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First Peek at XBian on the Raspberry Pi 2
There are so many things to like about XBian; in particular snapshots and rolling releases. It's also the best out-of-the box configured Raspberry Pi 2 Kodi distribution.

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mod_perl lets you write Apache modules entirely in Perl. In addition, the persistent interpreter embedded in the server avoids the overhead of starting an external interpreter and the penalty of Perl start-up time.


  • Apache Server Watcher
    Apache Server Watcher [ASW] is an application, which monitors networked communication systems [Apache, MySQL, etc.] by means of the predefined sensors or user-defined scripts.
  • ARDMonitor
    ARDMonitor shows the state of Apple Remote Desktop (disabled, enabled, connected) - even if the Administrator asked for permission to monitor/control (that's what ARD's menu extra doesn't).
  • Changes Meter
    Changes Meter is a compact menubar item for easy monitoring of remote URLs or local files.
  • Coconut
    Coconut is an elegant and effective bandwidth monitoring application. Features include automatic detection and monitoring of active network devices. An absurd amount of visual customization is possible, thanks to the DAFTLabelView and DAFTGraphView classes from DAFT.
  • CPU History
    CPU History is an application that graphs your current CPU usage history in the Dock icon, and optionally in a floating window. You can customize colors, update frequency, and bar thickness.
  • Dash Monitors
    Dash Monitors is a Widget that runs under Mac OS X Tiger's new Dashboard functionality. Dash Monitors displays a graphic summary of your system resource usage including: CPU usage, Memory usage, Network bandwidth, and Disk read and write speed.
  • File Monitor
    File Monitor allows you to be notified of modifications occurring to any kind of files.
  • fseventer
    fseventer observes filesystem changes using the same underlying API as Spotlight.
  • Hardware Monitor
    (commercial) Hardware Monitor is an application to read out all accessible hardware sensors in Macintosh computers. Currently more than 100 different Macintosh hardware sensors and more than 200 hard drive temperature sensors are supported. The program can visualize the history graphs of the readings, display measured values in a large variety of fashions, or announce readings by speech output. It can also store and export readings.
  • Hardware Monitor Remote
    (commercial) Hardware Monitor Remote allows you to use a hardware monitoring service on a remote Macintosh system. Other computers can contact this system via network (local area network, wireless network or the Internet) to receive readings from all available hardware sensors.
  • iPulse
    (commercial) Using its concise and pleasing user interface, iPulse graphically displays the inner workings of Mac OS X on the desktop or in the dock. The entire user interface is completely configurable so you can turn off gauges you don't want, leaving only what you are interested in for easy viewing.
  • LoadBar
    a simple cpu load monitor for MacOS X
  • Measles
    (shareware) Measles provides you with little bouncy spheres on your desktop which are fun and colorful. They can be configured to act as CPU monitors, changing color according to how busy your machine is, or they can use a wide variety of color schemes and fill patterns.
  • Memory Monitor
    Memory Monitor is a small application that displays the memory usage in its Dock icon (and optionally in a floating window), like CPU Monitor displays the CPU usage.
  • MemoryCell
    MemoryCell is a MenuExtra for OS X that provides a quick overview on the memory (RAM) being used by each of your applications. With MemoryCell, you can monitor the memory usage of the foreground application, using this knowledge to restart anything that's started to bog down your system.
  • MenuMeters
    MenuMeters is a set of CPU, memory, disk, and network monitoring tools for MacOS X.
  • mkconsole
    mkconsole is a little application that displays logfiles on your desktop. It is useful if you have to monitor servers or you just want to keep an eye on what's going on on your machine
  • Nageographer
    Nageographer is a graphical utility to aid in positioning icons on the status display maps in Nagios (a network monitoring tool). Nagios, as shipped, requires you to enter coordinates for each icon you want displayed on the status map. This utility lets you drag the icons around where you want them and will save your coordinates back to the config file for you.
  • NetCheck
    (commercial) NetCheck is an OSX native application that provides an array of network monitoring, email alerts, logging, and reporting features
  • Network Screenshot
    Network Screenshot is a utility for watching regulary updated screenshots from another computer.
  • Notification Watcher
    Notification Watcher is a small application that monitors all Cocoa distributed and workspace notifications and displays them in an easy-to-use list.
  • Observation Post
    Observation Post observes changes in: Bonjour, Network, Sleep, USB, FireWire, Volumes, Files, Folders, Smart Folders - uses Growl to post notifications.
  • Peek-a-Boo
    Peek-a-Boo is a utility to monitor and manipulate all running processes. You can watch how much CPU time each process uses, adjust processes? priorities, and monitor process information.
  • RAID Monitor
    (commercial) RAID Monitor is a utility that you can install onto your Macintosh to monitor the state of your software RAID. If the software detects a problem with the RAID set - it will email you to let you know that there is an issue you need to resolve.
  • RaidEye
    RaidEye is a tool for monitoring Mac OS X software RAID volumes status. RaidEye is able to detect if a RAID volume has damaged or missing members, and can alert the user with a repeating sound and sending an email with a detailed report of RAID status.
  • ReMon
    ReMon is a remote process monitoring and control solution originally developed as an in house tool to monitor multiple tomcat instances it evolved into a complete product. it's written from scratch in Python and uses push client/network concept.
  • Server Scout
    Server Scout is an application, which monitors networked communication systems [Apache, MySQL, etc.] by means of the predefined sensors or user-defined scripts.
  • SystemLoad
    SystemLoad is a diagnostic application assisting you in the detection of cooling or power supply problems with Apple Macintosh computers. The tool can put a user-definable load onto one or more processors. This can help in diagnosing the following issues: problems with the cooling system or temperature sensors, problems with chirping noise experienced on some G5 systems and some portable computers, problems with battery units of portable computers.
  • Temperature Monitor
    Temperature Monitor is an application to read out all accessible temperature sensors in Macintosh computers. The program can visualize the history graphs of the readings, display measured values in a large variety of fashions, or announce readings by speech output. It can also store and export values.
  • TrendyMac
    (commercial) a native GUI-based logfile analyzer for OS X
  • Xload
    displays the load of the processor on Mac OS X
  • XMonitor
    XMonitor allows you to easily monitor your disk, cpu, ram and network usage, PPP status, IP address, Email, and more. XMonitor can also monitor the status of up to 25 remote servers via http or ICMP ping requests. XMonitor can automatically generate HTML reports of past and current activity and graph past performance for up to 30 days.

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