GNUmed – electronic medical record software

GNUmed is a comprehensive scalable open source medical practice management software. Its purpose is to enable doctors to keep a medically sound record on their patients’ health.

It is intended to become a sophisticated decision support system that will elevate the quality of medical care that can be delivered.

GNUmed is suitable for any health care provider interested in keeping a sound and comprehensive medical record. It is currently in use with GPs and physical therapists and it may be a perfect solution for doctors or nurse clinicians serving rural or disadvantaged areas with limited infrastructure.

GNUMed stores all data encrypted so that even hardware theft does not enable disallowed data access. The software operates on networks of a few to many users, and will support secure, remote access. It also functions on a single computer making it possible to initially examine the software.

EMR features include:

  • Allergy handling:
    • View at-a-glance the absence (or existence) of allergies.
    • View (and refresh) when the allergy state was last checked.
    • Quickly confirm / refresh / revise the allergy state.
    • Capture allergies at a drug-specific vs “class” level.
  • Document management:
    • Add new documents.
      • Select files from file system.
      • Drop files onto GNUmed.
      • Get data from scanners/cameras.
    • Associate metadata and textual descriptions with documents.
    • View documents in different sort modes.
    • Classify and sign off documents.
    • Export documents to files for re-use outside GNUmed.
    • Print, fax, or mail documents.
    • Access any externally stored originals via permalinks.
    • Each part of one single document can be of any type, such as text, image, or video.
  • Forms and letters:
    • Write template based forms and letters in or LaTeX from within GNUmed.
    • Transfer data into forms and letters with help of interactive placeholders.
    • Completed forms/letters are stored with the patient, just like any other document.
  • Measurements handling:
    • Manually manage test results.
    • Classify and sign off on results.
    • Any number of test types.
    • Any number of test results.
    • Any number of test result providers.
    • Direct access to online lab tests database.
  • Medication handling:
    • Track substance use (medications, drugs, OTC, …).
    • Document approval or non-approval of intake.
    • Print professional medication lists.
    • Interface with external drug databases for in-depth drug information and interaction checking.
  • Hospital stays and procedures:
    • Track hospital admissions for patients.
    • Track diagnostic and therapeutic procedures performed on patients both during hospital stays or in community care.
  • Progress notes:
    • SOAP-style input.
    • Threaded, multi-issue encounters.
    • Browse chronologically (pooled), or within an EMR “tree” ordered by:
      • Health issue, episode, encounter.
      • Export to text file.
      • Free text search within and across medical records.
    • Structured problem lists:
      • Manage health issues.
      • Manage episodes (standalone or associated to a health issue).
      • Manage encounters (consultations).
      • Manage progress notes.

Support: Manual
Developer: GNUmed community
License: GNU GPL v2


GNUmed is written in Python. Learn Python with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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