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 · First Steps with OpenELEC on the Raspberry Pi 2
 · Ubuntu MATE 15.04 for Raspberry Pi 2
 · MIPS Creator CI20 v Raspberry Pi 2
 · Raspberry Pi 2: Raspbian (ARMv6) v Linaro (ARMv7)
 · Raspberry Pi 2 review
 · Chess in a Few Bytes
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First Steps with OpenELEC on the Raspberry Pi 2
OpenELEC uses very little system resources for processor or memory. There's no need to use any special customization tips to get good performance with the RPi2. There's also no need to overclock the machine, reduce the resolution of videos, or use a different skin (although I really like the Amber skin).

(Read more)
Mandriva Linux
Mandriva Linux, formerly known as Mandrake Linux, is a friendly Linux Operating System which specializes in ease-of-use for both servers and the home/office. It is freely available in many languages throughout the world. The Mandriva Linux PowerPack contains more than 2300 high-quality applications including a complete Office Suite of programs, plus installation support, for a cost of approximately 10 times less than the equivalent Microsoft Windows + MS Office cost, which comes without any technical support. Read more


  • Apache Geronimo
    Apache Geronimo is an easy-to-use implementation of the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE). As a full application server, Geronimo provides support for Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages through either Tomcat or Jetty, JMS through ActiveMQ, EJB through OpenEJB, Java Persistence API through OpenJPA, ESB through ServiceMix, and more. Read more
    ASUS G50 OLED is a daemon that controls the ASUS G50/G70 OLED to display system monitoring statistics such as load, CPU usage, battery level, total network traffic, CPU core operating frequency, and the current time and date. The package includes ACPI event handlers that stop writing to the display when the lid is closed and stop or start the daemon by one of the blue buttons.
  • Bitgate Server Software Environment
    Bitgate Server Software Environment aims to build a multi-protocol environment in which server protocol handlers can be eventually loaded and unloaded on the fly using a center console or controller Web page.
  • Crash Dummy
    Crash Dummy is a Java Web application to help IT professionals set up Java application server environments. It has several features to help make this easier, including simulating failures and diagnostics.
  • CronosEnbourg
    CronosEnbourg is a monitoring daemon for JMX, designed to target J2EE application servers like jBoss or WebLogic.
  • Distributed FTP Daemon
    Distributed FTP Daemon is a Distributed FTP server written in java. DrFTPD consists of a master and a collection of file transfer slaves which handle actual file transfers. A single master may have an indefinite amount of slaves at its disposal. Some names that could be used to describe this are: ftp site merger, ftp cluster, ftp grid or multi site bnc.
  • djinn
    a wrapper program that allows a Java program to run as a true UNIX daemon, without standard I/O streams or a controlling terminal
  • DRBD Management Console
    The DRBD Management Console is an application that eases the burden of managing your DRBD and Heartbeat/OpenAIS and Pacemaker based cluster systems.
  • Flux
    (commercial) Flux is a Java job scheduler, file transfer and workflow engine.
  • Granite Data Services
    Granite Data Services (GDS) is an alternative to AdobeŽ LiveCycle (Flex 2) Data Services for J2EE application servers. It is not, however, a drop-in replacement: you won't be able to simply deploy a Flex 2 Data Services application into a Granite Data Services server without modifications. The main goal of this project is to provide a framework for Flex 2/EJB3/Spring/Pojo application development with full AMF3/RemoteObject benefits.
  • hc-ftpd
    a secure, portable alternative ftpd written in java
  • Independent FTP Daemon
    iFTPd is an FTP server that features platform independence, system independence, ruggedness, and a virtual file system. The target audience is those admins that need to be able to share files without having to install several other programs and databases, and without having to configure the rest of the system.
  • install4j
    (commercial) install4j is a multi-platform Java installer builder that generates native installers and application launchers for Java applications. install4j excels in its ease of use, its tight integration into the target platforms and its flexible JRE management and deployment options.
  • JAdminUsers
    a Java application to manage users and groups in an LDAP environment with an SWT interface. It allows an administrator to store all Unix, Windows, and application users at a single point
  • Janus
    Janus is a multi-agent platform that was specifically designed to deal with the implementation and deployment of holonic and multiagent systems.
  • jared
    jared (just another registry editor) is a Java library for editing the Windows registry
  • Javacrond
    Javacrond is a cron-like scheduler with plug-in support. It is based on JDRing (a lightweight Java scheduler). It does not support the exact "crontab" format, but an enhanced version of it. Plug-ins can be written to capture the output of programs and to get access to the actual scheduler.
  • jCIFS
    goal is to implement the Common Internet File System (CIFS) in Java
  • JEsd
    a pure JavaTM program, which handles requests from EsounD compatible applications
  • jmemcached
    jmemcached is a Java implementation of the daemon (server) side of the memcached protocol. It implements a clone of the C version of the memcached daemon, but in pure Java.
  • JPasswordGenerator
    JPasswordGenerator is an application for creating safe and strong passwords from predefined character sets in a random way. JPasswordGenerator has six sets of characters that can be individually enabled and edited. All the characters from the enabled sets are put together in a character pool (duplicate characters will not be removed).
  • JPasswords
    JPasswords is a password management program with encrypted databases. It allows you to securely store passwords or passphrases, together with related management data like username, entry title, dates and textual notes, on an encrypted disk file. Access to such a file is protected by a single secret key that you define resp. can change at any time.
  • JPPF
    JPPF enables applications with large processing power requirements to be run on any number of computers, in order to dramatically reduce their processing time.
  • jpwgen
    jpwgen is a password generator that can be used as a command line program or as a library. The implemented functionality resembles the one provided by the popular pwgen program.
  • jrds
    jrds is a monitoring application which is intended to be simple to use and extensible. It run as a web application and needs a single xml configuration file to start. Monitored data are accessible via a web interface.
  • Jsmtpd
    Jsmtpd is a small and modular SMTP server daemon. It is heavily based on plugins, and currently supports spam detection (Spamassassin, Jasen, RBL servers, and BlackList), anti-virus (Clam Antivirus), Recipient rewriting, and many other filters. Filtering is done with a customisable tree of filters. Almost all functionality is implemented as plugins, making it easy to fit your needs.
  • KisKis
    an easy-to-use password manager written in Java. So it runs on any platform provided that there is an appropriate Java-Virtual-Machine available
  • ksar
    ksar is a sar graphing tool that can graph Linux and Solaris sar output. A sar statistics graph can be output to a PDF file.
  • LDAPd
    LDAPd is a pure Java embeddable LDAP v3 protocol daemon built on the Avalon framework. It has a Staged Event Driven Architecture (SEDA) with several hot pluggable components: backends, and replication modules.
  • MantaRay
    MantaRay is an Open Source serverless messaging fabric, based on peer-to-peer technology, 100% pure Java, supports JMS 1.1 and 1.0.2, and integrates with WebLogic and WebSphere. It provides guaranteed message delivery, security, and supports transactions.
  • MockFtpServer
    MockFtpServer is a dummy FTP server implementation that can be very useful for testing FTP client code.
  • MyPasswords
    MyPasswords is open source software for managing your passwords, including the passwords of your online accounts with the corresponding URLs. Read more
  • Nervepoint Access Manager
    Nervepoint Access Manager is a self service password reset and account unlock virtual appliance for Active Directory.
  • OpenJMS
    an open source implementation of Sun Microsystems's Java Message Service API 1.0.2 Specification
  • OpenUDDI
    The OpenUDDI project is focused on creating a high performance, easy to use UDDI v3 compliant server and client library. The server and client is built using Java, version 5 for the server and version 1.4 for the client. The server uses Hibernate, and supports a wide variety of SQL databases, as well as LDAP for data storage.
  • OSMQ
    OSMQ is an advanced, open source, pure Java, asynchronous message middleware framework developed by CPortals Technologies, Inc.
  • PasswordStore
    PasswordStore is a password storage manager. It stores passwords for users in an AES encrypted database.
  • Platypus Secure FTP Server
    Platypus Secure FTP Server is a platform independent FTP server that supports both FTP and secure FTP (FTP over SSL) protocols.
  • PrimeDesktop
    PrimeDesktop is a tool for planning, mapping, and administration of a network with the ability to place, move, and manipulate entities within the network map such as desktops, servers, and infrastructure objects.
  • RemoteWAP
    a Remote Administration Tool (RAT) for most Operating Systems(OS) that can run the Java Virtual Machine. It has been designed for anyone who wishes to have complete control of there OS anywhere by using a WAP enabled Mobile Phone
  • Secret Squirrel
    Secret Squirrel is a basic password manager application written in Java. It runs on all platforms that support recent versions of Java. Ssecret Squirrel uses blowfish and SHA-384, password generation using Java secure random object (fully configurable), password groups, etc.
  • Secure Data Manager
    Secure Data Manager (SDM) is a full-featured password manager application written entirely in Java (so it can run on Unix or Windows). It encrypts logins and other private information for Web sites, computers, credit cards, etc.
  • Secure Storage service
    Secure Storage service is a set of tools to store in a secure way and in an encrypted format confidential data on the grid storage elements. The service has been designed for the grid Middleware of the EGEE infrastructure, gLite.
  • Service Integration Bus Explorer
    The Service Integration Bus Explorer is a stand-alone tool that allows more natural navigation and monitoring of the messaging components of a Service Integration (SI) Bus. The SI Bus was introduced as the default messaging provider for WebSphere Application Server 6 and WebSphere ESB. This tool can aid an administrator or user of the bus in displaying the resources available and their states and in allowing limited management of the system.
  • Sleutel
    Sleutel is a multi-platform password manager that is written using the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP). Its goal is to manage password/ID pairs for accessing Web sites and to provide an example RCP application. It features configurable password generation, labeling of password entries (a la GMail), an intuitive UI following the Eclipse model, merge capabilities, and the ability to track usage count and dates of password entries. Sleutel is the Dutch word for key.
  • Sloppy
    a slow proxy of sorts. It deliberately slows the transfer of data between client and server
  • SmartFrog
    Smart Framework for Object Groups (or SmartFrog) is a powerful and flexible Java-based software framework for configuring, deploying and managing distributed software systems. Read more
  • Soffid IAM
    Soffid IAM is a new open source Identity management solution including user management, provisioning tools, role based access control, Enterprise SSO, business process management, digital signature, web single sign on, federation, and a lot more.
  • SquidModel
    SquidModel is a GUI for configuring the Squid caching proxy. It is fully compatible with version 2.6.
  • Starfish Password Manager
    a simple password manager that stores all of its data in XML, and uses strong encryption (MD5 with DES)
  • SwiftMQ
    implements both the point-to-point as well as the publish/subscribe message model of the latest Java Message Service (JMS) specification 1.0.2. Entirely designed as a federation of message routers, SwiftMQ provides the possibility to setup any router topology
  • Systemtap GUI
    Systemtap is a GUI to assist in the development of Systemtap scripts and to graph the return values of those scripts. It is intended to ease the use of the Systemtap tool for Linux. It is both an IDE for the scripting language and a data visualization and analysis tool. The GUI is targeted at system administrators who want to get information out of their system using Systemtap, as well as developers who wish to write new scripts.
  • UberImaging
    UberImaging allows you to control the disk imaging process of several workstations on a network without having to leave your computer. You can wake up the workstations, image hard drives, and shut them down, all via a simple and easy to use GUI.

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