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Software : Utilities : Dictionary

  • Diction
    Diction identifies wordy and commonly misused phrases. new


UserGroups : Europe : Netherlands

  • dbLUG
    Den Bosch Linux User Group new


Publications : Podcast

  • Fedora UK Podcast
    Listen to us Brits ramble on. We?re not a professional team, but we can only get better. new

Software : Games : Card : Solitaire

  • tty-solitaire
    tty-solitaire is an ncurses-based klondike solitaire game. new

Software : Games : Puzzle : Blocks

  • rufascube
    NOT another Rubic's Cube. It's a whole new kind of puzzle. A 3x3x3 arrangement of cubelets with the center one missing allows sliding permutations. After a randomization, the goal is to restore the cube to its original configuration based on color and alphabetic hints. new
  • RufaSlider
    RufaSlider contains two variants of block slider puzzles, "Klotski" and "Traffic-Rush". new

Software : Games : Puzzle : Memory

  • RufaSwap
    RufaSwap is a simple permuted picture puzzle where the challenge is to restore the picture elements to their proper order. Two elements are selected with cursor clicks to initiate a swap. Choose number of elements to control level of difficulty. new

Software : Games : Puzzle : Sokoban

  • RufasGate
    RufasGate is a combination of Portal and Sokoban...While exploring an isolated tropical island, you find an operational stargate that transports you into a curious dungeon. Finding your way back up to the surface will require ingenuity to solve some 3D sokoban puzzles. new
  • WorldCupSokerban
    WorldCupSokerban is a soccer-themed, 3D sokoban puzzle game. It uses data in a format that is found on the internet. new

Software : Networking : Tools : IP Tools

  • pipcalc
    pipcalc is the pizzacode IP calculator, a typical IP calculator. new

Software : Programming : Development : Environments

  • JetBrains CLion IDE
    Take advantage of proven JetBrains expertise in code quality, efficient code navigation, smart code completion, on-the-fly code analysis with quick-fix suggestions, broad code generation options, and superior code refactorings, built on top of the state-of-the-art IntelliJ Platform. new

Web : E commerce

  • OpenTickets
    OpenTickets is an Online Event Management and Ticket Sales Platform. With an amazing feature set built on open-source technologies, OpenTickets can help you grow your business and make selling tickets simpler and most cost-effective for you. new
  • Vesta
    Vesta Control panel is an open source, free, easy to install and configure web based control panel for Linux like systems. new

Web : Utilities

  • html-xml-utils
    html-xml-utils is a number of simple utilities for manipulating HTML and XML files. new


Embedded : Distributions

  • libreCMC
    libreCMC is an embedded GNU/Linux-libre distro with out non-free software or binary blobs. The project's goal is to provide an embedded distro that respects user freedoms and allows users to control what their hardware does. new

Java : Networking : Tools

  • JDownloader
    JDownloader is a free, open-source download management tool with a large community of developers that makes downloading easy and fast. Users can start, stop or pause downloads, set bandwith limitations, auto-extract archives and much more. It offers an easy-to-extend framework. Read more new

Software : Games : Role Play

  • Brogue
    Brogue is a direct descendant of Rogue, a dungeon crawling video game first developed by Michael Toy and Glenn Wichman around 1980. Unlike other popular modern roguelikes, Brogue favors simplicity over complexity, while trying to ensure that the interactions between components are interesting and varied. Read more new
  • Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead
    Cataclysm is an open source post-apocalyptic roguelike, set in the countryside of fictional New England after a devastating plague of monsters and zombies. It is a continuation of Whale's original Cataclysm, which expands it with numerous new creatures, buildings, gameplay mechanics and many other features. Read more new
  • DiabloRL
    DiabloRL is a roguelike "unmake" of the popular Blizzard game Diablo 1 classic RPG to a turn-based ASCII roguelike. Read more new

Software : Games : Strategy : Warfare

  • Curse of War
    Curse of War is a fast-paced real time strategy game released under an open source license. It is implemented using C and ncurses. There is also an SDL version available. Read more new

Software : Graphics : Viewers

  • imgcurses
    imgcurses is a smart console based image viewer. new

Software : Internet : Communications : Telephony

  • KDE Connect
    KDE Connect is open source software that connects Android smartphones to your KDE Plasma Workspace. Read more new
  • Tox
    Tox provides an easy to use application that allows you to connect with friends and family without anyone else listening in. While other big-name services require you to pay for features, Tox is totally free, and comes without advertising. new

Software : Internet : WebBrowsers : Tools

  • FlashGot
    FlashGot is a free add-on for Firefox and Thunderbird, meant to handle single and massive ("all" and "selection") downloads with several external Download Managers. Read more new
  • Write Space
    Write Space is an installable web application for Google Chrome / Chromium and derived web browsers. It is a minimalist, full-screen text-editor that aims to be simple and distraction-free. Read more new

Software : Monitoring : Load

  • cpubars
    cpubars is a simple terminal-based tool for monitoring CPU load in real-time, especially tailored to monitoring large multicores over SSH. new

Software : Monitoring : Logs

  • Forkstat
    Forkstat is a program that logs process fork(), exec() and exit() activity. It is useful for monitoring system behaviour and to track down rogue processes that are spawning off processes and potentially abusing the system. new

Software : Multimedia : MP3 : Tools : Miscellaneous

  • mps
    mps is a terminal based MP3 search, playback and download. new

Software : Multimedia : Players : Console

  • fbff
    fbff is a small ffmpeg-based framebuffer media player. new
  • soundcloud2000
    The next generation SoundCloud client. Without all these stupid CSS files. new

Software : Multimedia : Video : Tools

  • mps-youtube
    This project is based on mps, a terminal based program to search, stream and download music. This implementation uses YouTube as a source of content and can play and download video as well as audio. The pafy library handles interfacing with YouTube. new

Software : Networking : Download Managers

  • FreeRapid Downloader
    FreeRapid Downloader is an easy to use open source downloader that supports downloading from Rapidshare, Youtube, Facebook, Picasa and other file-sharing services. Its engine is based on a list of plugins that make it possible to download from specific websites. Read more hot new
  • DownThemAll!
    DownThemAll! (or just dTa) is a powerful yet easy-to-use Mozilla Firefox extension that adds new advanced download capabilities to your browser. Read more new

Software : Networking : Tools : Bandwidth

  • nbwmon
    nbwmon is an ncurses bandwidth monitor. new

Software : ProductivityTools : Notes

  • Springseed
    Springseed is the simple and easy way to take your notes. new

Software : Programming : Development : Tools : Code Management

  • DiffMerge
    DiffMerge is an application to visually compare and merge files on Linux, Windows, and OS X. Read more new

Software : System : Boot

  • blivet-gui
    blivet-gui is a new graphical tool for storage management. It uses blivet library (hence the very original name) and currently supports basic operations with disk partitions and LVMs. new

Software : Toys : Clocks

  • tty-clock
    tty-clock is an analog clock in ncurses. new

Software : Utilities : Console : E-G

  • fbpdf
    fbpdf is a small framebuffer pdf viewer using mupdf or poppler. new

Software : Utilities : Console : Q-T

  • tmenu
    tmenu works a lot like sentaku or percol, accepting piped-in lists and returning to the screen. new

Software : Utilities : GUI

  • Kompare
    Kompare is an open source GUI front-end program that enables differences between source files to be viewed and merged. Kompare can be used to compare differences on files or the contents of folders. Kompare supports a variety of diff formats and provide many options to customize the information level displayed. Read more new

Software : Utilities : Packagers

  • Listaller
    Listaller is a distro-agnostic 3rd-party application installer with close integration into PackageKit. new

Software : Utilities : Printer

  • banner
    banner is an implementation of the traditional Unix-program used to display large characters. new

Software : Utilities : Terminals

  • Terminology
    Terminology is the terminal emulator from the Enlightenment desktop environment. It was designed to use EFL (Enlightenment Foundation Libraries) and push the boundaries of what a modern terminal emulator should be. Terminology has the main functionality of any terminal emulator including support for backgrounds, themes for layout and design, multiple tabs, block text selection, link handling, preview icons for files, support for X11 and Wayland etc. Read more hot new
  • fbpad
    fbpad is a small linux framebuffer virtual terminal. new

Software : Wordprocessors

  • Calmly Writer
    Calmly Writer is billed as the ultimate distraction-free writing tool. It has been designed to help you focus on writing. As you start typing, all the distracting options disappear from the interface. Read more hot new
  • FocusWriter
    FocusWriter is a simple, distraction-free word processor. It uses a hide-away interface that you access by moving your mouse to the edges of the screen, allowing the program to have a familiar look and feel to it while still getting out of the way so that you can immerse yourself in your work. It has multi-platform support, and has been translated into many different languages. Read more hot new
  • TextRoom
    TextRoom is an open source basic full-screen rich text editor for writers. TextRoom seeks to help you start writing right away by providing distraction free environment to your liking, as well as a familiar set of keyboard shortcuts to control its behavior. Read more new

Web : Miscellaneous

  • Gerrymander
    Gerrymander provides a client for interacting with & querying the Gerrit code review system new
  • Gerrit
    Gerrit is a web based code review system, facilitating online code reviews for projects using the Git version control system. new

Web : Multimedia

  • gplayer
    gplayer is a commandline interface for listening to Grooveshark songs. new

Web : Productivity Tools : Miscellaneous

  • Laverna
    Laverna is a simple to use, open source JavaScript note-taking web application with a Markdown editor and encryption support. It's built to be an open source alternative to Evernote, a suite of software and services, designed for notetaking and archiving. Read more new


Software : Programming : Development : Tools : Miscellaneous

  • Fluxcapacitor
    Fluxcapacitor is a tool for making your program run without blocking on timeouts, on functions like poll and select, by spoofing POSIX time functions. new


Software : Miscellaneous

  • PhDVision
    PhDVision removes the camera motion from All-22 video of NFL games. new

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