Dr. Geo – design & manipulate interactive geometric sketches

Dr. Geo is interactive geometry software.

This software allows users to create geometric figures that can be manipulated with respect to geometric rules. The program is usable with students from the primary through secondary levels.

Dr Geo is an observatory to explore geometry situation in an interactive way in opposition to figure drawn on a sheet of paper. The interface is simple but efficient for younger users, can handle different languages, and can be used by either geometry or computer science teachers. Dr Geo can also handle different languages. It can also be used by maths teachers in a class room to make a presentation or in a computer class room. Additionally, the teacher can share Dr. Geo with his/her students.

Features include:

  • Dr. Geo comes with a complete set of tools arranged in different categories:
    • Points.
    • Lines.
    • Geometric transformations.
    • Numeric function.
    • Macro-construction.
    • DGS object – Dr. Geo Guile Script.
    • DSF – Dr Geo Scheme Figure, it is interactive figure defined in a file and evaluated with the embedded Scheme interpretor, awesome.
    • Export facilities in LaTeX and EPS formats.

Website: www.drgeo.eu
Developer: Bill Kendrick, David Bruce, Holger Levsen, Tim Holy, Sam Hart, Brendan Luchen, Jesus Mager
License: GNU GPL

Dr. Geo

Dr. Geo is written in C++. Learn C++ with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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