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Chess in a Few Bytes
Linux has a good range of extremely strong chess engines such as Stockfish, Critter, Togo II, Crafty, GNU Chess, and Komodo. The chess engines featured in this article offer no match to a good chess engine, but they show how much can be achieved with a minuscule codebase.

(Read more)
Bluefish is a powerful editor for experienced web designers and programmers. Bluefish supports many programming and markup languages, but it focuses on editing dynamic and interactive websites. It has MDI support, multiple encodings support, and a customizable syntax highlighting based on Perl. Read more


  • Altus 600
    Altus 600 is designed to do one thing well and that is HPC clusters. This platform maximizes CPU performance, memory capacity and bandwidth while minimizing the cost. Two dual-core AMD Opteron 2000-series processors provide the computing horsepower and 16 DIMM slots result in class leading 64GB RAM capacity.
  • Baserock Slab ARM Server
    Baserock Slab ARM Server is designed for Linux server appliance applications. Each individual node includes eight quad-core ARM CPUs. Two nodes can fit in a single 1U slot, for a total of 64 cores per rack unit.
  • Cepoint Networks, LLC
    manufactures 1U & 2U Rackmount Linux servers, optimized for high performance and scalability. Dual AMD Athlon processors or Intel. Industrial single board computers or active motherboard format
  • Dell PowerEdge T710
    The Dell PowerEdge T710 offers customer-inspired usability with excellent system and image commonality.
  • DreamPlug
    DreamPlug features a Marvell Sheeva Core Embedded CPU running at 1.2 GHz,, 1GB of flash memory, 512MB of SDRAM, running Ubuntu or Debian with dimensions of 108mm (L) x 58mm (W) x 24mm (H)
  • Linux Dualplex Server
    Intel Pentium III processor up to 1GHz, up to 4GB PC133 ECC Registered SDRAM with Redhat Linux 7.0 Deluxe installed
  • Linux Uniplex SCSI Server
    with Intel Pentium III processor up to 1GHz, up to 34.2GB Ultra160 SCA hard drive with Redhat Linux 7.0 configured
  • Los Alamos Computers LAC A2UE
    functions as a high performance compute server or a mid-size file server. Serve files to your GNU/Linux (e.g. NFS), MS (Samba), and Mac (Netatalk or Samba) clients with Open Source server software installed and configured by LAC.Dual AMD CPUs,Up to 3.5G PC2100 RAM,1xAGP, 2x64bit PCI riser card,6 cold swap IDE or hot swap SCSI HDD bays,Up to 1.2T IDE storage, Up to 876G SCSI storage, Software or hardware RAID, or LVM,Onboard 10/100 NIC, One external 5.25in bay,19 inch 2U rackmount chassis, 460W fixed power supply, Two year P/L warranty
  • MimoPlug
    MimoPlug is a plug Linux PC with USB Touch-screen monitor. It features a Kirkwood Series processor with an embedded Marvell Sheeva 1.2 GHz CPU equipped with 512 MB of FLASH and 512 MB of DRAM.
  • OpenNA
    offers a complete line of scalable, powerful and secure linux server systems
  • PL-60760
    1U, Core2 Duo-based network appliance with eight Ethernet ports. The Linux-compatible PL-60760 targets firewalls, VPN gateways, IDS/IPS (intrusion detection and prevention systems), NAC (network access control) systems, and UTM (unified threat management) applications based on Linux and other embedded OSes.
  • Pogo Linux Blades
    Pogo Linux solves the high performance computing problem of cluster complexity with turnkey hardware/software packages.
  • SGI 1200 server
    a high-Density, Rack-Optimized Intel® Pentium® III-Based Server for Internet and Technical Server Farms. 1-2 CPUs, 700 MHz, 800 MHz clock speed, with Red Hat Linux
  • SGI 1450
    provides a Low Entry Price Point for Scalable, High-Performance Computing by Using the Latest in Intel® IA-32 Hardware and the Linux® Operating System
  • SheevaPlug
    The SheevaPlug is one of the first "Plug computers" on the market. It features a 1.2 GHz Marvell Kirkwood 6281 ARM-compatible CPU (aka Feroceon).
  • SR5000T2 Server
    a 5U rackmount designed for high performance and high availability. Based on the Intel® STL2 Server Board and Intel's SC5000 Server chassis, the SR5000T2 boasts two Intel® Pentium® III processors at speeds up to 1GHz, Ultra160 SCSI hot-swap drive bays and redundant hot-swap power supplies
  • SRKA4 quad processor 4U server
    Pentium® III Xeon? processors at speeds up to 700MHz with 1MB or 2MB of L2 cache provide scalability over a wide range of performance. High availability features include PCI Hot-Plug ,hot-swap power supplies and hot-swap SCSI drive bays. Performance features include dual Ultra160 SCSI, 10 Ultra160 drive bays and 3 peer PCI buses for (2) 64-bit/66MHz, (4) 64-bit/33MHz, and (2) 32-bit/33MHz slot
  • System 76 Jackal 1U
    1U rackmount server with 512MB RAM, 250GB hard drive, dual-core Pentium processor, and dual Gigabit Ethernet
  • Terabyte RAID Server
    features Intel® Pentium® III processor up to 850MHz, Up to 8GB ECC Reg. SDRAM Memory, Up to 32 x 81.9GB Ultra ATA 100 hard drive
  • ZaReason Breeze Server 4220
    Small enough to fit anywhere, and quiet enough to not bother anyone. Under 11" high. Upgradeable to support 300+ users.

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