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  • Apache Jakarta Turbine Torque
    Apache Jakarta Turbine Torque is a persistence layer. Torque generates all the database resources required by your application and includes a runtime environment to run the generated classes.
  • Apache::ASP
    Apache::ASP provides an Active Server Pages port to the Apache Web Server with perl as the host scripting language.
  • AxisPHP
    AxisPHP provides PHP objects for the creation of PostScript and PDF documents, objects for the handling of sessions and user accounts, and a variety of smaller useful objects and subroutines.
  • binarycloud
    binarycloud is an opensource, enterprise class web application platform. It provides a complete set of core services such as authentication, permissions, database abstraction, and error handling - and a rich set of advanced tools built on that foundation.
  • Blitz templates
    Blitz templates is a fast template engine written in C and compiled as a PHP module. It started as a php_templates replacement, but developed into much more. It is based on extensible template controllers (PHP) and weakly-active templates (HTML).
  • DbForms
    DbForms enables developers to build sophisticated web-based database driven applications.
  • DOMC
    DOMC is the Document Object Model (DOM) in C.
  • EntireX
    EntireX offers an open, enterprise-wide component server platform, speeding up development cycles and establishing flexible, modular application landscapes.
  • FlowML
    FlowML is a format for virtual orchestras.
  • Flutter
    Flutter is a new mobile app SDK to help developers and designers build modern mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • Freepository
    Freepository is a CVS-based free repository where you place your source code under Source and Version Control.
  • GUISearch
    GUISearch provides a Web interface for browsing and searching KDE application source code. Unlike other similar tools, GUISearch actually tries to understand the application GUI to provide better browsing/search facilities .
  • HLib DHTML Api
    HLib is a cross browser DHTML api. The API's purpose is to provide a complete xbrowser infrastructure for DHTML javascript developers.
  • IDRS
    Internet Document and Report Server: a Web-based report server
  • LeoHtml
    LeoHtml is a precompiler which supports macros, file including, the administration of menustructures, as the development of sitemaps and locales.
  • Mason
    Mason is a powerful Perl-based web site development and delivery engine. With Mason you can embed Perl code in your HTML and construct pages from shared, reusable components.
  • ModeliXe
    ModeliXe is a template engine for PHP developers that offers a new solution for templates, introducing XML specifications in template design.
  • myphpPagetool
    myphpPagetool is a complete package to drive your Website. It is completely written using the php (php4) script language. All HTML/PHP pages, images and newsitems as well as configuration data, side and topbar entries are stored in the mysql database so that after the first installation no shell access to the database/web server is necessary.
  • Node Runner
    Node Runner is a PHP application designed to contact nodes in a specific order based on the description of the node.
  • OpenJade
    OpenJade is a project undertaken by the DSSSL community to maintain and extend Jade, as well as the related SP suite of SGML/XML processing tools.
    PADDA is a tool to make developing web applications with PHP really quick and relatively easy.
  • PCX Portal
    PCX Portal provides management of Companies, Users and Applications. When you login, you are presented with your desktop and from there you can select an App to work with.
  • Personal Weblog
    Personal Weblog is a PHP/MySQL include file for adding a weblog to a home page.
  • PHP Application Server
    PHP Application Server is intended for simplification of the development of web-applications and web-sites. The Main purpose of given project - create the environment of web-development in which user will do not need the special knowledges of the designing and programming of web-applications.
  • PHP Layers Menu
    PHP Layers Menu is a hierarchical dynamic menu system to rapidly choose among the items.It achieves a compact view and a reasonably small file size for the page also with a very large number of entries.
  • PHP Text File Database
    PHP Text File Database lets you access normal text files like an SQL Database. You don't need any special database software on the Web server, yet you can still use SQL calls.
  • PHP/Toolbox
    PHP/Toolbox enables you to create full-functional administrative web-interface for arbitrary set of db tables within minutes.
  • phpForm
    phpForm is a PHP application that allows you to easily create forms to put in your web site.
  • phpMember
    phpMember is a PHP application that allows you to easily include a membership system into your Web site.
  • PHPMyEdit
    PHPMyEdit generates PHP code for displaying/editing MySQL tables in HTML.
  • phpwebtools
    phpwebtools is a very well featured application development system, with many functionalities that were previously restricted to "higher level" things such as C module loading or GUI wizards.
  • PHPXref
    PHPXref is a small Perl script that cross references functions, variables and database tables defined and used across your various PHP files and generates documentation for each function defined in the PHP files by utilizing formatted comments placed next to each function.
  • php_imagick
    php_imagick is an extension for PHP4 that makes the ImageMagick image manipulation library available from within PHP scripts.
  • php_templates
    php_templates is an extension to PHP language which provides easier and faster work with template files. This engine works much faster than any existing template library written in PHP.
  • PowerTemplate
    PowerTemplate is a cross-platform template system that works well on applications deployed on the client as well as applications deployed on the server. The PowerTemplate language is easy to use while at the same time being flexible and powerful.
  • rmdms
    The Rich Men's Document Management System is a free document oriented 99% pure XSLT application server.
  • runwig
    runwig is a stand-alone runtime package which provides an advanced C interface for development of complex Web services.
    SAPRFC is an extension module for PHP 4. With SAPRFC is possible call ABAP function modules in SAP R/3 from PHP scripts.
  • Saxon
    Saxon is the XSLT and XQuery Processor.
  • SkunkWeb
    SkunkWeb is an extensible, scalable and easy to use application server written in Python.
  • Smarty
    Smarty is a PHP compiling template engine.
  • SMILGen
    SMILGen is a SMIL (and XML) authoring tool designed to ease the process of XML content creation. SMILGen understands XML syntax and handles the nesting, formatting and syntax of XML so that an author doesn't need to remember each quote and closing brace.
  • SourceCast
    SourceCast is a Web-based software development platform that enables collaborative development across individuals and teams scattered around the block or around the globe.
  • STPhp
    STPhp is a PHP-based string translation suite designed as a simple internationalization tool to work without requiring non-standard dependencies; only the core of php3 is required, which means STPhp can be easily used in places where you, the code creator or installer, do not have control over the php binaries or configuration.
  • TIDE
    The main goal of the TIDE project is to develop a graphical application wrapping Tomcat, supporting JSP webbuilders.
  • URLator
    URLator is a URL Submit Engine, written entirely in PHP, based on Castor, which relies on Snoopy.Class.
    UWOBO is a XSLT Stylesheet processor running as a HTTP server.
  • VeniVidiVoti
    VeniVidiVoti is a collaborative writing web site as the basis of a democratic system.
  • WSIF
    Web Services Invocation Framework (WSIF) is a tool that provides a standard API for invoking services described in Web Services Description Language (WSDL).
  • xml-lit
    xml-lit aims to be a complete literate programming system in the style of Donald Knuth's WEB. For those unfamiliar with the concept, literate programming is an attempt to solve many of the problems in program design and maintenance by fusing the tasks of documenting and writing code.
  • XTemplate
    XTemplate is a template engine for PHP which allows you to store your HTML code apart from your PHP code. It has many useful features such as nested blocks and various kinds of variable interpolation.
  • XWeb
    The main goal of XWeb is to create a programming editor, which allows editing the tree structure of the code instead of editing the linearization. This should be implemented using XML and XML Schemas.

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