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Zazu App
Dune Legacy
Lumina Desktop Environment


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Mac OS X : Software : Utilities : Launchers

  • Zazu App
    Zazu App is a fully extensible and open source launcher for hackers, creators and dabblers. It comes with sane defaults to make it useful out of the box. new

Software : Emulators : Virtualization

  • ksm
    ksm is a fast, hackable and simple x64 VT-x hypervisor for Windows and Linux. It has built-in userspace sandbox and an introspection engine. new

Software : Games : Arcade

  • Voxeliens
    Voxeliens is a retro-style arcade shooter for the PC, in which you defend your planet from waves of descending enemies. The gameplay is simple and fast paced as you battle your way through different environments using a variety of powerups. Think Space Invaders would have been better in 3D? new

Software : Games : Strategy

  • Dune Legacy
    Dune Legacy is an effort by a handful of developers to revitalize the first-ever real-time strategy game. It tries to be as similar as possible to the original gameplay but to integrate user interface features most modern realtime-strategy games have like selecting multiple units new

Software : Networking : Containers : Tools

  • Portainer
    Portainer is a lightweight management UI which allows you to easily manage your Docker host or Swarm cluster. new

Software : Programming : Compilers : Other

  • Grumpy
    Grumpy is a Python to Go source code transcompiler and runtime that is intended to be a near drop in replacement for CPython 2.7. new

Software : Scientific : Mathematics

    REDUCE is a system for doing scalar, vector and matrix algebra by computer, which also supports arbitrary precision numerical approximation and interfaces to gnuplot to provide graphics. It can be used interactively for simple calculations (as illustrated in the screenshot above) but also provides a full programming language, with a syntax similar to other modern programming languages. new

Software : Toys : Candy

  • Buuf
    Buuf is a comprehensive icon theme. It has a vibrant, hand drawn style and earthy colour palette. new

Software : Utilities : Desktops

  • Lumina Desktop Environment
    The Lumina Desktop Environment is a lightweight system interface designed for use on any Unix-like operating system. Lumina is based on using plugins, which allows the entire interface to be arranged by each individual user as desired. new

Software : Utilities : Fonts

  • HarfBuzz
    HarfBuzz is an OpenType text shaping engine. Text shaping is the process of converting Unicode text to glyph indices and positions. new

Software : Utilities : GUI

  • Zazu App
    Zazu App is a fully extensible and open source launcher for hackers, creators and dabblers. It comes with sane defaults to make it useful out of the box. new

Software : Utilities : Terminals

  • Alacritty
    Alacritty is a blazing fast, GPU accelerated terminal emulator. It?s written in Rust and uses OpenGL for rendering to be the fastest terminal emulator available. new



  • Linux AIO
    Our plan was to bring some of the major Linux distributions (Ubuntu and flavors, Linux Mint, LMDE, Debian Live, Fedora?) with different desktop environments on one ISO file that can be burnt on one DVD/DVD DL or USB 4GB+/8GB+ flash drive. new

Hardware : Smartphones

  • ZeroPhone
    ZeroPhone is a Raspberry Pi smartphone. It's open-source, Linux-powered and you can make one yourself for 50$! new

Kernel : Device Drivers : Graphics

  • gputool
    gputool is a tool for inspection of GPU HW, mainly intended for driver developers. gputool currently supports POLARIS 10. new

Publications : Podcast

  • Late Night Linux
    Late Night Linux is a podcast that takes a look at what?s happening with Linux and the wider tech industry. Every two weeks, Joe, Jesse, Ikey and Félim discuss the latest news and releases, and the broader issues and trends in the world of free and open source software. new

Software : Editors : Emacs

  • Remacs
    Remacs ia a project to port Emacs to Rust. new

Software : Games : Action : First Person Shooter

  • Inexor
    Inexor is a fork of the quake-like FPS Cube 2: Sauerbraten. It adds a lot of functionality and tries to stay open for improvements and suggestions. new

Software : Internet : Communications : Messaging Services : Instant Messaging

  • Ricochet
    Ricochet uses the Tor network to reach your contacts without relying on messaging servers. It creates a hidden service, which is used to rendezvous with your contacts without revealing your location or IP address. new

Software : Internet : Communications : Messaging Services : Instant Messaging : Jabber

  • CoyIM
    CoyIM is a new chat client for the Jabber/XMPP protocol. On the surface, CoyIM looks a lot like other chat clients such as Pidgin, Adium and Gajim. However, under the hood, things are a bit different. The most important guiding principle for CoyIM is to create a program that is safe and secure by default. new

Software : Internet : Communications : Messaging Services : Talk

  • Discord
    Discord is an all-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that?s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone. new

Software : Internet : WebBrowsers : Other X11

  • Min
    Min is a smarter, faster web browser. It features information from DuckDuckGo in the searchbar, fuzzy searching, full-text search for bookmarks, built-in ad and tracker blocking, full text search for bookmarks, and a reading list. new

Software : Multimedia : Video : Editors

  • VidCutter
    VidCutter is a cross-platform Qt5 based app for quick and easy video trimming/splitting and merging/joining for simple quick edits. It uses FFmpeg as its backend and written in Python3 & the PyQt5 GUI framework. new

Software : ProductivityTools : Notes

  • Notes
    Notes, formerly "Bijiben", is a note editor designed to remain simple to use. new

Software : Programming : Libraries : Graphics

  • Draco
    Draco is a library for compressing and decompressing 3D geometric meshes and point clouds. It is intended to improve the storage and transmission of 3D graphics. new

Software : Scientific : Other Sciences

  • Apache Open Climate Workbench
    Apache Open Climate Workbench is an effort to develop software that performs climate model evaluation using model outputs from a variety of different sources the Earth System Grid Federation, the Coordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiment, the U.S. National Climate Assessment and the North American Regional Climate Change Assessment Program and temporal/spatial scales with remote sensing data from NASA, NOAA and other agencies new



  • OSS Blog
    OSS Blog is the home of open source software. new

Java : Internet : Communications : Messaging Services

  • Kontalk
    Kontalk is a free instant messaging client for smartphones . It is available for Android and platform-independent as a Java desktop client. new

Publications : Online

  • OSS Blog
    OSS Blog is the home of open source software. hot new


  • Killer Open Source Software
    This compilation selects the best-of-breed ranging from software coded by individual programmers, small teams of enthusiasts, extending to large multinational corporations. We mostly recommend cross-platform software, but, where appropriate, make some exceptions. hot new

Software : Networking : Security : Encryption

  • EncryptPad
    EncryptPad is an application for viewing and editing symmetrically encrypted text. Using a simple and convenient graphical and command line interface, EncryptPad provides a tool for encrypting and decrypting binary files on disk while offering effective measures for protecting information, and it uses the most widely chosen quality file format OpenPGP RFC 4880. new

Software : Office

  • FirstAid
    FirstAid is a simple PDF viewer based on libpoppler. new

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