SD4L – create and access ScramDisk encrypted container files

ScramDisk for Linux (SD4L) is an on-the-fly encryption system which hides complete file systems within encrypted regular files called containers. It is a suite of Linux tools and a graphical user interface (GUI) which allow the creation of, and access to ScramDisk encrypted container files.

SD4L also encrypts partitions on a hard disk or storage media such as USB sticks or floppy disks entirely as devices. Even complete hard disks with several partitions can be encrypted entirely as a single container.

SD4L comprises a kernel driver scramdisk.ko (scramdisk.o for systems with kernel 2.4.x), the graphical user interface scramdisk and five small utilities sdcreate, sdchange, sdmount, sdreformat and sdumount as well as the program sdhelper which is for internal use by the kernel driver only.

Features include:

  • Access to ScramDisk containers generated on other platforms.
  • Creation of compatible ScramDisk containers.
  • Access to TrueCrypt containers generated on other platforms.
  • Creation of compatible TrueCrypt containers which can be opened by the TrueCrypt versions which are equal or higher than the chosen format version.
  • Provides privacy for sensitive data through the use of strong encryption, which are transparently accessible via a mounted container.
  • Includes a repair tool for damaged ScramDisk and TrueCrypt 6 and 7 containers. It is accessable by the Change button in the GUI or by sdchange.
  • ScramDisk containers can be reformatted to TrueCrypt containers without creating a new container and copying its contents. The created formats are that of TrueCrypt 4 or 5.
  • Containers can be automatically unmounted after they have been inactive for a period of time given on mounting the container. Here, inactivity means that no read or write operation has taken place on the container within this period of time.
  • Encrypted hard disks or containers which comprise several partitions can be opened and the partitions will be automatically mounted on mount directories created below a chosen directory.
  • A new container can be formatted as swap space and such a container can be used for swapping out areas of the main memory.
  • English and German translations.

Developer: Hans-Ulrich Juettner
License: GNU GPL v2

SD4L is written in C++. Learn C++ with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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