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 · First hands-on with the Creator CI20 microcomputer
 · Canonical’s Stripped-Down “Snappy” Ubuntu Comes To Google’s Compute Engine
 · KDE Ships KDE Applications 14.12.0
 · Why is the Number of Linux Distros Declining?
 · The new minuscule Linutop XS is announced!
 · Getting Started With KODI(XBMC)
 · PikeOS provides Safety and Security for Energy-Sensible Communication Platform from X-ES
 · SMPlayer with support for MPV is now available
 · USB Armory: Open Source USB Stick Computer
 · Magical Open Source Music Workstations


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First hands-on with the Creator CI20 microcomputer
When we introduced Creator CI20 two weeks ago in London, we had several demonstrations on display showing the full capabilities of the board in terms of performance and power consumption.

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rxvt is a colour vt102 terminal emulator intended as an xterm(1) replacement for users who do not require features such as Tektronix 4014 emulation and toolkit-style configurability. As a result, rxvt uses much less swap space.


  • adns
    a replacement resolver library. Its programming interface easier to use than the standard libresolv
  • annie
    an artificial neural network library for C++. Versions exist for both Windows and flavours of Unix (tested on Linux). The library currently has support for training, saving and executing multi-layer perceptron and radial-basis-function networks
  • asio
    asio is a cross-platform C++ library for network programming that provides developers with a consistent asynchronous I/O model using a modern C++ approach.
  • Asynchronous Socket Library
    provides event-driven socket programming a la MFC CAsyncSocket. It can also be used in blocking mode as an ordinary C++ socket library
  • AsyncResolv
    AsyncResolv is an asynchronous DNS query library written in C++. Resolver is capable of most RFC1035 resource records parsing, supports queries over UDP and over TCP (if UDP failed).
  • axis-wsse
    an external library for the Apache project Axis implementing UsernameToken spec from the working draft Web Services Security Username Token Profile
  • borZoi
    borZoi is an Elliptic Curve Cryptography Library.
  • Botan
    a C++ library of cryptographic primitives. It has been in development for about 4 years, and is finally in the last stretch for a stable 1.0 release
  • BSPonMPI
    BSPonMPI is a platform independent communications library for developing parallel (SPMD) programs. It implements the BSPlib standard and runs on all machines which have MPI.
  • C++ Memory Pool for Apache 2
    C++ Memory Pool for Apache 2 provides some templates that will help you to take advantage of apache pool in your C++ modules.
  • c-ares
    a C library that resolves names asynchronously. This is a fork of the library named 'ares', written by Greg Hudson at MIT
  • Certmaster
    Certmaster is a set of command line tools and a Python library for easily distributing SSL certificates to applications that need them via XML-RPC.
  • CL-FTP
    CL-FTP provides FTP client functionality to Common Lisp programs.
  • ClamSAP
    ClamSAP consists of two C shared libraries that link between ClamAV and the Virus Scan Interface (VSI) of SAP (official name: NW-VSI).
  • COID
    a set of libraries and tools that use a few additional keywords in declaration of a C++ class to generate communication layer allowing remote object interfacing. The coidgen tool automatically extracts from specified header files all classes and methods that shall be remotely accessible, and generates corresponding client class and host dispatcher
  • conexus
    conexus is a generalized C++ I/O library that includes support for BSD sockets, serial/tty, packet capture (via pcap), et. al. conexus utilizes sigc++ for object communication. A companion library, conexusgtk, provides a set of gtkmm widgets.
  • Conn
    Conn is a small C library useful to build ipv4/ipv6 network daemons/clients.
  • CyaSSL
    The CyaSSL software package is a fast, dual-licensed implementation of SSL for embedded and small footprint devices
  • Dashel
    Dashel is a cross-platform data stream helper encapsulation library. It provides a unified access to TCP/UDP sockets, serial ports, console, and file streams. It also allows a server application to wait for any activity on any combination of these streams.
  • DICElib
    an effort to ease the use of clusters to drive applications that need constant synchrony, such as graphical applications, CAVE systems, etc
  • Dlib
    Dlib is a general purpose cross-platform C++ library designed using contract programming and modern C++ techniques.
  • Dzcomm
    Dzcomm is a serial communications (RS232) library which provides an API for Linux, Solaris, and DOS/DJGPP. It can work both with and without Allegro.
  • ENet
    to provide a relatively thin, simple and robust network communication layer on top of UDP (User Datagram Protocol). The primary feature it provides is optional reliable, in-order delivery of packets
  • ESockets
    ESockets is an application level networking framework based on the traditional Unix networking model. It provides basic socket services for connecting between networked hosts, but also an event driven framework for multiplexing multiple connections.
  • ext-Dns
    ext-Dns is composed of a core library, an extensible forward dns server and some additional tools designed to create DNS server solutions that are able to do any additional operation at the resolution level (running commands, rewritting replies, gathering stats and so on), without any limit.
  • feedparser
    feedparser is a Python library that parses feeds. It supports the Atom, RDF, RSS, and CDF feed formats.
  • Firebolt
    Firebolt Network library (fnl) is a high level framework for network protocol implementations. You can implement your finite state machine oriented network protocol without messing with sockets.
  • Flexible Mail Notifier
    FMN consists of a cross platform library that allows for email download, examination, and actions to be taken based on the content of the message, and a GNOME applet that demonstrates its capabilities.
  • Generic Apache Request Library
    libapreq is a shared library with associated modules for manipulating client request data via the Apache API. It also includes language bindings for Perl (Apache::Request and Apache::Cookie).
    GLERI is an OpenGL service, a socket protocol for communicating with it, and a library implementing a simple application framework using this protocol.
  • gloox
    gloox is a C++ Jabber/XMPP library which takes care of the low-level protocol stuff. Additionally, it offers high-level interfaces for interaction with an XMPP server. It is released under the GNU GPL. Commercial licenses are available.
  • GNU Transport Layer Security Library
    aims to develop a library which provides a secure layer, over a reliable transport layer. Currently the GnuTLS library implements the proposed standards by the IETF's TLS working group
    a C++ class library focussed on graph optimization and network programming problems. It deals with all of the standard graph optimization problems discussed by textbooks and in courses on combinatorial optimization
  • GSSLib
    GNU Generic Security Service Library: is an implementation of the Generic Security Service API (GSSAPI). It is used by network applications to provide security services, such as authenticating SMTP/IMAP, via the GSSAPI SASL mechanism
    GTK-VNC is a VNC viewer widget for GTK+. It is built using coroutines, allowing it to be completely asynchronous while remaining single threaded. It supports RFB protocols 3.3 through 3.8 and the VeNCrypt authentication extension providing SSL/TLS encryption with x509 certificate authentication. The core library is written in C and a binding for Python using PyGTK is available. The networking layer supports connections over both IPv4 and IPv6. Example code illustrates how to build a vncviewer replacement using either C or Python.
  • HappyHTTP
    HappyHTTP is a simple C++ library for issuing HTTP requests and processing responses. It is simple to integrate: just drop in the .h and .cpp files. It has an easy-to-use interface, non-blocking operation (suitable for use in game update loops), and pipelining support (you can issue multiple requests without waiting for responses).
  • hashlib++
    hashlib++ is a simple and very easy-to-use library to create a cryptographic checksum called a "hash" in C++. hashlib++ is written in plain C++ and should work with every compiler and platform. hashlib++ allows you to create a hash (for example MD5 or SHA1) with only one method call.
  • HTTP Fetcher
    a small, robust, flexible library for downloading files via HTTP using the GET method. It's easy to use, but it also allows you to customize and manipulate your file requests through altering the User Agent, Referer, timeout, etc
  • Industria
    Industria is a collection of portable R6RS Scheme libraries for cryptography (AES, DES, Blowfish, HMAC, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2, RSA, DSA, etc.), zip/gzip/zlib decompression, disassembly of amd64 machine code, Off-The-Record messaging, bytevector pack/unpack syntax, TLS connections via custom binary ports, and more.
  • is Google's library for manipulating IP addresses in Python. It supports validation, subnet operations, and summarization. It works with both IPv4 and IPv6, has a comprehensive test suite, and is one of the fastest libraries for common operations.
  • Jabberlang
    Jabberlang is a client XMPP/Jabber library for Erlang to implement scalable fault-tolerant XMPP/Jabber agents.
  • Lacewing
    Lacewing (or more properly liblacewing) is a cross-platform, high-level networking library.
  • ldns
    ldns is a library with the aim to simplify DNS programing in C. All lowlevel DNS/DNSSEC operations are supported. We also define a higher level API which allows a programmer to (for instance) create or sign packets.
  • libaiml
    libaiml is a C++ AIML intepretor in the form of a static library written from scratch. It will give users the ability to add an AIML interpreting engine to their programs.
  • libASSA
    an OO C++ networking library based on Adaptive Communication Patterns. It features a simplistic implementation of the set of communication patterns such as Service Configurator, Reactor, Acceptor, Connector, and others described in various papers published by Dr. D. C. Schmidt
  • libasyncns
    a C library for Linux/Unix for executing name service queries asynchronously. It is an asynchronous wrapper around getaddrinfo and getnameinfo from the libc
  • libband
    LibBand is a simple library wrapper which is useful if you want to limit the bandwidth used by a program. It works entirely in user-space, and thus does not require root privileges.
  • Libbt
    a C-language Impementation of the BitTorrent core protocols
  • libCapsiNetwork
    a C++ network library to allow fast development of server daemon processes

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