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3 Open Source Python Shells
Python is a very useful and popular computer language. One of the benefits of using an interpreted language such as Python is exploratory programming with its interactive shell.

(Read more)
Star Conflict
Star Conflict is a free action-packed Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) space game where players control their own spaceships. The game uses instanced battles, with struggle for dominance in space sectors. Read more


    contains questions and answers pertaining to Derek Atkin's Linux port of the Transarc AFS client
  • Audio File Format FAQ
    Audio File Format FAQ is a collection of information related to Sound Formats used by computers that was started in November of 1991.
    Frequently asked questions about CDE, an integrated graphical user interface for open systems desktop computing, combining X Window System, OSF/Motif, and the Common Desktop Environment technologies
  • FAQ
    frequently asked questions (and the answers) that are posted to, a group dedicated to the discussion of applications that run under the X Window System
  • Enlightenment FAQ
    Enlightenment FAQ covers getting Enlightenment, installation, general questions, installing & compiling, themes, tutorials, manager issues and more.
  • Expect FAQ
    Frequently asked questions about Expect, a program that "talks" to other interactive programs according to a script
  • Ftape FAQ
    This is a very incomplete attempt to create a FAQ for the Ftape Floppy Tape Device Driver.
  • GIMP User FAQ
    covers general GIMP questions, plug-ins, script-fu, fonts, file formats and using GIMP
  • Informix FAQ
    a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) with answers related to the installation, configuration and use of the Informix Standard Engine and the ESQL/C development tool on Linux
  • Linux FAQ
    a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Linux (with answers) compiled by Robert Kiesling
  • Linux for S/390 FAQ
    Linux for S/390 FAQ. It covers Linux for S/390 gigabit ethernet support, S390 intergrated facility for Linux, all the middleware available for Linux for S/390, Linux for S/390 education, HiperSockets and more
  • Linux Meta-FAQ
    It is mainly a list of valuable sources of information. Check these sources out if you want to learn more about Linux, or have problems and need help
  • Linux/APUS Doc'n'FAQ
    a document that contains frequently asked questions (and answers) about Linux/APUS (Linux for Amiga PowerUp Systems) as well as general documentation of the Linux/APUS port
  • Linux/MIPS FAQ
    Linux/MIPS is a port of the LINUX Operating System to computers equipped with MIPS processors
  • Motif FAQ
    answers over 300 frequently asked questions about Motif programming
  • Netatalk FAQ
    Netatalk is a suite of un*x programs that implement Appletalk Protocols, based on kernel-level DDP
  • Red Hat FAQ
    The official Frequently Asked Questions for RedHat.
  • S.u.S.E. FAQ
    attempts to supply anwers to questions that are frequently asked about the Company S.u.S.E. and it's distribution S.u.S.E. Linux
    SuSEFAQ is compiled from the SuSE English Linux Mailinglist and tries to provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
  • The Linux/MIPS FAQ
    Linux/MIPS is a port of the LINUX Operating System to computers equipped with MIPS processors
  • The Whole Window Maker FAQ
    The Whole Window Maker FAQ answers collected from the Mailing list and the the #WindowMaker irc channel on efnet.
  • Wine (Windows Emulator) FAQ
    It contains both general and technical information about Wine: project status, what it is and what it does, how to obtain and configure and run it
  • XFree86 Frequently Asked Questions
    provides answers to the questions most often received by the XFree86[tm] Project's support team. It is also a source of information more recent than the documentation included with the latest release.

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