and control environment based on the targets' portability, configurability, and interoperability.
  • AN JEstion LIbre de CArnicas
    AN JEstion LIbre de CArnicas (Anjelica) is an Enterprise Resource Planning application focused on meat companies. It allows the user to send faxes and mail, can create impressions of labels, connects to your tilt, and includes a barcode reader.
  • Apache FOP
    Apache FOP is an XSL-FO formatter. It is used in conjunction with an XSLT transformation engine to format XML documents into PDF, PostScript, and other output formats.
  • aSVERD
    aSVERD (A Scaleable Vector Entity Relationship Diagram) is a simple Java system (3 classes) for generating entity relationship diagrams (ERDs) from an existing database as scalable vector graphics (SVG).
  • Barcode4J
    Barcode4J is a barcode generation package. The following symbologies are currently implemented: Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 39, Codabar, Code 128, UPC-A and UPC-E (with supplementals), EAN-13 and EAN-8 (with supplementals), EAN-128, POSTNET, Royal Mail Customer Barcode, PDF417, and DataMatrix. Read more
  • BART Tracker
    BART Tracker reports on arriving San Francisco area BART trains in real time, using a system tray icon. It uses BART's new "Estimated Arrivals" or "BART System Status" feature, which reports on the current up-to-the-minute status of arriving trains at every BART station. It requires Java 6.
  • basicPortal
    to leverage a combination of several of the Apache Foundation's Jakarta projects into a simple vertical sample application that contains the functionality common to 80% of web projects
    provides a basic set of tools for using and managing learning objects. Users can search and discover content, and set up classes (groups of users) and lessons (sequences of learning objects) for others to interact with
  • Bio2RDF
    The Bio2RDF software is a package which resolves semantic Web identifiers corresponding to bioinformatics data and knowledge bases into RDF files which can be consumed by any generic RDF processor.
  • bitext2tmx
    Bitext2tmx is a cross-platform Java application to align bitext (of a corresponding original text and its translation) and generate a TMX translation memory for use in computer-assisted translation.
  • Blindeyes
    BlindEyes is a distributed framework designed to allow the distribution and chaining together code in all popular languages.
  • blojsom
    a lightweight blog package written in Java that is inspired by blosxom. blojsom aims to retain the simplicity in design of its Perl-based "relative" while adding user flexibility in areas such as the flavors, templating, plugins, and the ability to run a multi-user blog with a single blojsom installation
  • Bossa Workflow System
    a workflow engine written in Java. The engine is very fast and lightweight, uses a very expressive Petri net notation to define workflows, does not requires a RDBMS and is very simple to use and to integrate with java applications
  • BotBox Personal Assistant
    (commercial) monitor, retrieve, and filter information: Create Networks Between People: React on Events
  • Bulli Epu
    Bulli Epu is an interactive program for generating parquet deformations (tilings with progressive changes across the pattern).
  • Cadmium
    Cadmium is a Java port of the Objective Caml virtual machine. It is part of the OCaml-Java project.
  • CDox
    CDox is a CD-Label/Booklet/Cover program CDox, written in pure Java 1.4.
  • CI-Eye
    CI-Eye is a powerful continuous integration build radiator requiring no installation and almost no set-up.
  • ckjm
    ckjm calculates Chidamber and Kemerer object-oriented metrics by processing the bytecode of compiled Java files. For each class given, the program calculates the following six metrics proposed by Chidamber and Kemerer: WMC, weighted methods per class; DIT, depth of inheritance tree; NOC, number of children; CBO, coupling between object classes; RFC, response for a class; and LCOM, lack of cohesion in methods.
  • Comic Collection
    allows automatic download, storage, categorisation, and search of Web comics
  • ComicViewer
    ComicViewer is a time-saving tool for avid readers of online comics. It displays all your favorite comics (this is configurable) in an easy-to-use user interface.
  • Continuum
    Continuum is a continuous integration server. It makes sure that software always builds and works as expected. Continuous integration allows software projects to find and identify problems as soon as code is in the source control system.
  • CopyCheq
    CopyCheq is a software licensing and protection system that protects your software or service without audits, lawsuits, hardware, or government.
  • Cougaar
    Cognitive Agent Architecture: has a Java-based architecture for the construction of large-scale distributed agent-based applications. It is the product of a multi-year DARPA research project into large scale agent systems and includes not only the core architecture but also a variety of demonstration, visualization and management components to simplify the development of complex, distributed applications
  • Coverlipse
    Coverlipse is an Eclipse 3.x plugin for code coverage visualization of JUnit Tests. Supported coverages include block coverage and all-uses coverage (Data Flow Analysis).
    Data Aware Processing And Control Tags: a set of JSP tags for simplifying the displaying of dynamic content in JSP pages. It focuses on retrieving data to be displayed, iterating over that data, and in providing control tags for changing what displays
  • Dapper Dataflow Engine
    Dapper, or "Distributed and Parallel Program Execution Runtime", is a tool for taming the complexities of developing for large-scale cloud and grid computing, enabling the user to create distributed computations from the essentials: the code that will execute, along with a dataflow graph description. It supports rich execution semantics, carefree deployment, a robust control protocol, modification of the dataflow graph at runtime, and an intuitive user interface.
  • DataNucleus Access Platform
    DataNucleus Access Platform is a standards-compliant Java persistence product. It is fully compliant with the JDO1, JDO2, JDO2.1, and JPA1 Java standards. It also complies with the OGC Simple Feature Specification for persistence of geospatial Java types. It allows access to all popular RDBMSs available today, together with db4o, LDAP, Excel documents, and XML databases.
  • Decorum
    Decorum is a simple dependency extension for Ant. It can construct class paths using a simple list of dependencies. It matches jars to the required version (eg "any", "1.0", "1.2.3+"), and it can build the dependencies if no jar is present. It is intended to be a light-weight alternative to Maven, Ivy, and Antlion.
  • Demetrix
    a Java-based process modelling system. The goal of the project is to develop a flexible framework for managing complex process models using Petri-Net-oriented methodologies (state-task networks and resource-task networks)
  • Detached Quercus
    Detached Quercus is a commandline system for Quercus, a standalone PHP implementation in Java.
  • DeXSS
    DeXSS provides a SAX2 Parser to help protect against Cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. DeXSS uses TagSoup to parse potentially malformed input, followed by a SAX2 filter pipeline to remove JavaScript from HTML. You can use the DeXSS parser in place of your existing SAX2 parser, or you can use the DeXSS utility to provide a string-to-string conversion.
  • Dexter-XSL
    Dexter is a tool that allows users to define extended attributes which can be associated with descriptors and editors. These attributes can be embedded into any well-formed XML document. The resulting embellished document, the 'source', is then input to the dexter engine. This will generate one or more XSLT stylesheets describing the input document interpolating editor modifications and any instructions specified by the descriptors. As dexter's operations are specified exclusively with extended attributes, all but the most unforgiving of XML content viewers will continue to see the decorated source exactly as the designer saw it before.
  • Digi-Robo
    Digi-Robo 01 is a simple robot toy from the Japanese company Gakken. Robot movements are controlled by a simple program disc. This disc is actually a circle divided into 180 small sections. The color of two adjacent (inner and outer) sections (black and white) correspond to robot movement direction. This software can be used to create and print program discs easily.
  • dk.brics.automaton
    contains a DFA/NFA implementation with Unicode alphabet and support for all standard regular expression operations: concatenation, union, intersection, complement, Kleene star, etc
  • DKPro WSD
    DKPro WSD is a modular, extensible Java framework for word sense disambiguation. It is based on Apache UIMA, an industry standard for text processing.
  • dotBook reader
    The dotBook application will be a book reader that can download, display and cache books in a special JAR file format. The format will allow digital signatures with PGP and allow books to have chapters and paragraphs that can be found conveniently from within the application but will link sources outside books by opening the default web browser. Book pages will be HTML pages with some restrictions.
    DROID is a software tool developed by The National Archives to perform automated batch identification of file formats.
  • Drools Helper Integration
    Drools Helper Integration is software to help you use Drools from Java by providing a Maven plugin to support Drools compilation and validation, and by providing interface, annotations, and classes to access the Drools system.
  • Drosera
    Drosera is open-source orienteering competition management system. It allows you to manage multistage competition in orienteering using electronic punching system.
  • DSpace
    DSpace is a digital asset management system that enables services for access, provision, stewardship, and reuse of digital assets with a focus on educational and research materials.
  • Dvorcode
    Dvorcode is a utility to translate "dvorcodes" (Dvorak keycap-encoded phrases) into their actual key values. For instance, the dvorcode for "password" is "laoo,rpe". Use this tool to discover your dvorcode passwords when you must enter them on a QWERTY keyboard.
  • EdenCRM
    a Customer Relationship Management application written in Java which is designed to help customer service representatives manage and respond to customer inqueries
  • Einsatz
    a free Java based application to plan medical services. Using the 'Maurer Algorithm' it calculates the staff and equipment you need for services like sporting events or concerts
  • EJOE
    EJOE is a lightweight Java client/server component built to send and receive objects through pluggable (de)serialization mechanisms. It offers a high-performance, simple, and clean object request broker (whereby ORB is meant in its natural manner and not in its relation with CORBA), with server and client components for your client/server applications.
  • ElegantJ Indicators & Gauges
    ElegantJ Indicators & Gauges is an application for monitoring data changes with gauges and catching alerts. It integrates simply in different Java IDEs.
  • Encuestame
    Encuestame is an open source project based on Java 6 technology. You can use to create different types of surveys. Encuestame provides a full featured Survey Managed System. It's integrated with the most popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc) and the capable to distribute your content with diferent ways.
  • ESC/Java2 Frontend
    ESC/Java2 Frontend parses Java 1.4 source code and Java 1.5 bytecode into an Abstract Syntax Tree that can be used for Extended Static Checking.
  • Evolvica
    Evolvica is a Java Framework for evolutionary algorithms.
  • EXIficient
    EXIficient is an implementation of the W3C Efficient XML Interchange (EXI) format specification written in the Java programming language. The EXI format is a very compact representation for the Extensible Markup Language (XML) Information Set that is intended to simultaneously optimize performance and the utilization of computational resources.
  • FFMQ
    FFMQ is a fully Java, lightweight, fast native JMS 1.1 implementation. From the conception stage, emphasis was made on architecture and performance. As a consequence, extra features were not a priority and may appear scarce compared to other available implementations.
  • Free Simulated Radar Client
    a framework to provide radar clients for virtual air traffic control networks (e.g. VATSIM, IVAO). It handles the data provided by these networks, so it can be used by different radar client frontends
  • Furia-chan
    Furia-chan is an open source/libre software license violation detector (a "Google" for binary programs). If given as input a binary program p, its output is a list of the top n closest programs to p. It works even if p is control-flow obfuscated. It can also find embedded (stolen) components within p in a database of FLOSS programs.
  • GENE Graph Export Engine
    GENE Graph Export Engine is a complex convertor/framework for multi-namespace XML transforming and exporting. It is able to convert various XML types including SVG, DocBook, MathML, XSL-FO, and their combinations into a wide area of output formats: PDF, PNG, SVG, PS, MIF, RTF, and XHTML.
  • Generic Algorithms for Java
    builds on the Java Generics, providing standard algorithms that are not currently provided in the standard Java library, functors and predicates, and implementations of common java classes that are adapted for use with generics
  • Generic Eclipse Modeling System
    The Generic Eclipse Modeling System (GEMS) is a MDD tool for Eclipse that allows for the rapid development of visual modeling tools for Eclipse based on EMF/GEF. Developers specify the rules for a domain language using a metamodel and the tool generates a diagram editor plugin that enforces the rules from the metamodel. Interpreters can then be written to traverse the model and generate code, perform analyses, or execute the model. The tool supports complex model analysis using Prolog; Java, OCL, and Prolog constraints, remote model updating via CORBA, applying CSS styles to models, model-to-model linking, exportable templates, and more.
  • GeoWebCache
    GeoWebCache is a WMS tile cache implemented as a Java HttpServlet. It does automatic matching to the best available tile and supports JCS and file backends. The response time is typically measured in milliseconds.
  • Google Singleton Detector
    The Google Singleton Detector, or GSD, is a tool which analyzes Java bytecode and detects the use of Singletons. It's not quite as simple as that, however. First, GSD doesn't only detect singletons; it detects four different types of global state, including singletons, hingletons, mingletons, and fingletons. Second, it outputs a graph with all these different types of static state highlighted, and shows all the classes that are directly dependent on them. The point of this tool is to allow you to see all of the uses of global state inside a project, as well as how they are all interrelated.
  • GoooooPS
    GoooooPS is a Java MIDlet that displays a position obtained from a GPS receiver on a Google Map Tile.
  • gSwing
    a Java program for viewing elections results and a collection of tools for maintaining the election data
  • Hard Token Management Framework
    Hard Token Management Framework is an add-on to EJBCA Certificate Authority, and communicates with the tokens through a PKCS11 interface. It comes with a few ready-made modules that can be composed to fit the need of the organization. It has many features, including basic card administration and locking functions.
  • Hatteras
    Hatteras is a Business Events Subscription Engine, written in Java and making extensive use of Apache Camel, which makes up one component of the Fogcutter Suite.
  • HeroScribe
    designed to produce typographic quality HeroQuest maps (with either European or US layout). It reads XML descriptions of the maps and uses them to output EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) files
  • hipergate
    (commercial) a Web based Open Source platform with modules for Sales Automation, Product Service and Support, Project Management, Intranet/Groupware, e-mail marketing and e-Business
  • Houston
    an open-source, light-weight status and logging toolkit offering a plug-in architecture to let you choose the underlying, industry-strength logging toolkit such as Apache log4j or Java 1.4's built-in java.util.logging toolkit
  • Hyperic HQ
    Hyperic HQ is an open source IT management platform which delivers consolidated, comprehensive management of enterprise IT technologies. Features plugin dev API's, auto-discovery, and a clean web interface. Read more
  • I18NEdit
    a convenience application for managing multilingual and/or localized programs or tools following the Java framework. It sits upon the localization capabilities offered by the Java ResourceBundle system and offers a PHP adapter class
  • IaraJS
    IaraJS is a set of JavaScript templates for the construction of Web sites, using JavaScript components.
  • infojection
    Infojection provides a multimedia playback system. It is ideally suited to digital signage, plasma screen advertising, and public information screens. Players connected to projectors or big screens are able to display a variable schedule of Live TV or video, digital video like DivX, MPEG, Flash, MS PowerPoint, or HTML. Other possibilities can be realized through plugins. A Java/Tomcat Web app provides the Media Manager. Media is imported, scheduled, and then distributed to a potentially massive number of players and screens.
  • Ixonos MISP CIMD Simulator
    Ixonos MISP CIMD Simulator is a Computer Interface to Message Distribution (CIMD) protocol version 2.0-compliant server for testing CIMD client applications.
  • J'upload
    J'upload is an upload applet to use with Web sites. It should work with all Java-enabled browsers.
  • J2DA!
    Java2DAbstaction Layer. It's an abstraction Layer specially created for Java 2D Games
  • jATLAS
    the java implementation of ATLAS [Architecture and Tools for Linguistic Analysis Systems]
    Jauus is a software patching program that works over the Internet by making a single TCP connection to a host server. It works on any Java-supported platform for any language or file type.
  • Java Application Monitor API
    The Java Application Monitor (JAMon) is a free, simple, high performance, thread safe, Java API that allows developers to easily monitor production applications. JAMon can be used to determine application performance bottlenecks, user/application interactions, track application scalability, and more.
  • Java Data Tools
    provides a set of Java packages supporting [1] serialization to and deserialization from xml-formatted data and [2] tree-based navigation using XPath-like Java objects
  • Java Gearman Service
    Java Gearman Service is a Java implementation of the gearman service, which provides a generic application framework that farms work out to other machines or processes that are better suited to do the work.
  • Java Lemonade Stand
    Java Lemonade Stand is a simulation of a lemonade stand. It is distributed as a desktop application and an applet.
  • Java Log analyzer
    Java Log analyzer is a http log ananlyzer written in Java. JXLA doesn't make reports in HTML, but in XML. So you can fully configure the output as you want by an XSL stylesheet.
  • Java log viewer for GNOME
    allows displaying of logs generated by java.util.logging.XMLFormatters. Searching in messages and filtering regarding logger specific levels is offered
  • Java Mozilla Html Parser
    Mozilla Java Html Parser is a Java package that enables you to parse html pages into a Java Document object. The parser is a wrapper around Mozilla's Html Parser, therefore giving the user a browser-quality html parser.
  • Java Serialization to XML
    (commercial) JSX serializes Java objects to XML. You can persist data and send it over the network in a readable form that can be accessed with ordinary text and XML processing tools. You can now search, test, profile and audit your data as XML.
  • Java SETI Monitor
    a utility for monitoring SETI work unit progress and individual user statistics
  • JavaMatch
    an engine that can search inside a runtime Java data structures, and look for objects that best match the criteria that you specify. JavaMatch is a generic match engine, not targeted at a specific domain
  • JavaRebel
    JavaRebel is a JVM plugin (-javaagent) that enables you to reload changes made to Java class files on the fly, saving developers the time that it takes to redeploy an application or perform a container restart.
  • JavaZoneWriter
    JavaZoneWriter is a multithreaded daemon used to write DNS zones compatible with Bind9 from a MySQL database backend.
  • JBootCat
    JBootCat is an implemention of the BootCat scripts for acquiring corpora from the Internet, which is of interest to linguists and translators.
  • jchardet
    jchardet is a port of the source from mozilla's automatic charset detection algorithm.
  • JClientPages
    JClientPages allows you to use standard Java language to write client-side scripts in your HTML pages.
  • JColorGrid
    JColorGrid is an application for transforming numerical or text data into color-grids. A color-grid is a generalization of the popular heat map representation that displays information two-dimensionally with an associated color hue. Color-grid representations provide an excellent means of illustrating complex data sets and can be used to identify trends, clusters and extremes in a given data set.
  • Jconsole
    a JMX console for JBoss that provides a pre-built Web client for the JBoss application server. It deploys the JMX features of JBoss
  • jDTAUS
    jDTAUS is a Java implementation of the German DTAUS file format as specified by Zentraler Kreditausschuss. It implements the DTAUS specification version 2.0 (dated November 2005). The API was written with mass-data support in mind and provides all possible kinds of operations on a DTAUS file. Performance or memory critical sections of the code can be hand-tuned via a property file without rebuilding the code. The API is based on an abstraction layer for I/O operations, so implementations can be adopted to other persistence mechanisms.
  • Jerimoth
    Jerimoth is a Java-based web service for posting and searching jobs and resumes. It uses Apache Axis, Castor, and MySQL, and resumes and job postings are stored in a highly-structured XML format that's compatible with the HR-XML standard.
  • JForum
    a powerful and robust discussion board system implemented in Java. It provides an attractive interface, an efficient forum engine, an easy to use administrative panel, an advanced permission control system and much more
  • JFreeVote
    JFreeVote is a set of Java tools to manage a e-vote process. It provides authentication, vote unicity, vote secrecy (with extensive use of cryptography), deferred vote counting, an interventor module, atomic transtactions with failure recovery, proctection against direct database inspection, emission and validation of digital vote certificates, multiple simultaneous consults, and census. A chat and forum system are included.
  • JGenea
    a pure Java genealogy application useful to store information about the members of a family
  • JGoogleAnalytics
    JGoogleAnalytics is a lightweight, unobtrusive Java utility for tracking usage information on Java applications through Google Analytics. It can be used for gathering usage statistics on utilities, plugins (Eclipse, IntelliJ, Netbeans, etc.), client-side, server-side, middleware, desktop, or any Java based application. Hence, it allows you to perform usage and trend analysis on the application of interest.
    JHOVE (pronounced "jove"), the JSTOR/Harvard Object Validation Environment, is an extensible software framework for performing format identification, validation, and characterization of digital objects.
  • JID
    JID is a system that can deserialize, update, and reserialize a map of 10,000 entries in 4 milliseconds on an i5 at 2.53 GHz.
  • jminix
    jminix is a simple embeddable restful JMX console.
  • Jmx4Perl
    Jmx4Perl provides a new way of accessing Java JEE Server management interfaces that are based on JMX (Java Management Extensions).
  • jmxtrans
    jmxtrans is a very powerful tool which reads json configuration files of servers/ports and jmx domains / attributes / types and then outputs the data in whatever format you want via special 'Writer' objects which you can code up yourself.
  • Jolt JVM Daemon
    Jolt JVM Daemon provides a way to invoke the JDK tools javac, javadoc, and jar from the command line while reusing the same JVM instance across invocations.
  • Jomic
    Jomic is a viewer for comic book archives. It can handle both CBZ and CBR archives and has a two page mode. Supported image formats are PNG, JFIF/JPEG, TIFF, and GIF. Read more
  • jperfmeter
    JPerfmeter is a simple performance statistics monitor in the style of perfmeter.
  • JRainWords
    JRainWords is a Java program that teaches a child to write with a computer keyboard.
  • JRequisite
    JRequisite is an agile requirement management tool, which means your requirements are defined mainly via visual tools as opposed to textual requirement tools. Also, it is independent of the process used, so you may apply any process to your development. Despite being a requirement analysis and management tool, JRequisite tools are so general that they can be used in other areas of software development and even non-software related fields.
  • JSMin Ant Task
    The JSMin Ant task acts as an interface to Douglas Crockford's JSMin Java class. The task can be used for the automated minification of Javascript files in your Ant build and deploy processes.
  • JSON
    JavaScript Object Notation: a simple and lightweight data interchange format. This project provides libraries for manipulating JSON objects for various languages
  • jssha256
    jssha256 is a compact JavaScript implementation of the SHA256 secure hash function
  • jsSnow
    jsSnow is a port of XSnow to JavaScript.
  • JSurveyLib
    JSurveyLib is a survey/questionnaire engine that is embeddable and easy to configure. It supports many different question types and a powerful scripting language for a more interactive experience.
  • Jupe
    Jupe is a UML Plugin for Eclipse. It provides support for the creation of UML class diagrams, Java code generation and reverse engineering. Jupe is based on the GEF and UML2 frameworks and supports Eclipse 3.2.
  • JVending
    to create a system that handles stocking of content (J2ME, MMS, Ring Tones) and that provisions the content to mobile devices. Areas of work include DRM solutions and P2P (JXTA) based content provisioning
  • JViews
    JViews is a set of visualization components for a wide spectrum of applications. They come with industry-specific graphic objects, Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) technology, point-and-click editors, and software development kits (SDKs) for customizing renderings and interaction features. It can be used to develop interfaces for desktop and Web-based applications. JViews contains modules to cover different types of displays, such as diagrams, dashboards, maps, charts, Gantt charts, and telecom.
  • jWebAnnotation
    jWebAnnotation is designed to let you move configuration settings from the web.xml file of a Java Web application into annotations.
  • JWebEngine
    JWebEngine is an embeddable component that is far more advanced than the internal Sun HTML renderer since it flawlessly passes the Mail Accid and the Accid 1 test.
  • kaptcha
    kaptcha is a modern version of the SimpleCaptcha project. By default it is very easy to setup and use and the default output produces a captcha that is hard to bust and similar to the ones produced by
  • Kaveri
    Kaveri is an Eclipse plug-in front-end for the Indus Java slicer. It utilizes the Indus program slicer to calculate slices of Java programs and displays the results visually in the editor. The purpose of this project is to create an effective tool for simplifying program understanding, program analysis, program debugging, and testing.
  • KeyFrog
    KeyFrog monitors keyboard and vizualizes it's usage statistics.
  • KMapIME
    a Java based InputMethodEngine (ime) using the kmap-files from Yudit and the kmp files from Simredo. Currently support over 120 different languages/alphabets
  • License4J
    (commercial) License4J is a total solution for software product licensing. It provides Java libraries and GUI tools for generation and validation of license files, cryptographically secure serial numbers, and floating license files.
  • Liferay Enterprise Portal
    a Java/J2EE portal system that provides personalization (like Yahoo!), web email (like Hotmail), document library, message boards (like Jive), shopping (e-commerce), Wiki and many other web tools all available in one place
  • LingoTeach
    LingoTeach is a simple language teaching program that is written in Java.
  • log4javascript
    log4javascript is a JavaScript logging framework based on the Java logging framework log4j.
  • Mandoforms
    Mandoforms is an intelligent replacement for existing HTML forms. Online forms can be built easily and are simple to manage and maintain.
  • Maven Archetypes
    Maven Archetypes helps to generate an initial Java project layout. It is not required to have Maven 2 preinstalled; instead, it uses JLaunchPad (as part of the installation). Software required by Maven and the Maven Archetypes Plugin will be downloaded and installed automatically. All you need to do is to specify the location of Java and the location of the Maven repository, as well as proxy parameters if behind a firewall.
  • Megamek.NET
    a client/server Java Application to chat and play MegaMek Games and also enroll into the ongoing campaign to fíght for one of the 5 houses or a Mercenary Group
  • mod_gcj
    mod_gcj is a project aimed to serve dynamic pages from Apache using libgcj, the free Javatm implementation that is part of GCC.
  • Multiple Eyepairs Only
    Multiple Eyepairs Only is a project to define a file format and to provide tools to use cryptography for things like four-eyes principles.
  • MyGrid
    an Open Source grid and grid middleware you can use without incurring multi-mullion dollar costs by commercial grid applications. MyGrid is designed with the modern concepts in mind, simple naming and transparent class hierarchy. MyGrid can distribute jobs to other grids, including comercial, such as DataSynapse, or Globus via gateway plugins
  • MyVirtualDirectory
    MyVirtualDirectory is a virtual directory that facilitates the integration of applications with identity data in multiple authoritative sources in real time.
  • NAMD Log Parser
    sorts through the log file generated by NAMD and extracts energy information to export to a graphing program or used in the basic graph provided
  • Navigation
    Navigation implements a design pattern that allows you to navigate through complex systems by means of "navigation chains". Each node in the navigation chain is represented as its own object, and can have any number of child links attached to it (done through upwards linking; navigations have no knowledge of their children).
  • Neddick
    Neddick is an Information Discovery Platform, based on Groovy & Grails, and making up one component of the Fogcutter Suite.
  • NetPhantom
    (commercial) NetPhantom is an advanced middleware solution.
  • News Content Management
    News Content Management makes it easy for non-technical users to update and manage articles, press releases, news stories, headlines, and editorials.
  • NV2D
    NV2D is a graph visualization and layout tool written in Java that can run either as a standalone application or an applet embedded in a web browser. NV2D is a module of the NetVis project and the feature set emphasizes social network analysis.
  • OBSearch
    OBSearch is a distributed similarity search index. It can (for example) match programs and help to detect Open Source/Libre license violations, find music that sounds like Sisters of Mercy, or match huge vectors of randomly generated integers just for fun.
  • OIOSAML.Java
    OIOSAML.Java is a Java-based service provider for SAML 2.0. It was profiled for the Danish OIOSAML 2.0 profile, but it works in generic SAML 2.0 Web SSO environments too.
  • OPEN BEXI HTML Builder
    OPEN BEXI HTML Builder is a WYSIWYG HTML editor for Internet Explorer and Firefox that allows you to create Web pages and generate HTML code without any HTML knowledge.
  • Open Source Requirements Management Tool
    Open Source Requirements Management Tool is designed to achieve full SDLC traceability for features, requirements, design, implementation, and testing. It has a UI for requirements derivation, version control, and common or custom attributes (rationale, source, risk, effort, etc.).
  • Openbakery Translation
    Openbakery Translation is an internationalization tool for Java. Unlike standard i18n in Java, openbakery translation uses the text in the default locale as the key. There is also a tool which checks all of the source code for translations. T
  • OpenKM
    OpenKM is a document management system that is useful for enterprises that intend to organize and share documents. Read more
  • OpenLayers
    OpenLayers makes it easy to put a dynamic map in any web page. It can display map tiles and markers loaded from any source. MetaCarta developed the initial version of OpenLayers and gave it to the public to further the use of geographic information of all kinds. OpenLayers is completely free, Open Source JavaScript, released under the BSD License.
  • openMosixApplet
    lets you watch the realtime load of your openMosix cluster. It consists of a local daemon which listens for connections by applets
  • OpenSCADA Utgard
    Project Utgard is a sub-project of the OpenSCADA project. It's focused on creating a completely Java and open source OPC interface for the OpenSCADA project.
  • OpenSCDP
    OpenSCDP is a collection of smart card application development and testing tools using JavaScript based on Global Platform scripting and profiles technology.
  • OpenSubsystems
    OpenSubsystems is set of business components such as inventory management, order processing, document management, document workflow, document imaging, etc. intended for rapid application development on different Java middleware platforms.
  • openTCS
    openTCS is a platform-independent transportation control system (TCS) intended to control automatic guided vehicles (AGVs), but which can be used to steer virtually any (track-guided) vehicle.
  • Orphne
    Orphne is a highly specialized Web browser, based on the XulRunner suite, optimized for viewing "adult" content. It features tagging, rating, and bookmarking sites, an integrated search, and slide shows. Please note that Orphne is intended for adults only.
  • PdfLicenseManager
    PdfLicenseManager aims to be a simple tool to manage PDF licensing information. In particular, it is focused on inserting and managing Creative Commons licensing information in the XMP stream.
  • Perf4CDI
    Perf4CDI is an add-on package for implementations of Contexts and Dependency Injection for the Java EE platform (CDI - JSR-299) providing convenient integration with Perf4j - performance monitoring library for Java applications.
  • PgpID
    a single sign-on identity and messaging server, similar in aim to the Liberty Alliance identity server, written in Java and using an external OpenPGP/GnuPG
  • Pillow
    Pillow scans directories searching for CommonJS packages (package.json files) and makes the packages usable in the browser (i.e. the found packages and modules can be accessed using the require() function).
  • PingBlog
    PingBlog is a tag generator and ping tool for blog directories such as VeneBlogs, To2Blogs, Blogalaxia, Technorati, and others.
  • pittrainer
    pittrainer provides a cockpit trainer for the Falcon 4.0 Allied Force simulation.
  • PlexLotto
    PlexLotto allows people to play smart lottery. It supports abbreviated and full wheeling, supports an archiving facility, automatically downloads the previous lottery database, can search for winning numbers, and displays winning numbers.
  • POMStrap
    POMStrap is a really simple Java application bootstrap and classloader trick that allows dependency "classloading" without side effect. POMStrap uses Maven2 pom files to resolve dependencies required to launch an application. For example, if your application depends on A-1.0 (and can only work with this version) and B-1.0; and if B-1.0 also depends on A-2.0, then B-1.0's dependency won't normally be able to be satisfied without violating another one of your application's dependencies. POMStrap avoids this kind of dependency conflict.
  • Portecle
    Portecle is a user friendly GUI application for creating, managing and examining keystores, keys, certificates, certificate requests, certificate revocation lists and more.
  • prbeditor
    prbeditor is an editor for Java property resource bundle files. The application's intent is to help in the localization (l10n) of those programs that have been internationalized with Java's standard i18n mechanism. In contrast to other similar tools, it shows the keys and values of several languages at the same time in a spreadsheet, giving a global view of the resource files.
  • PRTree
    PRTree is a Java package which implements a priority R-Tree, a spatial index. It can be used to find objects inside a query rectangle very quickly.
  • Quoddy
    Quoddy is an Enterprise Social Network, based on Groovy & Grails, and making up one component of the Fogcutter Suite.
  • Raccoon
    Raccoon is a Google Play desktop client that allows you to download Android APK files to your desktop PC and archive them there.
  • Rad Upload
    a file uploader applet. It allows customers to simply drag and drop files on to a special area on the browser to be transferred to the server. Alternative you can just copy and paste them into the applet to be uploaded
  • Raining Sockets
    a non-blocking sockets framework which eases the job of creating a highly scalable application that can receive and send over 10000 socket connections
  • RBarcode
    a Barcode java bean and servlet. Supports all major 1D & 2D symbologies: EAN, UPC, code 128, code 39, PDF417, codabar , maxicode, datamatrix etc
  • RDQLPlus
    RDQLPlus is a tool for querying RDF graphs, featuring graphical results in a zoomable user interface (ZUI). It can work with existing RDF files, Jena2 RDF databases, and a native-Java database called Mckoi.
  • Relations RCP
    Relations RCP is a personal wiki style application for knowledge creation and management. Its use is the visualization of terms and concepts and the relations governing these items. Relations is implemented as Eclipse RCP application.
  • RenderX XEP
    (commercial) RenderX XEP is for dynamic rendering of XML documents. XEP is a pluggable architectural component that takes two open standard inputs, XML data and XSL FO stylesheet, and produces the industry's defacto standards for high-quality rendered electronic documents, Adobe PDF and PostScript. XEP supports many extensions to the XSL FO specification, including SVG graphics and PDF-to-PDF linking.
  • RepairsLab
    The system RepairsLab allow to manage the entry and exit of equipment repair in a small workshop for repairs or service center.
  • Repository in a Box
    RIB is a software package for creating WWW metadata repositories. Metadata, from RIB's perspective, is information that describes reusable objects, such as software. RIB allows the user to enter metadata into a Java applet, which then sends the information to an RIB server via HTTP.
  • rJSmin
    rJSmin is a fast reimplemenation of jsmin.c by Douglas Crockford.
  • Roomba
    Roomba aims to provide a complete PMS (Property Management System) and CRS (Central Reservation System) for hotels of all sizes. Roomba is a J2EE-based application.
  • RSS-desk
    a reusable component for the news aggregation in a web page. It is based on j2ee-standards using the Informa API and includes JSP tag-library for the processing of RSS-feeds and Admin interface
  • Ruben
    Ruben provides Maven 2.x plugins for Ruby builds.
  • S3OSCache
    S3OSCache is an OSCache store implementation that uses Amazon's Web Service S3 service to store the cached data.
  • Sarasvati
    Sarasvati is a workflow/bpm engine based on graph execution. It has a simple core which allows for different implementations. For example one may change the persistence mechanism (or avoid it altogether), change token representation or build additional functionality on top.
  • Sardine
    Sardine is a next generation WebDAV client for java. It is intended to be simple to use and does not implement the full WebDAV client spec.
  • ServoMaster
    ServoMaster provides hardware independent abstractions to servos and servo controllers. It has implementations for several servo controller families, including Phidget, Pololu, Parallax, and SSC. It has support for servo and controller metadata, introspection, and capabilities discovery.
  • ShaniXmlParser
    a small and fast Xml/Html non validating parser written in java. It can parse invalid xml files. It uses the org.w3c.dom interfaces and the jaxp DocumentBuilder
  • shib-http-client
    shib-http-client provides no-frills access to URLs that are protected by Shibboleth using HTTPS.
  • Simpy Tools
    SimpyTools is a collection of various software for using and enhancing the social bookmarking service. The software includes libraries in various programming languages for using the REST API of It also includes a Firefox extension and more.
  • SkunkDAV
    a GPL Java2 webDAV client with a built-in editor and file browser
  • Slide40
    Slide40 is a program for displaying slide presentations in a style inspired by the personal computers of the late 1970's. The display mimics a TV screen showing only 40 columns of text in an all-caps font built from big blocky fuzzy pixels.
  • SnipSnap
    SnipSnap is a personal content management system based on weblog and wiki technologies. It's intended for desktop use, but can be deployed on servers. SnipSnap differs from other weblog and wiki tools as it's focused on easy installation.
  • solr_pager
    solr_pager is a SOLR paging component (plugin) that adds paging records to SOLR search results.
  • SpaceMapper DataStore
    a Java based document repository server for storing, querying and fetching XML based documents. It is built on practical needs allowing the storage of semi-structured (well formatted, maybe validated, XML, XHTML and HTML) documents and un-structured documents (TXT)
  • Spring-Dashboard
    Spring-dashboard provides a real-time statistic and monitoring view of any Web application based on the Spring framework. With Spring-dashboard, developers and testers can monitor flows within the application, as well as gather statistical information on application usage.
  • Stellation SCM
    Stellation is a software configuration management system designed to be an extensible platform for building systems based on the integration of advanced or experimental SCM techniques with the Eclipse development environment. The Stellation project will be using this system to integrate support for fine-grained software artifacts into the Eclipse environment, with particular focus on dynamic program organization, and inter-program coordination.
  • struts timeEntry
    struts timeEntry is an application that developers can refer to when learning Apache's Struts framework. It should aid the learning developer in putting different Struts techniques into context.
  • Stylus Handwriting Input Panel
    The Stylus/Handwriting Input Panel (SHIP) is a system for gesture text entry for Tablet computers using an X11 user interface.
  • Super CSV
    Super CSV is a CSV package for the Java 5+ platform. It operates on streams rather than file names, so you can read and write files of any encoding from any kind of source. It operates on maps and POJO beans, so you don't have to convert to or from String arrays.
  • svenson
    svenson is a Java5 JSON generator/parser. It lets you convert Java object graphs into JSON and vice versa. svenson offers an API and annotations to aid you in this.
  • Syoncloud Logs
    Syoncloud Logs processes log files from various applications and many servers. It enables to capture business relevant information from everyday log files generated by web servers, business applications and back office applications.
  • tallence workflow engine
    tallence workflow engine is a graphical, Web-based workflow designer based on Java 1.4. Its workflow engine is modelled after the MVC-Pattern. It features Activities, AND-, OR-, EOR-, and XOR-Decisions, and a splitter. It is accessible via JSP-Taglib or via the Java-API.
  • Text Zap
    Text Zap is an Apache Ant-based text filter task. It is extremely flexible and expandable.
    The THREDDS (Thematic Realtime Environmental Distributed Data Services) project is developing middleware to bridge the gap between data providers and data users. The goal is to simplify the discovery and use of scientific data and to allow scientific publications and educational materials to reference scientific data. The mission of THREDDS is for students, educators and researchers to publish, contribute, find, and interact with data relating to the Earth system in a convenient, effective, and integrated fashion. Just as the World Wide Web and digital library technologies have simplified the process of publishing and accessing multimedia documents, THREDDS is building infrastructure needed for publishing and accessing scientific data in a similarly convenient fashion.
  • tinyTiM
    tinyTiM (the tiny Topic Maps engine) is a small and lightweight in-memory implementation of TMAPI.
  • TM4J
    an open-source project to develop topic map processing tools and applications. The project produces TM4J, a topic map "engine" and TMNav, a framework and application for visualising and editing topic maps
    TOPCASED (Toolkit in OPen source for Critical Applications and SystEm Development) is a system/software engineering workshop based on Eclipse. It aims to provide the tools required to go from requirements to the implementation stages. The current version includes several graphical editors: ECORE, UML 2 (class, use cases, sequence diagrams only), structured analysis, and AADL (Architecture Analysis and Design Language). These editors are partially generated from ECORE models and models can be checked. OCL and EMF checks are supported at this time. External tools can be easily connected to the workshop thanks to a simple communication bus.
  • tuipeer
    provides a TUI (Text User Interface) Look and Feel. In addition, it supports multiple instances of java.awt.Toolkit, a prerequisite for a multi-user JVM
  • TwICE
    a Java implementation of the Information and Content Exchange (ICE) protocol
  • TwistedJava
    an LGPLed implementation of the Perspective Broker protocol for Java
  • UML/Dot
    makes UML class diagrams from JAVA source or bytecode. The diagrams are generated using GraphViz Dot. The user has full control over the process and can hide or show any of the extracted elements
  • undx
    undx is a tool to reconstruct class files from Dalvik code.
  • uPortal
    uPortal is a free, sharable portal under development by institutions of higher-education. This group sees an institutional portal as an abridged and customized version of the institutional Web presence... a "pocket-sized" version of the campus Web.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Tracker
    Versatile Maintenance Tracker (VMT, formerly Vehicle Maintenance Tracker) is a GUI-based Java program that will track the maintenance of multiple properties.
  • Velocity editor plugin for Eclipse
    provides an editor for the scripting language of Jakarta's template engine Velocity. The editor is implemented as an plugin for the Eclipse platform
  • VietIME
    a Java-based Vietnamese input method editor (IME). Enable input of Vietnamese Unicode text in Java's AWT (TextArea and TextField) and Swing text components.
  • VIF Lightweight Framework
    The VIF Lightweight Framework is an object-relational bridge to store and retrieve data in relational database management systems (RDMS). The VIF Lightweight Framework puts emphasis on a comprehensive XML representation of the data objects retrieved. Therefore, the framework is extremely well suited for applications that implement XML based APIs, e.g. web applications that render the information retrieved using XSL transformation. The VIF Lightweight Framework is part of the VIF (virtual discussion forum) project.
  • Vrapper
    Vrapper is an Eclipse plugin which acts as a wrapper for Eclipse text editors to provide a Vim-like input scheme for moving around and editing text.
  • Wandora
    Wandora is a general purpose data extraction, management, and publishing application based on Topic Maps and Java. Wandora has a graphical user interface, layered presentation of knowledge, several data storage options, rich data extraction, import and export capabilities, and an embedded HTTP server that enables dynamic publication of Topic Maps. Wandora is well suited for rapid ontology construction and knowledge mashups.
  • Wayback Machine
    The Wayback Machine is a pure Java implementation of the Internet Achive Wayback Machine. This implementation is focused on modularity, with flexible core data structures to allow new and experimental user interfaces and document indexes.
  • webCDwriter
    can be used to make a single CD-writer available to the users in your network. There is a server that controls the CD-writer using cdrecord. It accepts the requests from several clients around in the network. webCDwriter comes with a client written in java that can run as an applet within a browser
  • WebRun
    a simple Java Application Starter that can load jars and class files from URLs, including password protected URLs
  • WebScarab
    WebScarab is a loose suite of web application security assessment tools written entirely in Java and therefore multi-platform. Eventually the tools will all work together.
    WEEDS converts XML files describing written to "limon.dtd" to an HTML-formatted flora.
  • wiki2xhtml
    wiki2xhtml can create complete Web pages and uses a clean XHTML syntax. It can insert galleries, a menu, a footer, and nearly all elements you know from the Wikipedia.
  • Winstone
    Winstone is a Java Servlet Container that provides servlet functionality without the bloat that full J2EE compliance introduces.
  • WSO2-ESB
    WSO2 ESB is a lightweight Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) that centers around XML and Web services. It is based on the Apache Synapse and Apache Axis2 projects, and it supports connectivity, transformation and mediation, and the management of Web services interactions.
  • Wyona CMS
    Wyona CMS is an Open-Source Content Management and Publishing System written in 100% pure Java. It is based on open standards such as XML and XSLT.
  • xinco
    a Web-Service based (SOAP) Information and Document Management System (DMS) implemented using Java J2EE technology
  • XML Directory Listing
    XML Directory Listing is a cross platform application for generating an XML representation of a directory structure. The XML output contains a wealth of file information and can be configured in many different ways.
  • XML Hammer
    The XML Hammer application is a tool that simplifies elementary XML actions like checking for well-formedness, validation, transformation, and xpath searches using any JAXP implementation.
  • Yazd
    Yazd is a Java-based discussion forum software that can be easily configured through an administration interface. It is highly flexible and uses JDBC to connect to a backend database.

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