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Gens is a Sega Mega Drive, MegaCD and 32X emulator.

It is a feature rich emulator which is very stable, and has good compatibility. More than 90% of games work flawlessly with Gens.

The software emulates Genesis, Sega CD (iso/mp3, not real CD) and 32X roms.

The emulator sports an attractive GTK+2 integrated interface.

There are various forks of Gens available. One of the notable ones is Gens/GS, maintained by GerbilSoft. The main goal of Gens/GS is to clean up the source code and combine features from various forks of Gens.

 Gens 2.15.5

Free to download



Stephane Dallongeville, Stephane Akhoun (Linux port)


System Requirements
SDL 1.2
GTK+ 2.4
gcc >= 2.95
nasm 0.98.38

Support Sites:
Forums, FAQ

Selected Reviews:

Features include:

  • OpenGL support
  • Joypad support
  • Support for Game Genie cheats
  • Support for Netplay using the Kaillera client
  • Support for Sega CD and Sega 32X games if provided with the respective BIOS images, which are not included with the emulator
  • Saving console state (without relying on in-game save ability)
  • Recording what buttons are pressed and slowing the gameplay down so it is used in making of tool-assisted speedruns
  • SRAM support
  • BRAM support
  • Numerous sound/video enhancements:
    • Vertical Synchronization to disable tearing on fast-moving games such as Sonic the Hedgehog
    • Supports 2xSaI (Kreed) graphics filtering to make older games appear crisper than on the original console
    • Multiple sound bitrates (11025, 22050 and 44100), stereophonic sound capability, YM2612 high sound quality, and WAV and GYM sound dumps
    • Screen save capability and brightness/contrast adjust

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