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Romp Home with these 21 Peerless ASCII Games
The purpose of this article is to identify our favourite ASCII based games. There are no fancy graphics here, just great gameplay coupled with the urge of always having just one more play.

(Read more)
bzip2 is a freely available, patent free (see below), high-quality data compressor. It typically compresses files to within 10% to 15% of the best available techniques (the PPM family of statistical compressors), whilst being around twice as fast at compression and six times faster at decompression. Read more


  • Manjaro Linux
    Manjaro Linux is based on well tested snapshots of the Arch Linux repositories and will be 100% compatible with Arch. Its aim is to create a light Linux distribution which is simple, up to date, fast, user friendly and which follows the K.I.S.S principle. It defaults to the Xfce Desktop Environment.
  • Mastodon
    Mastodon features a primarily BSD Unix userland, a completely a.out set of systems (so that when you're forced to update to the libc of the week, it won't blow away your system) and a lot of experimental things.
  • Mnix
    Mnix is a free, simple, and fast i686 distribution, aimed at experienced users. It is a hybrid distribution; both precompiled packages and sources are supplied.
  • Momonga Linux
    Momonga Linux is a Linux distribution developed in a "Bazaar" model style among its user community.
  • MostlyLinux
    MostlyLinux is based on Fedora Core 1 with lots of additional software, including multimedia applications, LTSP packages and more
    MURIX is a Linux distribution that has the goal of functioning in all platforms of hardware.
  • MyGeOs
    A high performance GNU/Linux distribution. The project provides a suite of source distributions. You can choose a system optimization style that ranges from "ExtremlyStable" to "OverOptimized". The source-based MyGeOs is compiled completely on your own system from the source code, so that the installed Linux system suits your computer perfectly.
  • Mythbuntu
    Mythbuntu provides an Ubuntu based MythTV distribution that is easy to configure, maintain, and use. All unnecessary applications such as OpenOffice, Evolution, and a full Gnome desktop are not installed for a Mythbuntu installation.
  • NASLite+
    NASLite+ is a CD-ROM based Network Attached Storage (NAS) Server Operating System designed to transform a basic computer into a dedicated SMB/CIFS, NFS, FTP and HTTP file server. NASLite+ is intended primarily for use in a small business or home office network.
  • Netrunner
    Netrunner is a Ubuntu-based distribution with a focus on desktop computing. It boasts a carefully tuned KDE 4 desktop with many integrated GNOME applications to offer users a selected mix of popular and powerful applications.
  • NixOS
    NixOS is a Linux distribution based on Nix, a purely functional package management system. NixOS is an experiment to see if we can build an operating system in which software packages, configuration files, boot scripts and the like are all managed in a purely functional way, that is, they are all built by deterministic functions and they never change after they have been built.
  • NoMad
    NoMad is a linux distribution based on the encap package managing system for ease of installation and upgrades.
  • OfficeSpot.Net Collaboration Server
    The OfficeSpot.Net Collaboration Server is a one-stop solution for all your groupware needs. It is based on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS and is preloaded with eGroupWare, Postfix, OpenLDAP, MySQL, DBMail, Spamassasin, and ClamAV.
  • Omnia XP
    Omnia XP is a remastering of Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 Lenny, with a visual interface easily adapted for deployment in small businesses.
  • Onebase
    Onebase Linux is a community based operating system (OS) based on the linux kernel for PC (x86). It provides several inhouse features and comes with a growing software gallery.
  • OoL
    Office optimized Linux: a branch of SoL - Server optimized Linux. This branch is a Linux Distribution optimized for pure office work. OoL is availabe with english or german Open Office 1.1.0
  • Open Network Installer Environment (ONIE)
    ONIE is an installer environment for bare metal switches. It is a small, Linux Operating System (OS) that comes pre-installed on bare metal switches to enable complete separation between the networking gear and the network operating system.
  • Open Xange
    Xange is a Linux distribution, based on Fedora, KDE and Open Source applications.
  • openSUSE Medical
    openSUSE Medical is a distribution of openSUSE made especially to address the needs of doctors. It is based on openSUSE 11.3. It is distributed in the form of ISO image files and VirtualBox/VMWare images.
  • Oracle Unbreakable Linux
    Oracle's Unbreakable Linux (OUL) is Red Hat Enterprise Linux fortified with Oracle's own special Kool-Aid.
  • Overclockix
    Overclockix is a Debian based Live distro for i386 and amd64 based systems customized for overclockers and computer enthusiasts.
  • PacketProtector
    A Linux distribution for wireless routers that provides WPA Enterprise, VPN, IPS, and web AV capabilities.
  • paldo
    paldo is a Upkg driven GNU/Linux distribution. It's kind of a mix of a source and a binary distribution. Even though it builds packages like a source distribution it provides binary packages.
  • PCFluxboxOS
    PCFluxboxOS is a remaster series of PCLinuxOS with Fluxbox as the window manager. PCFluxboxOS gives you all the power of PCLinuxOS through Synaptic and the Control Center, whilst delivering a lightning fast operating system, even on older hardware.
  • Pear Linux
    Pear Linux is a fast, stable, and powerful operating system for everyday use. It's completely free to use, study, and share.
  • Peppermint
    Peppermint bills itself as a Linux based operating system that is cloud / web application centric, sleek and user friendly.
  • PicUntu
    PicUntu is an Ubuntu based unix environment, created to run on RK3066 chipset devices.
  • Pinguy OS
    Pinguy OS is based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and is built to have more eye-candy (CoverGloobus, Gloobus Preview, GNOME Do, Docky) than Ubuntu and to be a little bit more user friendly.
  • Pisi Linux
    Pisi Linux is a Linux distribution based on the old Pardus Linux with its famous PISI package system.
  • Point Linux
    Point Linux aims to combine the power of Debian GNU/Linux with the productivity of MATE, the Gnome 2 desktop environment fork. Point Linux provides an easy to set up and use distribution for users, looking for a fast, stable and predictable desktop.
  • Proxmox VE
    Proxmox Virtual Environment is an easy to use Open Source virtualization platform for running Virtual Appliances and Virtual Machines.
  • Puzzle GNU/Linux
    Puzzle GNU/Linux combines elements from Openbox, Kodi (formerly xbmc) and KDE.
  • Qubes
    Qubes is an open source operating system designed to provide strong security for desktop computing. Qubes is based on Xen, X Window System, and Linux.
  • Quelitu
    Quelitu is a Linux operating system based on Lubuntu/Bodhi Linux.
  • RapidDisk LX
    RapidDisk LX is an open source iSCSI Target Linux distribution.
  • ROCK Linux
    ROCK is a Distribution Build Kit. You can configure your personal build of ROCK and easily build your own distribution (see the screenshots). It is software for managing operating environments. In a way it is a software development toolkit for building OS solutions.
  • ROOT Linux
    ROOT Linux is an advanced GNU/Linux operating system originally based on Slackware Linux 7.1. It aims to be fast, stable and flexible.
  • Scientific Linux
    SL is a Linux release put together by various labs and universities around the world. It's primary purpose is to reduce duplicated effort of the labs, and to have a common install base for the various experimentors. The base SL distribution is basically Enterprise Linux, recompiled from source. Our main goal for the base distribution is to have everything compatible with Enterprise, with only a few minor additions or changes. An example of of items that were added are Pine, and OpenAFS.
  • Scientific Linux CERN 4
    A CERN customized version of Scientific Linux which is assembled from freely available Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 sources.
  • Semplice
    Semplice is based on Debian unstable ("sid") with the goal to provide a simple, fast, lightweight and cool environment.
  • Sflack
    Sflack Linux is an unofficial port of Slackware to the x86_64 architecture.
  • SGI ProPack
    SGI ProPack for Linux provides HPC libraries and other system level software to complement and extend a Linux OS distribution to help meet customer demand for solutions to HPC, Storage, and Visualization problems. SGI ProPack is designed and required to be used with SGI Advanced Linux® Environment, which is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server* for providing the base OS and common system software.
  • Shilosh OS
    Shilosh OS provides a secure and stable OS, based on highly modified Linux Kernel, own package system, like "BSD Ports". Compatible with x86, Power PC. Easy to use of any level users. Complete Documentantion in many languages. 99% compatible with Windows.
  • siduction
    Siduction is a desktop-oriented operating system and live medium based on the "unstable" branch of Debian. The distro was forked from aptosid in late 2011.
  • Simple Rescue CD
    This package is a small Linux rescue CD, suitable for booting systems that have become unbootable due to filesystem corruption or whatever. As an added bonus, everything is loaded into RAM - once the machine has booted, you can remove the CD from the drive.
  • Simply GNUstep
    Simply GNUstep is aimed at providing a OpenStep feeling from bootup on. This is a stripped down distribution than most, so as to provide ease of use.
  • SME Server
    SME Server is a leading distribution for small and medium enterprises. It stands apart from the competition by shipping with most common functionality preconfigured and features a number of popular additional enhancements in the form of downloadable 'contributions'.
  • SoL
    Server optimized Linux: independent from other Linux distributions, it was built from the original source packages and is optimized for heavy-duty server work. It contains all common server applications, and features XML boot and script technology that makes it easy to configure and make the server work

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