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Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet
Moksha Desktop


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42 Best Free Linux Video Software
There is an excellent set of free, open source video software available on the Linux platform which is both fully featured and mature. Become a digital video editing master, turn your Linux machine into a Home Theatre box are two options that are explored in this article.

(Read more)
Calibre is an open source e-book management application. It has a cornucopia of features. Read more


  • GPS receiver GPS-BR305-Z6
    this unit is designed specifically for use with the Sharp Zaurus family (SL-6000, SL-5600, SL-5500, SL-5000D, SL-C700, SL-C750, SL-C760, SL-C860). This GPS receiver plugs directly into the Zaurus minimizing the need for extra cables and adaptors. Just plug in the GPS receiver and the MHPower adaptor (shown) or the AC power adaptor, and your Zaurus will receive an accurate stream of NMEA data for use with your favorite GPS software
  • LaserChamp Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
    ideal for a wide range of data collection applications. Inventory, field service, asset tracking, time & attendance, healthcare, and even POS are all possible with this scanner since it operates in memory, tethered and, wireless bluetooth modes
  • ZDevMaster
    access Comtrol DeviceMaster RTS serial ports with Zaurus SL-5500, SL-5600, SL-C700, SL-C750, SL-C760, as well as from Linux, and Windows machines
  • zFree Hand
    designed specifically for use with the Sharp Zaurus SL-5600, SL-5500. It allows simple one-handed scanning in virtually all environments. The comfortable size is specially designed to fit both small and large hands alike, allowing comfortable one-handed
  • ZThinCable
    provides a superior serial cable solution to the Sharp CE-170TS cable. The Sharp CE-170TS cable does not allow access to the keypad, or power connector of the SL-5600/5500 when the cable is attached. ZThinCable allows the SL-5600/5500 keypad cover to be fully open allowing complete access to the keypad and power connector, with the serial cable connected

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